Abortionist who botched woman’s procedure counter-sues victim

In a startling turn of events, pro-life advocates are gearing up to support Jane Doe (used to protect identity), a woman who underwent a traumatic experience during a botched abortion three years ago. Abortionist Franz Theard, responsible for the botched procedure, is now countersuing Jane for speaking out against his alleged malpractice.

The incident, which unfolded three years ago, saw Theard perform both chemical and surgical abortions on Jane Doe. Tragically, the procedures did not go as planned, leading to severe complications. When Jane returned home, understandably distraught after passing fetal remains, Theard reportedly left the scene. He subsequently had Jane arrested and pressed charges against her for causing a public disturbance.

Fortunately, Jessica Sifuentes, President of the Southwest Coalition, was present at the time of the incident. Sifuentes managed to secure Jane’s release from jail and arranged for her to receive medical attention to address an infection. Through Abortion on Trial, Jane received free legal representation to pursue justice for the alleged reproductive injustice she endured. She is now suing Franz Theard on seven charges, including medical malpractice.

In a shocking development, it has come to light that Theard is now countersuing Jane Doe, ostensibly in response to her public statements about the incident. The pro-life community sees this countersuit as an attempt to stifle Jane’s ability to speak out against what she perceives as medical malpractice.

The situation has attracted significant attention from pro-life activists, with lead attorney Mike Siebel scheduled to reveal further details about the case at the upcoming 40 Days for Life kickoff rally. This rally, set to take place at IHM Cathedral’s Finley Hall, aims to shed light on the alleged injustices faced by women who travel from Texas to New Mexico for abortions.

The case involving Jane Doe and Franz Theard has the potential to set a precedent that could impact the fate of Theard’s abortion facility. Pro-life advocates believe that exposing the challenges faced by women in such situations is critical, and they see this case as a potential turning point in the fight for life-affirming women’s healthcare in the region.

The rally on Sunday provides an opportunity for individuals to join the pro-life movement and be part of an initiative that could shape the future of pro-life advocacy in the region. Pro-life supporters are eager to stand alongside Jane Doe and all those who seek to address reproductive injustices and advocate for the sanctity of life.


9 thoughts on “Abortionist who botched woman’s procedure counter-sues victim”

  1. Calling each other names will not get us anywhere. I’m sure that Jane Doe has suffered and will continue to suffer through the choices that they made. I hope that word of these experiences get out there. If at least one person realizes that these people really DON’T CARE about what you’re going through. Only that they can continue to push an agenda and make money doing it. They will simply use you to do so and then discard you with no support to move on to the next. Maybe word of these experiences will prevent someone else going through with this and help them get real support.

    1. Fulcher:
      You haven’t looked.
      Pregnancy Resource Centers are now fairly ubiquitous and supply many with post birth support, sometimes for years – but asking for support to 18 is hilarious.
      Murdering kids for economic and/or other problems isn’t nice.
      Your pro infant-sacrifice defense is rather snallow and calloused, IMHO.

  2. My questions are: where were the pro life supporters when this happened to Jane doe? Where are they now with the medical, financial support for all the women that will now be forced to have babies they don’t want? Where is the financial guarantee that the babies will have all the support they need until they are 18 years old, so they can have a real good start in life when their 18 years old. The pro life supporters had a great win a year ago. But started out of the gate with little to no real monetary and physical support to those women and babies that are now forced to live with the changes that are in place .
    Thank you for being Johnny-come-latelys for human beings that are being put in difficult circumstances! I hear so little about the needs I mentioned. I glad your giving the counseling but along with that are you giving them diapers, prenatal care, formula, college fund, a roof over their head until they are adults, a written guarantee that you will provide all those needs? I want to know how many of you pro life supporters are offering to adopt their babies.
    These and many more questions I have been asking for 40 years with few answers.

    1. The problem is not the lack of support from responsible people for the support of your baby. it is the lack of respect for the life you have created. With liberties come responsibilities. If you don’t want a baby don’t have sex. If you have sex you must expect a pregnancy. Abortion is the taking of an innocent life. Period.

  3. Yes, there are many logistics that need to worked out, but pro lifers I believe are saving many from the impending mental anguish that many who abort deal with afterwards. People need to take responsibility for their own lives and their own decisions, preferably before it results in an unwanted pregnancy. Choosing to end a babies life is one of those decisions that I would not wish for anyone to have to make. It should never be treated as birth control, which went from “rare and safe” to a billion dollar industry. Planned Parenthood is the most evil institution to exist that manipulates young women into abortions, who profits off the murder of innocent babies. All they see is dollar bills in which each dismembered baby is parted out to sell to biological labs for big bucks. In order to procure fetal cells for vaccines, the babies must be alive to harvest. No pain relief as it would taint the samples. This is just pure evil. Many get sold to companies like Synomax for processing into flavor additives that they turn around and sell to the public in our food. These people are sick! Many get sold to the Cannibal Club in Los Angeles that end up on the menu for their elite private clients sick perverted fetish of cannibalism. Many are Satanists and not only is it a way to fulfill their eugenics agenda (Gates family, Margaret Sanger), but by murdering an innocent soul that is so pure and the closest thing to God, it is their way of saying FU to our Creator. And if you have not noticed, the abortion industry is loaded with Satanists.

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