Heinrich makes most cringe post ever — gets hilariously mocked

On Sunday morning, New Mexico’s far-left U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich, a resident of Maryland, made a cringe-inducing X post reading, “Just a little over a century ago, elk were extinct in New Mexico. Thanks to the work of previous generations of conservationists, I now have the privilege of interacting with this beautiful and amazing animal.” 

However, in the post, he shared an awkward picture of him giving a thumbs-up with a bighorn sheep in the background — not an elk. 

He later deleted the post, but not without people keeping receipts with their screenshots posted on the platform. 

People mercilessly commented on the embarrassingly out-of-touch tweet, with people writing things such as “It identifies as an elk?” and “…Heinrich tells New Mexicans that he is a ‘hunter.’ This photo proves his lies. That is NOT an elk. It is a bighorn sheep.”

Piñon Post editor and State Rep. John Block (R-Alamogordo) mocked Heinrich with a post of the legislator taking a similar selfie but with a pigeon in the background, calling it a “Lesser Mexican spotted jumping prairie chicken.” 

Later on his official U.S. Senate X account, Heinrich posted a photo of what he described as a “Frito pie with homemade elk adovada.” 

Naturally, commenters referenced his since deleted “elk” post.

One account wrote, “​​You’re SURE it’s elk?”

Others posted photos of bighorn sheep: 

“Crazy that you would double down on the elk content after the blunder this morning,” another posted


21 thoughts on “Heinrich makes most cringe post ever — gets hilariously mocked”

  1. Does his choice in placemat not say it all? He claims to be a hunter/ conservationist, nothing but a wolf dressed in sheep clothing. He like the rest of them liberals simply want the control (and money) of others. ALL of the liberal thinking, even leaning left types, must be voted out! Wake up New Mexico. To do nothing is to allow.

  2. What a fraud but he does intend to be our next governor. Fake picture from a fake politician. The Marxist midget would have called it a Mexican gray wolf.
    Thank you Mr. Block for everything you are trying to do in the rat’s nest called Santa Fe!

  3. Those Lesser Mexican spotted jumping prairie chickens have made the greatest come back in downtown Democrat run cities where the critters have left their mark everywhere.

  4. Why vote for a resident of Maryland to represent New Mexicans??? Let’s vote for a New Mexican and get Hindlick out.

  5. Bahahahaha!!! Such a great share, John Block! Keep up the good work, still laughing…Yeah, but what about that Frito Pie?! No cheese, suspicious!!

  6. I never saw elk in Maryland. Although, I did learn there really is a difference between country squirrels and city squirrels. Dangdest thing I ever did see.

  7. Martee needs to come clean. Just whom is the donor that keeps him supplied with elk meat for his ostentatious Frito pie adovada?

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