Eco-leftists take out full-page ABQ Journal ad to attack Gov. Lujan Grisham

On Sunday, a full-page ad funded by multiple aco-left groups appeared in the state’s largest newspaper, the Albuquerque Journal, and the Santa Fe New Mexican and the Las Cruces Sun-News blasting Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

The group angered over the governor’s veto of electric vehicle tax cuts, claimed the Democrat made “empty promises” on “climate change.”

The ad, paid for by the Western Environmental Law Center (WELC), was co-signed by a mirage of different “climate change” groups, including 350NM, the Center for Biological Diversity, ProgressNow New Mexico, the Sierra Club’s Rio Grande Chapter, WildEarth Guardians, among others. 

WELC wrote on Twitter, “After stymieing #ClimateAction for two consecutive #NMLeg sessions, we call on @GovMLG & #nmpol to #ActOnClimate,” adding, “The climate movement in New Mexico will not relent.”

ProgressNow New Mexico chimed in, “We hope @GovMLG takes her role on [the U.S. Climate Alliance] seriously and leads with a commitment to #ActOnClimate that she has shown in the past. There’s no time to waste,” referring to the group Lujan Grisham was recently appointed to serve. 

The outcry comes after the far-left Democrat governor signed 2019’s Energy Transition Act, which is the state’s version of the extreme socialist Green New Deal. Apparently, the groups are not happy with these extreme steps to harm the oil, gas, and coal industries, wanting even more New Mexico energy jobs to be stricken by the pen of Gov. Lujan Grisham.


21 thoughts on “Eco-leftists take out full-page ABQ Journal ad to attack Gov. Lujan Grisham”

  1. Meanwhile, scientists have recently discovered that there are 40,000 previously unknown undersea volcanos that are spewing billions of tons of carbon dioxide and heating the oceans much more dramatically than a billion cars and a billion cows could ever do. The arrogance of the climate crisis cult is that mankind can control our climate destiny. The forces at work that determine climate are well beyond mankind’s ability to control.

    1. Bill, I googled previously unknown undersea volcanoes and your observations are correct. I agree with you that mankind cannot control our climate destiny. I am all for clean air and clean water but the extreme measures being pushed by climate hoaxers are completely unrealistic and outlandish.

  2. These Commie Socialists eat their own, even when the prey bows down to their insane demands based on total fiction….I doubt that MLG gives a turd about it…it’s all a facade to make her look ‘moderate’…FAIL.

    1. Pamala Maitreya

      Good for her…..maybe she’s doing the right thing bc she’s not running for re-election….

  3. Opinions are like eyes, almost everyone has at least two of them.
    It’s good to see that freedom of speech is sill allowed!! Even if I may not agree with it or the the topic.
    Also……man she has fattened up a bit ey? Ahhh! The good life!
    She needs to get out those roller skates and get some exercise!

    1. She and Maggie Screwloose Oliver both! That’s what eating wagyu and drinking top shelf liquor at taxpayer-funded events and during lockdowns will do to you. Let them eat cake!

  4. What is truly sickening is the stupidity of the eco-left movement. They got what they insisted on in 2019 – a supposed utopia in which 80% of New Mexico electric power would be derived from solar and wind, but apparently that’s not good enough. No gas stoves. No gas-powered vehicles. An electric grid heavily overtaxed to produce even the nominal power required for its prior needs, now required to supply enough power to run ALL of our vehicles is just sheer madness. We can’t provide the power. And meanwhile they demand that we not use reliable nuclear energy sources.

  5. A few things the Global Change/Climate Warm gang overlook is no matter how many acres they pave with panels or how many bird killing towers they put up – the sun only shines half the time and the wind isn’t constant. Which means we still need coal, gas, hydro or nuclear power plants for back up! Power is needed 24/7 and with the push for EV’s demand is growing.
    Woke’s don’t understand things like infrastructure or supply tail. They’re all in on money trees and rainbow unicorns and instant gratification. “The science” is getting there on these experimental ideas but we’re a long way from just dumping fossil fuels.
    As far as rising seas, the icecaps and polar bears? The icecaps are thicker than ever and growing. Polar bears? From an estimated 8,500 polar bears in the wild in 1990, sadly, there were only 75,000/80,000 (est) wild bears alive in 2020.
    If sea levels were truly rising banks wouldn’t loan a dime on the beach front property that Al Gore, b&m Obama or John (Lurch) Kerry are buying up.
    The hardest thing is getting people to admit they’ve been fooled, and these grifters have been riding this con for a long time.

  6. Follow the money straight to the oil and gas industry, with record billions in profits! Oh btw, I don’t think there are anywhere near 75,000 polar bears left on the planet. Less than a tenth of that maybe.

  7. I sympathize with a lot of what all of you are saying. I highly recommend a book on the subject that I think Bill and Steve would especially enjoy. The author is Bjorn Lomborg and the title is “False Alarm”(available on Amazon). He is not a climate change denier but does say we are attacking the problem in all the wrong ways and ruining our economy with efforts that won’t have any meaningful effect. He looks at cost-benefit analysis to show that we don’t have to ruin our economy to make reasonable progress on slowing climate warming.

  8. Will Steinberg

    Hey Climate Change Wakos! YOU all need to head down to the State’s southern border come this Thursday to help out with the other Liberals that have No problem with MASSIVE Illegal Immigration? We hear you all organize well together.
    SOS – It’s always about power & Money.

  9. Apparently, it seems these climate alarmists don’t know much about biology nor have they reviewed the scientific literature relating to the beneficial effects of elevated CO2 on the living world. Without water (H2O) and CO2, life on earth could not exist. These two compounds are the substrates of photosynthesis, the process that all life depends on. They obviously haven’t reviewed the historical evidence that shows CO2 levels were many times greater than now during the Cambrian explosion of life. Nor have they reviewed the results of hundreds of scientific studies showing greater plant growth and crop yields when CO2 levels are doubled or even tripled. Additionally, there is no scientific evidence that increased CO2 causes warmer temperatures.

  10. New Mexico now produces more oil and gas than Alaska, making NM the number 2 producing state after Texas. This drives Deb Haaland mad.

  11. New Mexico is now the # 2 oil and gas producing state behind Texas and before Alaska. I suggest these environmentalists more to a more eco friendly part of the world, like The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  12. It has never been about the climate, but about control and the money grab to go with it. No cities have gone underwater, the polar ice caps are still there. You know what causes a lot of damage every year, the electrical grid. It is so old that things catch fire all the time, and they want to increase the load dramatically with electric everything, but you never hear about it. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

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