Leftist NM columnist launches venomous attacks against Herschel Walker

In a column published on Thursday, far-left Santa Fe New Mexican columnist Milan Simonich launched attacks against Republicans, including Trump-endorsed Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and Georgia U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker, among others.

Although softly bashing all of them, Simonich launched particularly nasty comments against Walker, who just so happens to be Black.

Simonich wrote in his poisonous opinion piece, “Palin seems like a Jeopardy! champion compared to Walker.”

But Simonich’s venom against Walker was not just in his latest column. He’s been railing against the football star for weeks — in an apparent vendetta of rage for some strange reason.

In another August 23, 2022, column, Simonich launched another racially tinged attack targeting Walker, claiming GOP New Mexico gubernatorial candidate Mark Ronchetti, who is White, is “is several cuts above Walker, which isn’t hard.”

He added, “A Republican, bumbling Walker is Trump’s handpicked choice in a state the former president lost in 2020,” dubbing him “The worst candidate this year.”

“Lujan Grisham can’t afford to underestimate Ronchetti. For all his generalities, he’s no Herschel Walker,” Simonich concluded.

Why all the low blows against the Republican, who just so happens to be Black? We will let you make your own conclusions on that.


9 thoughts on “Leftist NM columnist launches venomous attacks against Herschel Walker”

  1. Readers please track down the original article that this option piece is commenting on. You own it to yourself and our society to be better informed. It easy to throw out accusations of racism, communist, fascist, etc. regardless of your political affiliation. Many republicans also believe Mehmet Oz and Walker are weak candidates. I don’t feel that Diminish should be labeled a racist for simple criticism of a weak candidate.

    1. She is inferring Herschel Walker is stupid, stop trying to sugar coat her racism. She doesn’t know him or what he is about other than the democrat rhetoric.

      1. The author of the original piece is a he not a she. So did you actually read the original article if so I’m impressed. Making am ideologue think is challenging. Equating being critical of a candidate and questioning their intelligence is normally and the norm on this opinion site and the most common comment represented across all pieces. Equating it to racism is a little much.

    1. Google “republican thoughts on Hershey walker” you should get results across the spectrum with the normal split down party lines. A brief viewing of story’s on both sides shows easy attacks from the left for speech blunders and fabrications of walker while the right voice tepid support with increasing reservations. Weak candidate. All opinions welcome though.

  2. OMG, he is a barely literate brain damaged idiot. Have you heard him speak? It is not racist to point out a damaged candidate, no mat
    er his race

  3. this Pinon Post website is INSANE!! I can understand being pro-republican, pro-conservative, or what have you…but…Walker is flat out awful and justifying his candidacy, defending it, or even worse, supporting it is flat out nuts! It does not take “leftist propaganda” to see that Walker has been terrible for a very, very long time. This shouldn’t even be a debate, and its a shame that Georgia republicans were suckered into nominating such a bad man / unworthy candidate.

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