Horrific New Mexico abortion statistics released

In just over three years, New Mexico has witnessed a horrific 220% increase in abortions, the highest surge of any state in the nation, according to a recent report from the Guttmacher Institute. 

The Guttmacher Institute, a far-left, pro-abortion research organization focused onaborting more babies, recently released data illustrating the shocking rise in abortion rates across states. However, New Mexico’s numbers are particularly distressing. From January 2020 to June 2023, our state recorded an astounding 6,480 more abortions than in previous years.

“Colorado, where abortion also remains legal, saw an 89% increase in abortion during the same period. New York [S]tate saw an increase of 18%. California experienced a 16% increase during that time,” the Albuquerque Journal noted.

This surge, which predates the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision and the Texas six-week gestation protection, indicates a deeply troubling trend in the state.

The Guttmacher Institute’s data scientist, Isaac Maddow-Zimet, notes that this increase is not solely due to recent legal changes but reflects a complex interplay of factors. The availability of telehealth, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the existence of abortion support networks in our state have all contributed to this disturbing rise, according to Maddow-Zimet.

Furthermore, the enactment of the Texas six-week protections for babies in the womb created a demand in New Mexico as an abortion tourism destination. 

The rise in abortion cases in New Mexico is not just a regional issue but a reflection of our state’s proximity to those where life in the womb has been protected.

The Guttmacher Institute’s report serves as another tragic reminder of New Mexico’s extreme abortion up-to-birth policies rammed through in 2021 by far-left Democrats that left mothers, babies, and medical professionals defenseless.


30 thoughts on “Horrific New Mexico abortion statistics released”

    1. True scary living in this state knowing that God is watching all this thats goin on in this state what worse thong could we do

    2. How can God bless our land if we are willfully standing by and letting these murders happen??? I see dark days for New Mexico, God will not hold us unaccountable.

  1. Yes! I agree!
    I’m sorry for the loss of those children who were shot by non law abidding idiots.

    But I’m even sorrier for the thousands of aborted babies.

    Hey MLG, when is it right to kill the children in the womb?

    Bragging about your multi-million dollar abortion clinic down south.
    You are as much guilty for killing children as the idiots who have killed those children

      1. Is this illogical? We put women in prison for doing illicit drugs while pregnant because of the harm that’s done to the unborn baby…. So if aborting your child is ok, then so is the crackheaded pregnant woman and we need to stop treating them as criminals-or we need to criminalize the women who get abortions. Can’t have it both ways. You can’t ban guns for the sake of children’s public safety when the biggest public safety menace to children is abortions..

  2. She gets wound up over guns but ignores (or enjoys) the hideous murders of babies! What they don’t tell women is the regret they will live with for the rest of their lives.

  3. “Furthermore, the enactment of the Texas six-week protections for babies in the womb created a demand in New Mexico as an abortion tourism destination.”

    An abortion tourism destination? How disgusting!

    1. Her highness is so proud of her accomplishment. Equally proud that she allows the satanic club to perform incantations for each murdered innocent life. Does this mean that she is allowing Satan to take their innocent soul??? May God have mercy on them, because this is absolutely pure evil!

  4. that is disgusting thanks to our weeny governor and legislature. They kill more babies than guns ever did. Disgusting is what they are.

  5. NM is an ignorant state, populated by an ignorant electorate that reflects our last place standing in education.

    We keep voting democrat over and over resulting in embarrassing last place rankings in valued qualities and first place rankings in things of true value…and have done so overwhelmingly for decades.

    One would think this latest abortion statistic, 220% increase in abortions/over 6400 babies killed, would prompt an awakening but it will not.

    We will remain mired in our despair fueled by our continued ignorance and refusal to wipe the slate clean of liberalism and progressive evil by continuing to elect democrats.

  6. Her abortion agenda is a continuation of the eugenics program started in 1916 by Maragret Sanger. Their plan was to eliminate the non-white skinned population. With New Mexico’s Hispanic and Native American population in large majority, what better place for them to house their abortion factories? Our voices and prayers must be loud and clear. Deprograming the youth that abortion is not a right should also be our focus. Teaching the young is part of our mission as wisdom keepers.

    1. And the black community’s growth has stagnated at 12 to 13% because of the abortion rate. It’s truly sad. It’s what these people wanted a long time ago and now it’s coming to fruition.

  7. Death of children is STILL death of children. You cannot be “devastated” (as Michelle says she is) by the death of 3 children over here but not by the several thousands that die by abortion over there.

  8. Why is a Federal offense to break Bald Eagle’s eggs but we make it legal to kill a human child. We have entered the world that has set the well being of animals above that of humans. Its down hill from here!!

  9. I just looked up will women go to hell if they get Abortion. This clinic said God was ok with it and gave a scripture. It sounds like they were mediators. Went to website. Turns out they offer all abortion services. Just because they quote some scripture that doesn’t make them right. I have attended Church for years and our Father always stresses Abortion and even the Archbishop wrote a letter about it. But they can’t do anything with these bozos running the State. In Gods eyes when a baby is conceived it’s a soul. The only way you will be saved is to repent and give yourself to God and go to Church. This is link https://allentownwomenscenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Christian-Women-Abortion.pdf Also if you do a web search you will really see what they are.

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