Governor’s feeble excuse reignites eco-left’s fury over EV tax credit veto

At a Thursday POLITICO energy summit in Washington, D.C., far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham attempted to justify her veto of electric vehicle tax (EV) credits to the chagrin of eco-leftist groups.

“These were important but way too small,” Lujan Grisham said of the tax credits. “These benefits were so small, they don’t move the needle. Sometimes when you get something, you don’t get a second bite at it.”

According to the Associated Press, “The state would provide a $2,500 refundable personal income tax credit toward the purchase of an electric vehicle — or up … to $4,000 for low-income residents, with an additional $300 credit for car-charging equipment and installation.” Those provisions died on the governor’s desk.

The dark money eco-left group, the Sierra Club of the Rio Grande Chapter, tweeted, “@GovMLG are you truly saying that you vetoed the electric vehicle tax credit that we’ve all been working on for the last 15 years because it was too small? Those were thousands of EVs for low-income New Mexicans that now won’t have that benefit.”

Others charged the governor with “blowing smoke” with her “bull***t response.” 

The Western Environmental Law Center’s executive director Erik Schlenker-Goodrich tweeted, “Listening to @GovMLG at #POLITICOenergy attempt to explain (unpersuasively) why she vetoed sensible climate tax credits just confirms that her administration, after a promising 1st term, has no climate policy agenda in its 2nd term beyond a word salad.”

Previously, a mirage of eco-leftist and enviro-Marxist groups took out full-page ads in the Santa Fe New Mexican, Albuquerque Journal, and Las Cruces Sun-News ripping the governor over her EV tax credit veto. 

Despite the governor promising to act on EVs early in her first term, “climate change” activists described themselves as “pissed” with the governor’s failures to act upon their agenda.


5 thoughts on “Governor’s feeble excuse reignites eco-left’s fury over EV tax credit veto”

  1. I doubt that even a $4000 tax credit would be enough for low-income residents to purchase an EV. First of all, they would need to owe $4000 in state income tax to be of any benefit so that wouldn’t really put them in the low-income category. Second, EVs are still too expensive for low-income residents even after the tax credit. I hate to say it but I agree with MLG’s veto on this (as hard as it is for me to admit it) but I do like to see her being attacked by members of her own party.

    1. You’re right on. MLG simply admitted the obvious and made a sensible decision for a change. The eco-left is all about ideology, not real benefit. I am surprised MLG didn’t join them.

  2. Electric vehicles are going to crash our electric distribution system, which is evidently their goal. Especially with them shutting down cheap American energy and mandating unreliable solar and wind which is made by slave labor in Communist China. The Sierra Club is all for open borders which is horrible for our environment. Evidently they don’t really give a …. about the wildlife habitat destruction of urban sprawl. 6 million illegal aliens in the last 2 years who all will need housing. That’s 3 times the population of New Mexico since Biden was installed.

  3. Who the hell wants one of those rolling dumpster fire? Expensive to buy, expensive to repair, expensive in wasted time recharging, and when you get the charging wrong they catch fire. Anyone remembers the exploding batteries in your pockets? Why do you think want to give out rebates? If the government wants to give anything, it’s your own stupid money to begin with. They take your over taxed ass and then give that tax revenue to people who can damn well pay for their shitty cars. In reality, everyone pays for government’s stupid ideas

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