UNM experimenting on young children with Moderna shot

According to KOB 4, “University of New Mexico School of Medicine researchers have begun enrolling children in a clinical trial to test the safety and efficacy of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.” 

The report notes that 60 New Mexico children ages 6-12 are eligible to enroll in the first phase of the clinical trial. 

The report notes how “UNM is one of 88 sites, in the U.S. and Canada, participating in Moderna’s KidCOVE study.” 

“UNM is in a unique position to include a larger proportion of Hispanic and Native American children in the study than sites located elsewhere in the country,” said Hengameh Raissy, PharmD, a Research Professor in Pediatrics and co-principal investigator on the study.

The report notes:

Children will receive either a placebo or the first dose of the Moderna vaccine when they enroll. Participants then return about a month later for their second shot,” the report notes

After the second shot, children and parents will return to UNM for follow-up testing in the subsequent months. Children will also have at least two visits with the research team after each injection.

Another study experimenting on even younger children aged two to six months old and six months to two years old will occur later this Fall. According to the report, the UNM team is awaiting the exact start date.

6 thoughts on “UNM experimenting on young children with Moderna shot”

  1. This just makes me cringe. Who signs their kids up for anything with the word experimental attached to it? And yet this is acceptable. I am sure some family out there is being investigate cause their kid drank shampoo but its perfectly acceptable to take them for an experimental study.

  2. Can we all say doctor Mengele in the concentration camps during World War 2

    The WHO has two reasons….not to give the experimental shot…. #1: we don’t have enough evidence about how these vaccines might affect people under age 18. #2: children and teenagers “tend to have milder disease compared to adults,” which means they are at significantly lower risk should they become infected.

  3. Any parent that signs their child up to be a guinea pig should be charged with child abuse. UNM is an evil college teaching woke lessons to its students. Sad for New Mexico.

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