Giuliani: ‘We have a very, very significant amount of fraud allegations’ in New Mexico

On Thursday, President Trump’s legal team updated the press on their findings of election interference by Democrats, where they laid out the evidence of fraud they have, which included the states of New Mexico, Virginia, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona. 

President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, said, “The state that we’re looking at that would surprise you is—we have a very, very significant amount of fraud allegations in the state of New Mexico.” 

Yesterday, on the Real America’s Voice with Steve Bannon, Trump Campaign advisory board member Boris Epshteyn also said that New Mexico was in the Campaign’s sights for fraud. He said the following: 

“I was alerted to the fact that in New Mexico, outside of Bernalillo County, which is the county where Albuquerque is, there was an issue with observers not being allowed to observe that has impacted, I believe, up to 180,000 ballots—180,000 ballots. Do you know what the difference in the state of New Mexico between Sleepy Joe Biden and the President of the United States?… It’s 99,000. That’s what it is. So, the State of New Mexico, which has always been ripe with all kinds of fraud and all kinds of issues, is definitely another state where we’re taking a hard look at.” 

According to the New Mexico Republican Party, they are “working hard” to uncover the fraud in the state.


11 thoughts on “Giuliani: ‘We have a very, very significant amount of fraud allegations’ in New Mexico”

  1. Everyone knows that election fraud and NM are synonymous. The public here has just learned to live with it after all these years of total corruption. The cost of this can be measured by the fact that NM is at the bottom of everything good and at the top of every bad statistic i.e. crime , poverty. The state is run by ‘Democrats’ better known now as communists.

  2. Agreed Democrats have always ran NM (poor, crime, no programs, drugs, housing, cost of living, poor, poor). Democractic New Mexicans wake up.

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  5. Why is it that we complain about what the Democrats do but we never stand up and do our duty. I guess its easier to moan and complain and sit back and let the Democrats keep us down. We should be ashamed of ourselves for taking this for so long . By the way it’s not just the voting problem its stealing our money and our History .

  6. unfortunalty we have a lot of out of town people thinking they can change our vote….im just glad this got noticed this election time around….even the primary was rigged….cant say much about 2016 because President Trump came into office regardless of what the demorats did….NM is just horrible and has been since this gov came into office….what a joke she is…..she needs to be impeached again and take out of office….

  7. Reply to Lisa, I totally agree that they are also stealing our culture. Proof of that is the dog and pony show put on by the city of Albuquerque in reference to the Spanish settler statue that the cultural marxists and their communist fellow travelers forcibly removed. It is sad to see this once great nation reduced to hatred of all things European and all things American. It begins with voter fraud and the brainwashing of our children in communist state schools.

  8. Voter fraud and corruption -nah not in New Mexico —guess again bonehead!!
    I’d bargain to say Moochie Loserjan Gruesome didn’t win a clean race -and I’m damned sure little Benny boy Loserjan didn’t either! Seems it’s a “family tradition” to be dirty when in politics -lest we forget Manuel Loserjan jr.. Bring in the investigations and lets shut down the Loserjan regime! This election from top to bottom was fraudulent and needs to be a re count in person with proper ID!

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