Heinrich desecrates Memorial Day, uses holiday to promote abortion

On Memorial Day, most public officials used the somber holiday to honor and remember the fallen U.S. soldiers who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country’s freedoms. 

However, that did not stop New Mexico’s far-left Democrat U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich from politicizing the day to promote his radical abortion stance.

“Service members and their families are stationed according to need. That means 40% of active-duty servicewomen live in states that have banned or restricted abortion,” he wrote on Twitter.

“We have a bill that will make sure they have access to reproductive care, regardless of where they live.” 

New Mexicans responded as expected, with Ronnie Lucero of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly writing in reply, “It’s Memorial Day and this guy is talking about killing babies.” 

Another wrote, “You are disgusting. Speaking about abortion rights on Memorial Day. I don’t think the unborn fought and died for our freedom. DISGUSTING!” 

“When you think @MartinHeinrich couldn’t sink any lower on a day of remembering the ones that served and sacrificed. He [somehow] sabotages this day. By mixing abortion into this day of remembrance,” wrote another New Mexican.

One person opined, “Never miss an opportunity even if it’s disgusting.  Then again you are what you tweet!!!”

Heinrich supports unrestricted abortion up to the date of birth. He is running for a third term in his seat amid rumblings he is trying to position himself for the governorship in 2026, as incumbent abortion up-to-birth Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat, is term-limited. 


30 thoughts on “Heinrich desecrates Memorial Day, uses holiday to promote abortion”

  1. Memorial Day honors the ultimate sacrifice of services men and women who fell in combat.
    There should also be a special day set aside day to remember and honor the untold number of fetuses sacrificed through abortion.

    1. We now have two days to memorialize those babies killed in abortions. Jan.22, 1973 was when it was made legal and June 24, 2022 when it was rescinded.

  2. Abortion is NOT reproductive healthcare. Abortion is and has always been infanticide. Why is that so difficult to understand? But wait It is the vote pandering Democrats after all.

  3. Every once in a while, I write to him and rake him over the coals. It doesn’t do any good but it’s fun to vent and I bet his office staff get a huge kick out of them.
    He is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer! One time, his office wrote back. The first line addressed my gripe. The other 3 1/2 paragraphs told me how great he was. 🙄 Still, it was amusing to rattle his cage a bit.
    Anyway, that was one of the stupidest form letters I’ve ever gotten.
    How did he get elected? You don’t know? It’s the “D” after his name. In this state, it’s always because of the “D” after their name.

  4. Heindlick has been a flaming liberal for years. Now he’s just a Woke Communist/Socialist. Disgrace to the state!

  5. Larry M. Sedillo

    I can’t believe he has no respect for the brave women and men that fought and gave their life and time for our country. He is driven by the Democratic far left wing. I am embarrassed that he is our Senator.

  6. He is totally useless but he will get voted in again because there is alot of stupid people in New Mexico what a A Hole

  7. Would you expect less from the state that is #1 in the country for child death at hands of their parents. Why not add abortion to the list. And he is one of many reasons why.

  8. He is getting uglier every time I see him on the news or in pics. Must be the demon radiating out from inside of him. God help us. Heal the murdering, commie hearts.

  9. Hiney-lick is out of touch with reality!! He’s only known for squeezing in next to Benny-boy on Nancy’s lap. A true disgrace to New Mexico and the people he lied to to get elected!

  10. Richard McKinley

    Health care? Abortion up until birth? They bring shame to New Mexico. He doesn’t represent or listen to his constituents neither does Grisham. I say let’s start a movement! #vote them out

    1. I am 100% with you, Richard. If we can’t vote them out, we can always pray that God will take care of it for us.

  11. Heinrich just introduced a bipartisan bill to strengthen childhood cancer research.
    But he supports abortion right up to birth?
    So – no real consideration for the child as a viable human life in the womb, but one day later (the birthday) he cares deeply about the health & welfare of children.
    Does Heinrich support pre-natal healthcare?

    1. If there’s money involved, yes. If it has government involvement, yes. If it puts restrictions on business and regular people succeeding, yes. He is all for big brother controlling all facets of our lives. Meanwhile he’s out hobnobbing around the world pushing his green agenda.

  12. He is just showing us once again that he is part of the democrat cult, he is not an American, he is a democrat

  13. Sad Heinrich used his platform to politically promote an off topic issue, instead of dedicating comments to the actual subject. My father was a WWII soldier who sacrificed his health (physical and mental) for his country. The last few months of his ‘career’ was spent in three different German POW camps. After the last camp he was in was liberated, he spent many months hospitalized recovering before he could go home. That war ‘experience haunted’ him until the day he died. Abortion connected to Memorial Day? NO… this day of remembrance for those who have passed and made sacrifices for our nation. Not a day to push your agenda to see that those who cannot speak for themselves will never live and have the opportunity to serve their nation.

  14. Abortion is Illegal, Immoral, and Unlawful.
    1. Murder is Illegal.
    2. Since abortion is Illegal and is murder, it is therefore Immoral.
    3. Abortion is Unlawful because it violates the basic principles of freedom.
    Declaration of Independence
    “We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights among which are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
    Since Rights come from God and not from man, the taking of innocent life is immoral and unlawful.
    If men make laws that violate these principle’s, those laws may be “legal” but unlawful. Any laws that violate these principle’s can be considered null and void.
    Sir Nicolas

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