EXCLUSIVE: SOS exposed for taking dark Soros money after claiming to ‘fight’ dark money

Although Democrat Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver’s latest financial report was overshadowed, or downright ignored, by the mainstream news media, which opted to cover the fundraising in New Mexico’s tight governor’s race, the Piñon Post has exclusively uncovered dark money in the secretary of state race. 

On her donation pages, Toulouse Oliver constantly writes, “Maggie Toulouse Oliver serves the state of New Mexico as Secretary of State, where she is dedicated to fighting for clean and fair elections devoid of dark money and outside influence.”

She also writes on the official New Mexico Secretary of State website, “I’ll keep working to shine a light on dark money wherever possible.”

However, her latest campaign filing proves that her supposed “fight” against “dark money” is a big lie. In the fourth primary report she filed with her office on July 7th, the Secretary of State listed a $5,200 donation from “Open Democracy PAC.”

The organization is almost exclusively a front group that is funded by a dark money 501(c)(4) organization, “Sixteen Thirty Fund,” or sometimes written as “1630 Fund,” according to filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

According to POLITICO, “The Open Society Foundations, founded by liberal mega-donor George Soros, also lists nearly $17 million in 2020 grants to the Sixteen Thirty Fund on its website.” 

The dark money group is a member of a coalition of other leftist dark money organizations through “Run For Something,” which seeks to elect far-left Democrats who believe in election subversion to weaken election laws. 

“These organizations are engaged in what can charitably be called credibility laundering,” Honest Elections Executive Director Jason Snead warned. “They engage with bipartisan groups and promote ostensibly Republican allies. However, their funding and agenda are distinctly left-wing.”

An example of Sixteen Thirty Fund’s activism is its spending in the 2018 Midterms in Colorado. It dunked a hefty $3.92 million in dark money into the state to help elect far-left anti-election integrity Democrats, according to the Colorado Independent

Not only is Maggie Toulouse Oliver’s claim to fight “dark money” false, but she is one of the worst examples in the state of politicians actively taking dark money from left-wing elites from outside of the state. She ended up raising $44,964.71 in the fourth reporting period, with $20,487.70 in expenditures, leaving her with $148,289.29 cash-on-hand. She faces Republican Audrey Trujillo in the November General Election. 


4 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: SOS exposed for taking dark Soros money after claiming to ‘fight’ dark money”

  1. While I think the exposure is fantastic – lots of us knew she was dirty – I’m going to ask the same thing I’ve been asking repeatedly, about everything that has happened since the scam-demic: What’s Going To Be Done About It?

    The only solution is to not vote for Maggie. Get Maggie “I use the last names of my ex husband’s to look cool” Crumley out of office permanently. Will I see that happen? I hope so…but from past and recent experience, most New Mexicans want to complain but not do anything about it. Or they’ll keep voting Democrat.

    John, how about an exposé piece on The Real Maggie? https://jmp.sh/lYqaRH9

    1. Bee I totally agree, I thought it was impossible to lose 1st Amendment Rights but it would seem they mean nothing. Otero County won’t certify election results, just have the NMSC do it. What has happened to my country which I served and became disable for?

  2. Another evil dem crazy b!tch

    Smart New Mexicans have always known she is evil and disgusting. Question is, what can we do to get her thrown out of office? If she lied and is responsible for election fraud she should be in prison.

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