Heinrich and Luján vote for eco-terrorist to lead the Bureau of Land Management

In a 50-45 party-line vote, Tracy Stone-Manning was confirmed as the director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on Thursday evening, with both New Mexico senators Martin Heinrich (who resides in Maryland) and Ben Ray Luján voting for the controversial nominee.

Stone-Manning is a known eco-terrorist who was involved in a tree spiking plot in the Idaho forest. 

According to one report, “Tree spiking is a dangerous and violent eco-terrorism tactic where metal rods are inserted into trees to prevent them from being cut down. The metal rods damage saws that, in turn, have severely injured people, such as a mill worker whose jaw was split in two from an exploding saw.” 

In 1993, Stone-Manning was reportedly granted legal immunity for her testimony that she retyped and sent an anonymous letter to the U.S. Forest Service on behalf of John P. Blount, her former roommate, and friend. The letter can be seen here:

Despite her eco-terrorism, all Democrats, including Luján and Heinrich supported her nomination, giving her extreme power to oversee the Bureau of Land Management. According to the BLM website, “BLM employees in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas care for 13.5 million acres of public lands plus 42 million acres of Federal oil, natural gas, and minerals for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.” 

Following Stone-Manning’s confirmation, pro-energy group Power The Future’s Larry Behrens wrote: 

Senators Heinrich and Lujan are hoping the wreckage of Joe Biden’s legislative agenda will distract New Mexicans from the confirmation of an eco-terrorist to a high-ranking government position. All the while, green policies are sending energy prices soaring at home and putting Europe on the brink of a supply crisis heading into winter. Tracey Stone-Manning’s confirmation is the clearest sign yet that ‘Blue Collar Joe’ values extreme environmentalism above all else and certainly more than the well-being of our energy workers. New Mexicans are watching, and they won’t be fooled.

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  1. Liberals are EVIL

    Once again, another reason New Mexicans need to rise up and stand up for our state. Oh wait, most of the people living here now are not real New Mexican born. Welcome New Mexico to Mini California/New York. Home of the psycho WOKE. The people of New Mexico got what they voted for. Great job, Keep voting stupid, you are doing a wonderful job.

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