Far-left Dem NM legislators advance bill to hike alcohol taxes by up to 651%

On Monday, legislators in Santa Fe, New Mexico, advanced House Bill 213, which aimed to modify the state’s approach to alcohol taxation. The proposed legislation intends to shift the taxation from being imposed on wholesale transactions to being applied at the retail level.

According to the Legislative Finance Committee, this adjustment might lead to an increase in the cost of alcoholic beverages and cocktails when bought in dining establishments while potentially reducing the prices of certain packaged liquors sold in retail outlets. The committee highlighted that alcohol taxes in New Mexico have remained unchanged for over two decades.

The bill also suggests an exemption from excise taxes for small-scale producers such as microbreweries, craft distilleries, and boutique wine producers, maintaining a tax framework that favors these small entities.

During a session of the House Health and Human Services Committee on February 5, discussions were held regarding the allocation of these funds. 

A major amendment was made to establish an “alcohol and substance use harms alleviation fund.” This fund is designed to allocate half of its resources to secure federal matching funds aimed at preventing alcohol and substance misuse, with the remaining funds directed toward supporting local counties and the Indian Affairs Department.

According to Errors of Enchantment by the Rio Grande Foundation, the bill would hike prices on beer and cider by 651 percent, wine by 376 percent, spirits by 353 percent, and fortified wine by 161 percent.

“We have previously discussed the fact that New Mexico’s taxes on alcohol are NOT low. In fact, our tax on wine is already 5th-highest in the nation,” wrote the outlet.

Despite the bill’s progression, not all feedback was positive. Representative Joanne J. Ferrary (D-Doña Ana), the bill’s sponsor, expressed concerns to the committee, arguing that the proposed tax rates on beer might be insufficient to curb underage and excessive drinking.


16 thoughts on “Far-left Dem NM legislators advance bill to hike alcohol taxes by up to 651%”

  1. I think this bill is great. People are asleep because they are so caught in their addictions. I hope Marijuana will be next.

    1. Unless you have a medical card, the taxes are already high. Typical Democrats that are always looking for ways to tax the people more and more even when there is an abundance of tax dollars in the coffers.

  2. It’s all about control. I pray that our Democrat voters wake up and vote the wolves out. Our governor and legislature are doing us no favors.

  3. When taxpayers are already footing the bill for Her Thighness’ booze and beef, what does (not so) Lil’ queenie care?

  4. Go ahead and raise the taxes on alcohol and other spirits. We tobacco users have been screwed year-after-year with non-stop new taxes. Yesterday I paid almost $97.00 for a carton (10 packs) of my favorite cigarettes. That’s highway robbery!

  5. Well lets see.

    Driving, drinking, smoking, shooting.

    All of these become luxuries under the Democratic Political Party of New Mexico.

    I’m thinking they missed breathing.

  6. So, weed sellers want more customers… or the gov. wants more people on pot than alcohol…. but, how to get there??? Make alcohol unaffordable!!! Hit it with the govs favorite weapon, a tax!!!

    1. Dang it… You just gave them next years tax project!

      Stop it… stop it right now!

      I’m already thinking that there will be an extra tax on air next session under the MLG-DNC goon squad.

      3 billion dollars extra in the coffers right now… and the DNC of NM wants even more.

      IDK how I am gonna be able to afford that breathing tax. I already lost 7″ of my left lung in 1994 due to military service.

      I can only hope and pray that the new New Mexico Democratic Political Parties air tax will be by the cubic foot and not cubic inches, and due at the end of the year rather than when its consumed… My partial State disability check only go’s so far…

  7. While the populace stumbles around, STONED…with the Gov’s approval… now everyday Citizens will be forced to support all the useless programs that support, rather than ameliorate the homeless/drugged/mental patients camped out on our streets and alleys and parking lots. Explain how these increased tax revenues will be spent?


    A $7.24 per liter tax on sprits? Get these out-of-control incompetent government loons out of our lives. Remember this at election time. I was only paying about $12 per liter for Scotch at Trader Joe’s before Joe the Crooked Stooge (Biden) and his subversive handlers imposed Bidenomics.

  9. Speaking of trying to control peoples actions. They actually think raising the price on alcohol will keep minors from accessing and drinking?? Next thing we know they will be regulating the rain water off our roof!

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