New leftist-commissioned poll shows Lujan Grisham barely hanging on

According to a new poll commissioned by the far-left ProgressNow New Mexico affiliate New Mexico Political Report (NMPR) by Public Policy Polling, it spells trouble for scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham who has crashed and burned with the public since taking office in 2019.

The Governor is barely hanging on by one point, according to the survey, which “found that 46 percent of New Mexico voters approve of Michelle Lujan Grisham’s job performance as governor compared to 45 percent who disapprove.”

The Governor trailed even Joe Biden, whose approval sits at 47 percent approval and 45 percent disapproval in the state, according to the poll. 

According to the survey, 13 percent of Democrats said they disapprove of Lujan Grisham NMPR wrote, “She is also underwater among independents, with 33 percent who approve and 54 percent who disapprove.” 

Independents will play a key role in 2022 when she seeks reelection, as independent turnout will be a large factor in whether she will stay or be voted out. 

Both Senators Martin Heinrich and Ben Ray Luján had low approval ratings, Heinrich having a 42 percent approval rating and 34 percent disapproval rating. Luján had an approval rating of 41 percent and a disapproval rating of 40 percent, according to the poll.

NMPR notes:

The poll was conducted on August 16 and 17 and surveyed 682 registered voters throughout New Mexico. The poll has a 3.8 percent margin of error on topline results.

Following the results showing the Democrat politicians crashing and burning in the liberal-commissioned poll, pro-energy group Power The Future’s Larry Behrens wrote, “It’s no surprise Governor Lujan Grisham, and Senators Lujan and Heinrich, are seeing their public support slide. The one thing they all have in common is their ability to ignore New Mexico’s working families while only listening to radical environmentalist special interests.” 

He added, “New Mexico is a national leader in unemployment and all these three politicians can talk about are plans to raise the price of gas, increase our electric bills, and hike the cost of cars. While these green proposals might help Lujan Grisham, Heinrich and Lujan’s fundraising in San Francisco and New York, they are ultimately a tax on New Mexico’s struggling families.”


8 thoughts on “New leftist-commissioned poll shows Lujan Grisham barely hanging on”

  1. One thing we learned is that nearly half of those 682 registered voters are f*$@!&$ idiots. MLG is a criminal who doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about covid or the people of New Mexico. She is a foot soldier for a cabal of Marxists, criminals, and sociopaths bent on the destruction of America as we know it.

    1. She’s a money grubbing spend thrift criminal!! I hope she ends up in prison for all her crimes against humanity. She’s let millions cross the borders with drugs!!! Can’t stand to see her or listen to her! Please go away!

  2. Kinda wonder…all wuhan lujan have to do is tell us to wear a mask indoors without showing us the numbers or proof that masks work for virus…and the democrap voters will follow…..all she has to do is push the shot…even with bribes…lying to us that the shot is safe and works…the democraps will follow blindly…..
    And what I have been seeing lately are slot of democrap sheeple doing what is told them by the dictator without thinking for themselves

    Alot of democrap sheep out there folks..

  3. What poll…..they didn’t ask me….why didn’t they ask me…..i would have made this poll 47….if this was done by regular folks….not just demorats that liked her

  4. Anyone that votes for this communist witch, is a communist baby killer. New Mexican democrats wake up this poll should have been below 20% support for this controlling dictator. Hope you like masks o. Your faces forever. Idiots!

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