Heinrich pushes for no-compromise ‘climate’ proposal, claims NM faces ‘driest year on record’

Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress are intent on ramming through a far-left $2 trillion “infrastructure” proposal that would institute extreme anti-energy standards, force through large investments into “climate change” programs, and leave the American taxpayers to pay for it.

One of the most fervent supporters of the most extreme “climate change” policies in the bill is Democrat New Mexico Sen. Martin Heinrich, who has completely chucked “compromise” out the window, instead, going for a “sky is falling” approach.

During a virtual Wednesday conference call with Climate Power, Heinrich doubled down on his no-compromise approach. “We just cannot allow this opportunity to pass us by,” he said. “We should not allow ourselves to get so bogged down in bad-faith negotiations, or to accept deals that would frankly short change or entirely leave out meaningful climate action.”

The Biden regime may be planning on leaving out some of the more extreme policies from the infrastructure bill to appease moderate Democrats and even some left-leaning Republicans, as reported by POLITICO. 

But Heinrich, who used to claim to be a “moderate,” has shown his extreme anti-energy ways through his time in Congress. He responded to the POLITICO report by writing that a weakened anti-energy infrastructure bill “goes light on climate and clean energy should not count on every Democratic vote.”

He said, “If you’re going to pass an infrastructure plan, there aren’t many Republicans on the table. So you are going to need every single Democratic vote to pass an infrastructure plan.” But, he added, “I think there is little appetite in our caucus for an infrastructure plan that ignores the greatest crisis, the most existential crisis, that we face.”

Also, on the Wednesday call, Heinrich raised eyebrows as he claimed, “We are experiencing the driest year on record in New Mexico.” Many were quick to point out that the Maryland-based senator represents a state located in the desert, where it tends to get hot in the summertime. 

9 thoughts on “Heinrich pushes for no-compromise ‘climate’ proposal, claims NM faces ‘driest year on record’”

  1. Heinrich has always been out of touch with New Mexicans. On the rare occasions that he is mentioned at all it is to the detriment of New Mexicans . He constantly votes the new communist agenda of the radical left and support for their “green new deal” scam is a prime example. Of course jobs and livelihood mean little to the political elites as their coffers are filled by “political donations “ .

  2. The democraps are the most uneducated anti science lizard people around..
    1…the southwest has seen droughts up to 200 yrs….can he explain the megadrought in 1200 AD in the southwest when the co2 levels were suppose to be lower?

    2…how do these fools expected us survive without good energy that we can depend on?….expecting windmills and solar to give off enough energy is extremely foolish…


  3. Unfortunately Heinrich and his plan are useless and will accomplish nothing. What about the places that are having record rains and cool temps. Obviously not a global thing NewMexico is sufferiing. Please do not listen this idiot who carpetbagged his way into a Senate seat. He does not care about New Mexico. He does not even live here.

  4. Hiney-lick has NEVER done any good for New Mexico so why does this surprise any of us.. It doesn’t.. Useless as the day is long.. He and the other useless idiot in Washington only have two things in mind.. Milk New Mexicans for money and please mommy Nanc..

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