The ACLU turns on Lujan Grisham, rips her new anti-gun order

You know it’s bad for far-left anti-gun Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham when the farthest left organization around — the American Civil Liberties Union — turns on her and bashes her unconstitutional public health order banning guns in Bernalillo County.

The group wrote in a press release, “The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of New Mexico raised concerns today that Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s use of emergency powers could lead to overzealous policing and senseless incarceration.”

ACLU of New Mexico Litigation Manager Lalita Moskowitz issued the following statement:

“The ACLU of New Mexico is heartbroken over the recent death of a child and shares the governor’s concern for the well-being of our community. However, we are equally concerned that her solution to the complicated problems of substance abuse, addiction, and gun violence is to pour more resources into law enforcement.  

Historically, this kind of approach leads to the over policing of our communities, racial profiling, and increased misery in the lives of already marginalized people. Instead, the governor should be following evidence-based solutions such as me​​aningful diversion and violence intervention programs and addressing the root causes of violence. The order also raises legitimate and pressing concerns about New Mexicans’ privacy. 

We are closely monitoring the legal challenges to this executive order, recognizing that many people in our state are focused on the section related to firearms. However, we are deeply concerned about other parts of the order, including the governor’s decision to suspend a program that helps children avoid juvenile prison. We know that incarceration during childhood increases the likelihood that someone will end up in the adult criminal system. Ending a program that helps young people find a different path is counterproductive to public safety.  

While we acknowledge the severity of the fentanyl crisis, we oppose any actions that risk further criminalizing our youth or individuals struggling with addiction. 

ACLU-NM stands in support of initiatives that prioritize treatment and improve access to services to facilitate recovery. We know these approaches are far more effective than criminalization or incarceration.  

Our organization remains committed to advocating for policies that safeguard the civil liberties and rights of all citizens, while simultaneously addressing public health crises through compassionate, evidence-based strategies.”

Earlier Tuesday, state Sen. Joseph Cervantes (D-Doña Ana County) called for the governor to rescind her order, blasting its unconstitutionality. So far, no elected Democrat in New Mexico has come out supporting Gov. Lujan Grisham’s order.


26 thoughts on “The ACLU turns on Lujan Grisham, rips her new anti-gun order”

  1. MLG invoked this tyrannical edict without any prior consultation with law makers or law enforcement. She is an evil dictator.

  2. MLG’s unconstitutional, illegal edict was probably done to curry favor with her globalist communist handlers. With Biden on the ropes health wise she may be seeing an opportunity to be selected to the politburo in Washington. I’m sure there are many juniors with delusions of grandeur like her ,each trying to out Soviet the other. The fact that only the state media and archbishop Wester think violating the constitution is a good idea , most people even the usual leftist’s have remained silent.the rest of us just know her for the unhinged tyrant that she is!

  3. The ACLU comments are just that, comments, with NO ACTION. Considering all the ACLU ads for donations on TV, this VERY FAR LEFT organization is likely attempting to simply solicit money from those latest illegal action of the Santa Fe Queen has an impact on. I don’t trust what is said but in actual action.

  4. Close the EFFIN BORDER, and enforce the laws we already have! The drug and child trafficking problem, along with out of control crime, letting criminals off easy, etc, etc…..
    THAT is WHY we have these shootings! Gang bangers, illegals coming in that are unvetted, and innocent children, people get in their way. The criminals don’t follow laws, DUH!!!
    Wuhan Lujan is punishing law abiding citizens for the acts of evil doers who don’t give a damn about your life or laws.
    Impeach this bitch! She is a PETTY TYRANT, trying to be relevant.
    And she isn’t. I’ve scraped better stuff off of my shoe

  5. Criminals Took Over NM (a long time ago)

    It’s too often referred to, as “gun violence.” It’s “people violence”— people that have been habitually and criminally, gone unpunished!! A problem that has been ignored for too long and just been a “slap on the hand.”

  6. Fix the laws here in New Mexico. Bring back the death penalty and see if crime doesn’t start to go down! A life for a life. I’ve seen people do only 5-10 years for brutal murders here!! It’s not a gun problem it’s a mental health/drug/border and NM being soft on crime problem.

  7. It’s not a gun problem, it’s an IDIOTS with guns problem. Society has become so obsessed with the ME First attitude that minor infractions like being accidentally cut off in traffic seem to cause complete loss of control for some people. Guns are for hunting, sport shooting and self protection. Not traffic control! You don’t like somebody, DON’T STAY AROUND THEM! I also would say Grisham needs to be taken out back and beaten senseless, but that would only take two seconds!

  8. Has The State posted this new law at all entrances into Albuquerque? Not everyone watches the news, not everyone knows about this.
    • “I didn’t know!”
    • “Yeah, sure buddy.”

    1. Impeachment then send her off to her friends in D.C. Great point she may be trying to make a name for herself since she didn’t take the cabinet position offered her. She wants to leave the state she has forsaken just like Richardsen did.
      Great job on making it all the way to the Dan Bongino show.

  9. Agree with other commenters, IMPEACHMENT! This woman is a horrible governor. She was acting like a NAZI during her first term with the plandemic and is still acting like a NAZI. What I don’t understand is why was she voted in for a 2nd term or was that another botched election??? when she is definitely not acting for the people.

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