Pelosi shills for Teresa Leger Fernandez as Hispanics continue to flee Dem Party

While U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has a massive 49% unfavorability rating, according to Statista, that’s not stopping her from supporting vulnerable Democrat Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez of New Mexico’s Third Congressional District in her bid to keep her seat in November.

Pelosi recently tweeted out, “#DefendOurDemocracy: Re-elect Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez, Democrat in #NM03.”

In a June 25 fundraising email on behalf of Leger Fernandez, Pelosi wrote, “So… I’m asking you to step up in this moment of crisis” by donating money to the New Mexico Democrat.

She then pled to Democrat donors to help raise funds to reelect Leger Fernandez so far-left congressional Democrats can “codify” the pro-abortion Roe v. Wade decision into law.

According to Catholic Vote, both Pelosi and Leger Fernandez, who claim to be members of the Roman Catholic faith, have an “F” grade on the Catholic organization’s rankings.

Now with Pelosi shilling for Leger Fernandez, it appears the House Speaker is desperately trying to hold onto hard-to-win seats.

In the latest round of redistricting, Leger Fernandez’s seat was changed from a D+14 partisan swing to a mere D+5 after New Mexico House and Senate Democrats gerrymandered the Second Congressional District more Republican for partisan political gain.

The vulnerable Democrat now faces a rematch between Republican Alexis Martinez Johnson, who has recently been getting national headlines as Hispanics continue leaving the Democrat Party. This exodus was further exacerbated this week when Jill Biden compared Hispanic and Latino Americans to tacos.


4 thoughts on “Pelosi shills for Teresa Leger Fernandez as Hispanics continue to flee Dem Party”

  1. Protect NM, don't vote for Leger-Fernandez

    Leger-Fernandez’s “protect what we love” motto should read “protect what democrats love”. She supports the entire destructive democrat agenda all to the detriment of NM and NM’s 3rd congressional district.

    Leger-Fernandez panders incessantly to northern NM Hispanics and Pelosi elbowed Mayra Flores’s daughter. Leger-Fernandez must be desperate to accept help from Pelosi.

  2. These people have contempt for you

    LegerFernandez cares nothing for Americans and even less for New Mexicans, especially fellow Hispanics. The Dems couldn’t have found a bigger useful idot that this woman.
    If you are new to her District, research her stance on issues: open borders, citizenship for illegals, green new deal. Here she is adovcating for citizenship for illegals; the last thing NM needs more child trafficking, human trafficking, drug trafficking. She is an disaster for New Mexico and a disgrace to northern NM Hispanics.

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