New Mexicans react to Hamas’ violent attack on Israel

Over the weekend, the terrorist group Hamas launched its largest attack on Israel in over 50 years, starting a new war in the Middle East — with America’s ally at the center of the attack.

According to the Times of Israel, the Israeli death toll has climbed to over 800, with over 100 hostages kidnapped by the terrorist group.

Following the beginning of the bloody war started by Hamas terrorists, New Mexicans reacted to the slaughter:

“I strongly condemn this appalling terrorist attack by Hamas against the people of Israel. This senseless loss of life is tragic and heartbreaking. This despicable attack must be denounced by all and I stand with the people of Israel as it defends itself,” wrote Democrat U.S. Sen. Ben Ray Luján on X, formerly Twitter. 

“The Republican Party of New Mexico Stands with Israel as they defend themselves against the brutal attacks from Hamas. Our hearts are with the Israeli victims and their families as we join with multitudes from all around the world in praying for peace and an end to the violence,” wrote Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce.

U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich, a Democrat, wrote, “I join [Joe] Biden and my Senate colleagues in unequivocally condemning the appalling attacks by Hamas terrorists. The U.S. stands with the Israeli people and Israel’s right to defend against this horrific violence. My thoughts are with the grieving families and the wounded.”

“These are evil attacks on Israel, and I stand in continued horror to see what is happening to the great people of our most cherished ally. My prayers go out to Israelis, especially the Israel Defense Forces, as it protects its citizens from these terrorists. Prayers for peace,” wrote state Rep. John Block (R-Alamogordo). 

Democrat U.S. Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez wrote, “The terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israeli civilians are incredibly disturbing. I strongly condemn Hamas’ actions. Israel has a right to defend itself against these acts of terror and my thoughts are with the Israeli people.”

“I stand with Israel and condemn these horrifying attacks on innocent lives. Our support for Israel must be unwavering. My heart goes out to the people of Israel. You, your family, and your loved ones are in our prayers,” wrote Democrat U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez.

Notably silent on the slaughter of Israelis are Democrat New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, U.S. Rep. Melanie Stansbury, and the Democrat Party of New Mexico, among other Democrats.

Referencing the Democrat silence, state Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) wrote, “The silence … from New Mexico elected Democrats … about the terrorist attacks, the kidnappings, and the 600 dead Israelis speaks volumes.  There is no outrage over Shani Louk’s naked body paraded around by Hamas. No condolences to the family. No condemnation of the attacks on innocent civilians. Nothing.  Not a word.” 


42 thoughts on “New Mexicans react to Hamas’ violent attack on Israel”

    1. Don’t tell me those fighters magically penetrated the most secure border in the world without even a skirmish or gun battle at the border. And somehow they walked right in and even got weapons through the most guarded perimeter.

      Netanyahu let them in! It’s called a false flag attack – when will you people ever learn? Or do we have to raise up a whole other generation of our American children who will die for more of Israel’s land-grabbing wars?

      I thought Americans were smart enough to wake up to those who make money from war, but apparently some people will never learn.

      1. Here’s the logic for you conspiracy theorist. These mf’s paraglided into Israel. They didn’t cross any borders legally, and nobody let them In to behead babies. All the while our borders have been open for how long now? Roughly since Biden entered office ya? Think about it killer. In less than 1 hour enough terrorists crossed illegally to murder over 1000 Israeli men, women, and children. How many have snuck across our border for a planned attack in the last 3 years? How many pictures have you seen of 300 military age males in the holding facilities Biden overcrowded. Your an idealog and if you truly are intelligent, your wasting all of it on agendas and idealogies. It’s pretty safe to say that even if it was a false flag, nobody is allowed to behead babies once they are out of the womb. I know how your ilk feel about killing babies, but already born children is a step above murder.

  1. And the fact that these “protesters” here in ABQ were not arrested and questioned is another “red flag”. Democrats love to use “red flag” laws but always go against them. I stand with Israel.

    1. I stand with the NEW COVENANT in JESUS. I don’t stand with war-thirsty zionists who use God’s name in vain for their political wars.

  2. Peace thru strength
    War thru weakness.

    Prayers to these families.

    USA cannot find another war.

    Call your ‘reps”
    Just say no.
    We funded the Iron Dome for Israel yearly and what happened?

    Pray to the Prince of Peace for this tragedy.

    get us
    into wars


    And Pence just could not keep Trump out of his statement over the weekend.

    It’s the OBiden admin getting us involved.
    Then Biden admin

    Persian people are not yo blame either it’s the
    A funded the Ayatollahs reign of terror especially on their women.
    Under Shah Pahlavi they were going to university.
    Poverty is in Iran AGAIN.


