See how Domenici’s fundraising haul stacks up against Heinrich’s

The fundraising race is heating up in New Mexico as incumbent Sen. Martin Heinrich and Republican challenger Nella Domenici gear up for the upcoming election. 

Domenici’s campaign has hit the ground running, raising over $1.25 million in the first quarter of the year. The campaign reported contributions from more than 1,100 supporters.

On the other side, Heinrich’s campaign has not fallen behind, bringing in over $1.5 million during the same timeframe. With $3.5 million in cash reserves at the end of 2023, Heinrich’s financial position appears strong, though the full details are yet to be disclosed in the Federal Election Commission filings.

Launching her campaign earlier this year, Domenici, the daughter of the revered late Sen. Pete V. Domenici, has positioned herself as a proponent of innovative solutions in border security, natural resource utilization, and education reform.

The Republican Party sees Domenici’s candidacy as a key opportunity to reclaim a stronghold in New Mexico, a state currently dominated by Democrats at both the congressional and statewide levels. 

Despite Joe Biden securing the state in the last presidential election, Republicans are hopeful to flip the seat being held by the far-left Democrat who is out-of-touch with the voters.

Heinrich, who secured his position in a three-way race in 2018 with 54% of the vote, faces a re-election battle in a Senate where Democrats have a razor-thin majority. 

With the November elections approaching, both campaigns are ramping up their efforts to win over New Mexico voters. Domenici recently met with victims of the Hermit’s Peak Calf Canyon fire on the disaster’s two-year anniversary, where those affected continue to wait for relief. 

“It’s a disappointment of the federal government, the New Mexico state government, and I’m hugely disappointed in our state leaders,” Domenici told KOAT 7. “No one should be treated this way it doesn’t have to take this long.”

Heinrich moved his family to Silver Spring, Maryland, over a decade ago after running a campaign for U.S. Senate, claiming he hadn’t “gone Washington,” as reported by the Albuquerque Journal. The Journal’s article on Heinrich’s exodus from New Mexico for Mayland has mysteriously disappeared from the publication’s website. However, it is archived at this link forever.


19 thoughts on “See how Domenici’s fundraising haul stacks up against Heinrich’s”

  1. Yes! We need Trump, Domenici and Herrell to all win along with all the rest of the patriot candidates on the New Mexico slate!!!!!!

  2. It costs 35 bucks just to meet her. Interesting…
    How many New Mexicans have 35 bucks just for a quickie meet and greet and maybe a handshake.
    Oh has the game changed…

    1. I have $35.00 and it would be worth it, especially if she wins. It takes money to win and thirty five bucks is more than worth it.

  3. We need to get rid of “Maryland Martin” and put someone who cares for New Mexico. Heinrich and his family hasn’t even lived in the state physically since he was elected. He only returns to campaign then it’s back to MAryland for him.

    1. True about Martin, FJB & FMLG. However, who actually knows Domenici, and where is a neighbor who can verify her time in New Mexico. I’m about as sketchy on this subject as I am with Martin.
      I get she is fundraising, but do I really need to pay 35 bucks to shake her hand?? really!?

  4. Domenici’s innovative border solutions? How about returning to Trump’s border solutions that worked. Just say drill baby drill, get rid of CRT from education, and ban men from competing with women in sports. We don’t need no stinking gobbledygook.

  5. Herr Heinrich clearly sold his soul to the devil and has to go. However, we need to be aware of rinos and trojan horses also as experience has shown. So far as I am aware, Nella has made no commitment to the MAGA movement.

    1. I haven’t seen anything to establish Nella as a RINO, but even if she doesn’t jump on board 100% MAGA, she’s better than Heinrich.

  6. I send emails to Heinrich and call his office from time to time to protest this and that. His replies, or more likely his staff’s replies, have no relation to whatever it is I’m talking about. I can freely insult him because it’s clear no one actually reads any of that. When I have called of late I just get a answering machine. Yes, anyone is better than bought out Heinrich. Former democrat here. Yeah I know, democrap.

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