TV station shreds Lujan Grisham admin. over CYFD’s horrific failures

On Thursday, KOAT 7 aired a heartbreaking special investigation detailing the failures of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s administration to protect New Mexico’s children through the Children, Youth, and Families Department.

The 25-minute segment dug deep into the tragedies and avoidable mistakes caused by the “dysfunctional” agency. 

“Target 7 has spent months looking into these cases and searching for solutions as to why children have been placed back into homes, with some ultimately dying,” wrote the network.

It interviewed lawmakers, the attorney general, advocates, parents, law enforcers, and those who have warned about the failures of the catastrophic system that is doing more harm to New Mexico’s children than good.

Following the airing of the segment, state Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) wrote, “KOAT just put @GovMLG on notice. @koat7news had more balls than 90% of our legislators. 

“We introduced solutions – like ombuds and fixing CARA. From now on, if you oppose these bills, the blood is on you,” she continued. 

Bills to reform CYFD died in the 2023 Legislative Session, continuing a broken system that has harmed and killed children.



16 thoughts on “TV station shreds Lujan Grisham admin. over CYFD’s horrific failures”

  1. It’s obvious that MLG doesn’t care about New Mexico’s children. How can she be when she is for abortion up to birth?

      1. And that’s an excuse for continuing the atrocities being committed by the CYFD? It just shows she is complacent and it is to much of a bother to her. CYFD needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

      2. A concerned citizen

        But she promised to fix it…5 years ago! No one is stopping her! She refuses help, covers up and denies.

    1. A concerned citizen

      Does she think being the new ABORTION CAPITAL OF THE USA will deflect from being the worst at everything else, especially children’s wellbeing? (Sarcasm)

    1. A concerned citizen

      Exactly! Get her out quick! What’s needed is federal receivership. SEE: Merritt Hamilton Allen ,Carlsbad Argus!

  2. Moochie Loserjan Gruesome has earned her name. A history of turning a blind eye on abuse of children and the elderly. She was in charge of the elderly programs prior to her squatting in the roundhouse. ABUSE and THEFT was rampant under her. MLG is evil, a liar and a thief!! Blood is on her hands. The best thing that can happen is she is escorted out of the Roundhouse in wearing handcuffs and a deputy on either side!!

  3. NM got exactly what they voted for, I say they because I did not vote for the worst Governor in the union. How can we fix it? Well for starters, STOP voting in her crony legislatures. In the next election cycle we need to bring in representatives that have more concern of the direction the state is going in and less on being worried if their master will primary them out with out of state money. Democrat or Republican, we need representation that stands up for the people and that definitely includes all our children.

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