    Trump as Speaker asap temporarily

    1. Disgusting comment. Why don’t you go over there and witness all the families and children you’ll destroy. Or is this just a football game to you?

      I don’t know how some of you call yourselves Christians. Do you even know the commandments of Jesus? Shame on you.

      1. I’m sure you’d feel different if you lived in Israel and suffered hundreds of rockets sent into your country every damn day. The Jews treat the Palestinians better than they are treated in reverse. And how do you support the Palestinians’ slaughter of innocent civilians in their homes. Even ISIS concentrated on military.


    As someone who worked at the Pentagon for 8 years for the Defense Intelligence Agency, I wonder, “What happened regarding the intel failure for Israel?” Were the DIA and CIA personnel too busy buying and attending sexual harassment or race relations training? Were too many sycophants promoted to executive positions? We’d better watch out here at home now, with millions having invaded the border and Joe the Stooge and his handlers tasking the FBI to spy on their political opponents, Catholics, and parents who attend school board meetings.

  4. The time has come to decide if you will support a nation that has lost millions of citizens during WW2 to atrocities or those who wish to wipe the state of Israel off the world map. I for one stand with Israel.

    Where do you think the support for Hamas came from? We gave Iran back six billion dollars recently and I am sure Hamas benefited from that.

  5. Don’t be fooled. From the Canadian journalist Benjamin Fulford: The people of Gaza are about to be sacrificed to Satan unless the world acts
    October 7, 2023

    Both Mossad and MI6 sources confirm the attack on Israel by Hamas was orchestrated by Benyamin Netanyahu in order to create an excuse for the mass slaughter of the Palestinian people. This is meant to be a sacrifice to Satan intended to start a nuclear holocaust. The Israeli military and Israeli people need to arrest Netanyahu and his Satanic gangster followers. They are the ancient enemies of the Jewish people, and we need to finish them off once and for all.

    You can read further here.

  6. It’s time for Israel to eliminate Hezbollah and Hamas. And I hope this is the time that they complete that task and totally wiped them off the face of this earth

    1. This is so wrong, Paul. God is with JESUS and the GOSPEL.
      If you want to support the Israelites, give them the Gospel. They are sinners just like the rest of us and they need Jesus, not money and land.

  7. I feel bad for those folks, however, in USA fashion, we will get involved when its not our problem. We have our own terrorists right here in the USA. These people don’t give a crap about anyone, they are called democrats, republicans, and anything or anyone else that does not support and defend the US constitution. This is where our fight is! Right here. We need to stop wasting money helping others countries who are unappreciative and think they deserve our help. Those people have been fighting for hundreds if not thousands of years, let them fight.

  8. This attack is yet another false flag perpetrated by the Babylonian Rahdinites (pretend Jews) on the Jewish people. It was an inside job no different than 911. They are covering up the deaths from one of the most vaccinated populations in the world as well as the traditional oil and gas grab in the Mediterranean. Interesting that Congress has now shifted from sending $$$ to Ukraine to Israel. Netanyahu is not Jewish, but a fake Rahdinite who’s mission is to follow orders from the Pilgrim Society to further exterminate all Jewish people. Do some digging and research to see that what you are being fed from most MMS and social media sites is to stir your emotions into accelerating WW3.

    1. At least someone else is awake! It was so obvious to me – nobody just walks right through the most secure border in the world without help. It was the perfect false flag for them to get what they want.

      1. Was it similar to the capitol police waving in crowds of “insurrectionists” on Jan 21st? I think we might be able to agree on this 1

    2. Lady, bold claims require bold evidence. Your so far out there that you might wanna start backing your claims so other people can maybe check your research and see if it pans out

  9. Kimberly, you just added insult to injury, following the horrific massacres in Israel. where women were raped, and children and men tortured before being horribly slain. Have you no shame? False flag, my a-ss.
    Long live Israel!

  10. Kimberly, how can you call this a false flag after seeing a graphic images of mutilated, dead, bodies of men, women, and children? Many were raped and tortured before being slain. You should be ashamed of yourself for even suggesting this.

    1. I don’t believe that you understand what a False Flag is Paul. It does not mean the event did not take place and people did not die. It means that it was planned and made to appear as the responsibility of another party. The term was coined in the 16th century as an expresson meaning an intentional misrepresentation of someone’s allegiance.

  11. Time and time again the Palestinians were offered peace through many Israeli overtures and the Palestinians refused every one of them because they are nothing but homicidal maniacs who want every Jew dead. There has never been and will never be a Palestine now that they have gone murder crazy.

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