NM House Republicans elect new leader, whip

On Friday, the New Mexico House of Representatives Republicans met to elect a new minority leader and minority whip.

The vacancies in the leadership positions were not unexpected. Former Rep. Ryan Lane (R-Aztec) made a voluntary decision to resign his leadership position and his seat, paving the way for new leadership. Lane’s House seat was filled by former FBI agent Bill Hall, also of Aztec.

Rep. Jim Townsend (R-Artesia), who previously served as whip, also stepped down from the leadership role as he is running for the New Mexico Senate. This smooth leadership transition demonstrates the party’s commitment to maintaining stability and continuity.

GOP House Minority Leader Rod Montoya (left) and GOP House Minority Whip Alan Martinez (right).

House Republicans selected Rep. Rod Montoya of Farmington as leader, while Rep. Alan Martinez of Bernalillo as whip.

Montoya has served in the House since 2015 and sits on the House Appropriations Committee. Previously, Montoya served as minority whip. Before coming to the Legislature, Montoya worked for GOP former Lt. Gov. John Sanchez, who served under Gov. Susana Martinez.

Rep. Martinez, who is a freshman lawmaker elected in 2022, previously worked for the State of New Mexico’s Department of Veterans Services. 

The one leadership role in the House GOP that will not change is that of Republican Caucus Chair Gail Armstrong of Magdalena, who will continue in that position. Armstrong has served in the Legislature since 2017, succeeding former Speaker of the House Don Tripp. 

Currently, Republicans hold 25 of the chamber’s 70 seats but hope to flip many Democrat-held seats in the upcoming November election.


8 thoughts on “NM House Republicans elect new leader, whip”

  1. I will earnestly work towards the Republicans flipping those Democratic filled seats. I hope the voters see that the current administrations has failed us. The evidence is in our pocket books, the boarder, cartels, human trafficking, crime etc. This madness has to end.

  2. I thought the house had the majority of Republicans? I am confused. Not that it matters because a lot of Republicans are bought up, meaning, corrupt.

    1. The NM State House last held a Republican majority in 2015-2016 and before that in 1953-1954.

      The NM Senate last held a Republican majority from 1985 to 1988. Before that, it was 1931.

    2. Yeah, the Dems are always accusing the Republicans of bad doings. However, think on this, currently, the Dems outnumber the GOP members by 2 to 1. The Dems are 1 seat away in both houses from having a Super Majority and they’ll pass everything & anything at whim because they can. Take a look at who is voting for what and then make your determination as to who is corrupt. Gov MLG has been accused of being corrupt by fellow Dems for her entire time in office. I think, most recently, it’s former Rep Sheryl Stapleton (D – Dist 19). On 20 Sep 2021, Stapleton was charged with 28 criminal counts, including racketeering, money laundering & fraud regarding the diversion of funds from APS & also for receiving kickbacks from Robotics Learning Management LLC “in return for arranging or recommending the purchase, lease or ordering of the company’s goods by Albuquerque Public Schools.”

  3. Ella – The NM House has 25 R’s and 45 D’s. The US House has a very small R majority. We need more Republicans in Santa Fe!

  4. Ella is stirring the pot. Get with the program or they will take over us.

    Keep up the great work Republicans. Get rid of the bad bills not for New Mexicans!

    Read these bad laws on the NMLegis.gov site:
    HB 4 Voting Rights Protections
    SB 180 Election Changes
    HB 7 Reproductive and Gender Affirming Healthcare…
    SB 397 School-Based Health Centers
    SB 13 Reproductive Health Provider Protections
    HB 207 Expand Human Rights Act

    Sign the referendum!

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