AG Torrez delivers devastating blow to anti-gun Gov. Lujan Grisham

Left-wing Democrat Attorney General Raúl Torrez issued a letter to Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham Tuesday, telling her that he is refusing to represent her in court cases regarding her unconstitutional order to unilaterally ban gun possession in Bernalillo County for thirty days.

Torrez wrote in a letter, “I do not believe that the Emergency Order will have any meaningful impact on public safety…I do not believe it passes constitutional muster.”

“I believe it is unwise to stretch the definition of a ‘public health emergency’ to encompass something that is fundamentally a public safety issue,” Torrez concluded.

The devastating news for Lujan Grisham comes after six Democrats in the state legislature signed a letter telling the governor to rescind her unconstitutional edict, while state Sen. Joseph Cervantes did as well on his X account.

Other leftists jumping ship from Lujan Grisham on this include U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich, U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu of California, rabid anti-gun activist David Hogg, the American Civil Liberties Union, and entrepreneur Elon Musk, among others. 

Democrat Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen is refusing to enforce her order, along with Albuquerque Police, under the direction of Democrat Mayor Tim Keller.

State Reps. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) and John Block (R-Alamogordo) are currently working on impeachment articles against the governor, who called constitutional rights and her oath of office not “absolute.”


36 thoughts on “AG Torrez delivers devastating blow to anti-gun Gov. Lujan Grisham”

    1. Only if it suits him…don’t believe for a second that this is over. It’s only a test to see how “attached” New Mexicans are to their Constitutional rights…’s a trial balloon for the democrats.

      1. Yes, this is a trial run. MLG wants to get Biden’s attention just in case the VP gets replaced before the election. We all know MLG is a bigger Nazi than Kamela.

      2. It’s a trial balloon for the nation. If she gets away with this, every legal gun owner in the nation will come under attack.

  1. It is interesting the Governor states gun violence is a health emergency, but she does not take the responsibility for much of the gun violence by declaring the state a sanctuary state, refusing to maintain a safe border, catering to illegal aliens and so not dealing with the resultant unrestrained flow of illegal drugs, illegal weapons and trafficked humans. Still, she blames her political enemies for the problems and, in good liberal fashion, says her good intentions are enough (as opposed to actual results).

    1. Exactly. Abortion right up to birth is acceptable, but after kids are born it’s “I care so much about children, unfortunately I have to suspend your rights.”

    2. Exactly! Try telling that to the Santa Fe New Mexican. I did and was flagged that readers might be offended. Thankfully we can speak freely on this format. Sadly, discourse is no longer allowed and confused people will not get another view. The generation of kids that have been indoctrinated by our public schools and universities think we should not be able to protect ourselves and that abortion is a woman’s right rather than extermination of the Hispanic and Native American population in New Mexico.

  2. Every Socialist/Democrat in the country will hate this woman. She has shown outright how dictatorial all of them are. She has proven what President Trump and Conservatives have been saying for years. These people want to destroy our Constitution and our Republic. It will affect all they want to do; Covid restrictions; free speech regulations; gun control; trans laws; etc; It is now obvious they hate America and MLG has made it obvious.

  3. That little rodent-like woman cheated her way into office both times, and as such, will cheat her way out of this. This is what corrupt politicians do, and why they can be so destructive. She is backed by people who want to destroy the country to make way for the globalist takeover. She thinks they will reward her. She doesn’t realize they will exterminate her instead. She is a greedy power-mongering tool of a system which will feed her rat-poison after her usefulness ends. She will get what comes to her, but she will lead New Mexico and the country to ruin in the process.

  4. All this is being said publicly but I’m willing to venture that they support her actions in private. It would be the end of their political careers if they supported this publicly and they know it.

    1. Scott, you are probably right. I imagine they flipped a coin to see who could publicly denounce her. There’s a lot of back slapping and laughing going on in private. All theatre. They all have a track record of supporting her in the past. Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words, on both sides of the aisle.

  5. Every left loon here & elsewhere support criminalizing guns so I don’t believe the Pearl clutching by any of them. Banning guns as a “health emergency” would be the only way to finally bring this country to its knees once the citizenry is completely disarmed. She’s advanced the ball & you can bet other blue state & rino red governors & White House are watching. You can BET she’ll be DC-rewarded @ some point even if she “loses” right now

  6. What a joke. His office would have been involved in the drafting and review of the order. So he’s not refusing to represent, he has to recuse his office as they are part of the suits.

  7. A broken clock is correct twice a day. But jokes a side, he is doing the right thing. When a governor tells criminals to attack citizens now because they no longer have the legal right to protect themselves. That is wrong no mater how you look at it.

  8. Wtf does she think this is the old west? You know she was back in DC for some meetings
    I think her and the president had this pre-planned. After all he did say nothing is absolute about the Constitution.
    Another example of Democrats trying to ruin our life

  9. The governor’s sister-in-law, a retired state District Court judge, administered the oath of office in 2019. A family Bible was used. If the Governor believes that her oath isn’t absolute, that suggests that her belief in both Constitutions and the Holy Bible is selective.

  10. I knew she would try to change our right to bear arms with a ridiculous action and comments. It’s the she be removed from our great state. The Constitution is the law not some liberal hack.

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