Leftist NM columnist desperately tries to shield Lujan Grisham from impeachment

The Santa Fe New Mexican’s Milan Simonich tried to shield far-left anti-gun Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham from calls for her impeachment.

Impeachment calls came from Reps. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) and John Block (R-Alamogordo), who are currently working on articles of impeachment against the governor following her order “suspending” law-abiding Bernalillo County citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms for 30 days. The governor claimed all rights; even her oath is not “absolute.”

Bipartisan fury has come out against her edict, especially from members of her own party, including at least seven legislative members so far, including state Sen. Joseph Cervantes (D-Las Cruces), who chairs the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee and the interim Legislative Courts, Corrections, and Justice Committee.

Other leftists jumping ship from Lujan Grisham on this include U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich, U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu of California, rabid anti-gun activist David Hogg, the American Civil Liberties Union, and entrepreneur Elon Musk, among others. 

Democrat Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen is refusing to enforce her order, along with Albuquerque Police, under the direction of Democrat Mayor Tim Keller.

State Attorney General Raúl Torrezl issued a letter to Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham Tuesday, telling her he refuses to represent her in court cases regarding her unconstitutional order.

Impeachment a “waste of time,” claimed the leftist New Mexican columnist, calling holding the governor accountable for infringing upon New Mexicans’ rights “political theater.”

“Talk of overturning the result of a statewide election that occurred only 10 months ago is going nowhere. Lord and Block advocate a hanging offense for a governor who made a poor decision,” Simonich added. 

What the governor did — to suspend state and federal constitutional rights — was arguably more than just a “poor decision.” 

“The Republicans’ punitive approach is unreasonable. Even if it were sensible, Lujan Grisham would be safe,” he claims, completely ignoring all the legislators from both sides of the aisle blasting the governor and her unconstitutional edict.

As proof of the supposed unreasonableness of impeaching a governor who broke her oath, he quoted state Rep. Jim Townsend (R-Artesia), who told him, “It is mathematically and politically impossible.”

Six Democrats have already opposed the governor’s mandate in the House. If all of those in opposition and just six more join to impeach the governor, which is entirely possible given the politically cancerous executive order, the governor will be impeached. These more moderate Democrats are the reason most of the extreme anti-gun laws haven’t been enacted in the state due to the lack of support from a majority of members. 

Impeachment remains a very real option to hold the governor accountable, and each day, more people support the idea in the Land of Enchantment.


43 thoughts on “Leftist NM columnist desperately tries to shield Lujan Grisham from impeachment”

    1. Angela Contreras NM

      She is an embarrassment to NM. She made a mockery of herself! I love it!!! She needs to be impeached. She is an illegitimate governor crotch grabber who should have been impeached when those allegations were made. Not to mention she paid him off with campaign funds!

    1. Angela Contreras NM

      Love your comment and so true!!! She is an embarrassment to NM. She made a mockery of herself! I love it!!! She needs to be impeached. She is an illegitimate governor crotch grabber who should have been impeached when those allegations were made. Not to mention she paid him off with campaign funds!

  1. Why would anyone want a Governor that does not believe that their oath of office is not “absolute”?
    She is not fit for that office.

    1. Yes it does, because when any government officials who swear on oath to protect the constitution of the United States, and don’t do that, they can and will be impeached and remove from office

    2. Impeachment is the action taken by our government to have someone removed from office. It’s how they are fired. Every elected official can be impeached for things like malfeasance, theft of office, treason, some acts that they have been found guilty of in a court of law.

  2. Leftist columnist Milan Simonich is a lone voice crying in the wilderness,; he apparently doesn’t hear all the voices crying FOR MLG’s impeachment.

  3. Simonich must be a member in the utmost standing of the DAZI party; spouting off laughable excuses and rationalizations like only the hardcore brainwashed can.
    This reminds me of “swamp gas” — which is so completely fitting!!! (if you’re not familiar, look up- swamp gas Allen Hynek)

    This wasn’t a ‘poor decision’, this is an extension of MLG’s deranged, power-mad, personality.

    To Simonich:
    You clearly don’t understand the situation or the ramifications.
    A- This was a “simple mistake” and she spoke rashly, without thinking (irrational). She didn’t know that her edict would be stripping Constitutional Rights from Citizens (ignorant).
    – Do you want a leader that doesn’t think before they speak? So emotionally driven by their desire to impose their will on everyone that they act without thinking? Completely unaware and uncaring of the Laws society has agreed to live by? Effectively, throwing temper tantrums and stomping around like a child – a child with a police force and the ability to put people in prison for disagreeing.

    B- This was a calculated move designed to test the waters and see how much she could get away with after experiencing the power she had under “covid” – (good bye small businesses, RIP).
    – A power hungry leader bent on destroying State and Federal Constitutions and stripping Rights away from Citizens – you’ll do it her way, or go to prison. She knows full well her authority doesn’t reach – but yet, she’ll reach for it under the old ‘public health’, ‘it’s for your safety’ lines she found so effectively used for overreach during “covid”.

    Pick one, either way she is unfit; calling this “political theater” demonstrates lack of critical thinking and understanding of the situation.

    I’m going with B. The governor has lost her mind and is completely power-mad. She believes that she is above the law and will -dictate- what the law will be for everyone else. In no way was this a “simple mistake”. Crawl out of your socialist echo chamber and analyze the words MLG used – I apologize if you were educated in New Mexico, you likely weren’t taught critical thinking skills.

    1. She got away with the COVID “health” order so I bet the leap to restricting the 2nd was not that large of a leap for her. I am so hopeful that NM will wake up and realize she is aligned with Newsom out of California. Look at that state for our future if we continue electing the type of politician.

  4. Wow! If left unchecked, MLG could conceivably suspend other ‘NoN- Absolute’ U.S. and New Mexico Constitution guarantees such as the 5th and 8th amendments under a health emergency. This would allow her to get more criminal convictions and be able to physically beat the truth or at least the admission of guilt out of any accused person and reduce crime in NM.

  5. Is this why NM Washington House Representatives and Senate Representatives didn’t say much? Very interesting. Keep looking down the rabbit hole.

    1. New Mexico has no provision for recall. You would be best served by reading the state constitution to see what remedies are available in this state.

  6. It deserves impeachment, she is off the wall, tyrannical. She did it to herself, no one is to blame but her, except maybe those feeding her ego, predominantly the Secretary of State!

  7. If we citizens continue allowing politicians to take advantage of the public, it will happen more often and become more widespread. MLG needs to be removed from office. She shows no remorse for ignoring our constitutional rights. No one condones all the violence taking place in New Mexico,, but unfortunately criminals will continue to find illegal guns. Responsible citizens who want to be able to protect themselves should not be punished.

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