Underage victim of trans rapist given cold shoulder by Sen. Heinrich: Report

According to a report by The Post Millennial, shocking and tragic events happened in a Rio Rancho public charter school restroom where a girl reported to be 12-year-old “Ray” (pseudonym) had been raped in a girls’ bathroom by an older male student.

The incident allegedly occurred in October 2021 at ASK Academy, but Ray’s mother, Maggie, only discovered it several months later when she found her daughter’s diary. 

“I was raped. I was raped. I was raped. F*cking kill me,” the diary read.

The school’s adoption of gender ideology and trans-inclusive bathroom policies could have contributed to the assault, as Ray was regularly forced to use girls’ bathrooms with boys.

“When the male student first entered the girls’ restroom, Ray said she was washing her hands and didn’t take particular notice of the student’s sex, nor was she aware of his ‘gender identity,’” The Post Millennial reported.

Maggie believes that the school had fully embraced radical gender theory without her knowledge or consent, with students pledging allegiance to the pride flag instead of the American flag. 

“We learned that kids were pledging allegiance to the pride flag instead of the American flag,” Maggie said. “We learned that some teachers were discussing daily, the normalcy of transgender people and gender dysphoria, and that this school had a higher population than anyone would expect for such a small school of kids saying they were trans and parents not knowing.” 

The school is said to have fostered an ideologically far-left culture, pressuring students to accept the presence of men in women’s spaces and stifling any dissenting views. After reporting the rape to law enforcement, Maggie encountered resistance from the school, which dismissed her concerns and blamed her parenting.

The report also mentions other allegations of sexual harassment and assault at ASK Academy involving the same male student and potentially other victims who are too afraid to come forward. It criticizes the school’s lack of transparency and accountability, as well as the slow progress of the criminal investigation. The traumatic experience has had a significant impact on Ray’s mental health, leaving her anxious, depressed, and fearful. 

Maggie and her husband later decided to homeschool their daughters due to concerns about their safety in light of New Mexico’s legislation opening school facilities to individuals based on their gender identity.

“After a year at her local public school, Maggie and her husband decided their two daughters weren’t safe there, either. What solidified their decision was a law New Mexico passed in March that opened school bathrooms and locker rooms to individuals based on their ‘gender identity.’ Maggie wrote to New Mexico Sen. Martin Heinrich, a Democrat, to express her concerns about the legislation, even sharing the account of what happened to her daughter. Her inquiry, Maggie said, was ‘met with a complete rejection of the notion that he would support anything that goes against gender affirming legislation,’” the report concluded.

Heinrich is running for reelection in 2024, seeking a third term in the U.S. Senate. There have been rumblings he has his eye on the governor’s mansion, as far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is term-limited after her current term.


20 thoughts on “Underage victim of trans rapist given cold shoulder by Sen. Heinrich: Report”

  1. Heinrich doesn’t live in NM, so he is not qualified to represent the people.
    I am so sorry for the young woman who are having to deal with males in the female private spaces. Schools should be a safe place. It seems home schools are the only way until sanity returns.

  2. We need Heinrich and all the other vermin in Washington and Santa Fe to be held accountable for their crimes against the American people. They have abandoned their legitimacy by failing to uphold the constitution of the United States.

  3. So called gender affirming legislation is sick and immoral so it makes sense that the party of abortion supports it. The billionaire perverts that run the globalist corporations are the people who are enforcing acceptance of homosexuality through their ESG and DEI scores. If a company doesn’t promote homosexuality they can’t get a business loan. And a senator won’t get a campaign donation. They are homoNazis.

  4. Rape is about power. The same guy could have gone in a male bathroom and raped someone. Its not about sex. Probably 99% of transgenders use the bathroom and there isn’t a problem. The girl should have reported it immediately.

    1. Rape is about power. The transgender movement is also about power. It’s one thing to unite against bullies, but as long as you shelter and excuse bathroom rape, you are the bullies.

      1. Transgender movement isn’t about power. It’s about equality. Transgender community aren’t to blame for every single thing someone within the community does something terrible. With that logic every time a cis person rapes.. cisgender community is to blame.. see how ridiculous that is?

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