Lujan Grisham caught on tape lying about using taxpayer funds for baby shower

According to official receipts from Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s discretionary fund, the Democrat used more taxpayer funds to buy party supplies for a baby shower. The receipts obtained by Breitbart News show that the Governor spent $112.70 in January 2020 to “buy pink baby shower decorations, such as pacifier charms and pink safety pin charms.” 

When confronted by a bystander on July 7, 2022, on why she used taxpayer funds for the party, she rudely said, “I didn’t use state funds to pay for a baby shower. Maybe you should do your facts better,” adding, “Nope. None.”

After another bystander chimed in to defend Lujan Grisham by saying to ignore what the man asked, the Governor added, “Oh, I know. Well, he should do better fact-checking his own self.”

According to Breitbart News:

When asked to comment on these revelations, the governor’s office asked to see the video and so Breitbart News provided it and the receipts to the governor’s spokeswoman.

The spokeswoman eventually stated that the receipts for $43.79 indicated on the original copy that it was reimbursed and claimed the “funds were fully reimbursed” and that “no state funds ultimately went to this expense.” However, the spokeswoman did not respond about the video or the other receipt for $68.91.

But this is far from the first time Lujan Grisham has been caught wasting taxpayer funds on illicit spending, including purchasing expensive Wagyu beef, alcohol, and other personal expenses, such as dry cleaning and dog supplies.

Republican groups, including the Republican Governors Association, have been blasting the Democrat for her lavish spending while New Mexicans were locked down during the pandemic.


5 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham caught on tape lying about using taxpayer funds for baby shower”

  1. Laura Harrelson

    this from the one who believes in abortion up to day of birth. such a crook. most people have had enough of her spending and bulls—, but the ones to worry about are the idiots in the northern part of the state who think she’s just the greatest thing in the world. we have got to get rid of her and ronshitti. he’s gonna be just as bad.

    1. There is a great deal of distain for MLG in northern NM. Her goal to make NM “mini green”, along with her plan to” conserve” 30% of NM by 2030, and her “Stewardship Pact” with US Forest Service are undoubtedly linked to the largest forest fire in NM history.
      MLG is reported to have said “let them choke” when referring to folks in Mora County who chose to stay to protect their property from the Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon fire.
      MLG has treated New Mexico like her personal piggy bank and New Mexicans like her subjects. Up North, many folks have been demoted from MLG serf to pond scum to be flooded out with the next rain.

  2. MLG Thief and murderer

    Most shocking part of this story, MLG did not demand this baby be aborted. She signs laws to murder babies, surprised to read she spent a penny to celebrate a babies chance at life.

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