MLG’s lockdown resulted in 30-year education proficiency lows: PED report

Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s brutal pandemic lockdown that left countless New Mexico children without education for years did exactly as expected: plunged students’ proficiency levels down the toilet in a state where education already ranks 50th out of all other states.

Test results released by Lujan Grisham’s New Mexico Public Education Department give horribly low marks for New Mexico’s students.

“In the 2021-2022 school year, PED deployed the first assessments of New Mexico’s Balanced Assessment System, which includes both within-year state assessments (e.g., dyslexia screening for all first graders, K-2 monthly progress monitoring for early literacy and math skills, interim mathematics and language arts assessments) and federally required end-of-year summative assessments. These end-of-year assessments measure proficiency in content standards of English/language arts and mathematics in grades three through eight and science in grades five, eight and high school,” wrote PED in a news release.

It noted that “34% of students assessed are proficient in language arts,” “33% of students assessed are proficient in science,” and “25% of students assessed are proficient in mathematics.”

The Albuquerque Journal reports, “About 31% of kindergarten through second-graders were proficient in early literacy, and 33% of fifth-, eighth- and 11th-graders were proficient in science.”

In subgroups of the data, children remained at record lows. The Journal added, “24% of third-graders eligible for free and reduced lunch were proficient in language arts, and about 16% were proficient in math. By the fifth grade, proficiency numbers rose to 28% and 23%, respectively.

State Rep. Rebecca Dow (R-Truth or Consequences), who sits on the House Education Committee, wrote, “The facts are finally here. MLG’s prolonged shut down of our schools has resulted in the lowest student reading and math proficiency scores in thirty years. In. Thirty. Years. The mental, social and emotional impact remains unmeasured. Low income and majority children have been most harmed.” 

“During COVID the republicans introduced bill after bill to limit MLGs runaway power over parents and their children. The majority party would not even give our bills a hearing. Below are a few of the bills I introduced during COVID to help parents get educational help for their children. None of these bills even received a hearing. With New Mexico scoring worst in the nation, all options and solutions to address this massive learning loss must be available.” 

The proficiency tests released by PED show that third-graders had 23% proficiency in language arts, while those figures ebbed and flowed for other grades: fourth-graders (35%), fifth-graders (36%), sixth-graders (33%), seventh-graders (35%), and eighth-graders (33%). 

Early literacy scores also were horrible, with 31% of kindergarten through second-grade children proficient in reading.

In math, 23% of third-graders were proficient, while those figures continued to ebb and flow for other grades: fourth-graders (24%), fifth-graders (31%), sixth-graders (32%), seventh-graders (25%), and eighth-graders (20%). 


12 thoughts on “MLG’s lockdown resulted in 30-year education proficiency lows: PED report”

  1. New Mexico has always been in last place when it comes to education for the past over fifty years. Why? Because of the Democratic Party we have become the last in everything from economic growth to education.
    I almost forgot, we are close to becoming first in crime. Not something to be proud of.

    I remember the 1972 graduating ceremonies at NMSU when Governor Bruce King told the graduating class most of them would have to leave New Mexico since there were not enough jobs. Folks, the destruction of New Mexico has been going on as long as I can remember by the Democratic Party. We need to unite to stop the madness and the destruction of this beautiful state!

  2. New Mexico dumb education system getting dumber

    Thanks evil MLG, New Mexico has always been the worst at e erything. We are happy to hear our children are more uneducated than ever. Applause to you evil queen!

  3. Do a simple internet search and maybe dig a little deeper. I don’t argue the utility and need of immigrant populations to learn the dominate language just that English is not the official language.

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