Gabe Vasquez sends ‘painfully out-of-touch’ email to constituents

Far-left Democrat U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez from the Second District recently emailed constituents asking, “Are your bills too high right now?”

Email sent out by Vasquez’s office asking constituents about inflation.

Former CD-2 Congresswoman Yvette Herrell, a Republican, responded to Vasquez’s email, writing, “My opponent, Rep. Gabe Vasquez, is painfully out-of-touch with the people of New Mexico and does not deserve to represent us in Congress.”

“Vasquez acknowledges bills are too high for working families in New Mexico, but of course, he doesn’t mention how… He has voted NO on bills that would help BRING DOWN costs…. He supports Joe Biden’s OUT-OF-CONTROL inflationary spending.” 

“Radical politicians like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Gabe Vasquez have created the mess we’re in, so why would we think they could get us out of it?” she wrote.

All of New Mexico’s U.S. House delegation, including Vasquez, voted against a measure that would fight inflation by promoting American energy over that of Saudi Arabia, Russia, and other foreign nations.

Vasquez won in Novemebr 2022 due to an extreme Democrat gerrymander done by the far-left state legislature.

Vasquez bragged in an August 2022 press release, “Redistricting moved the 2nd Congressional district from a Trump +12 to Biden +6 district and that is reflected in these results,” it concludes.


21 thoughts on “Gabe Vasquez sends ‘painfully out-of-touch’ email to constituents”

      1. Crazy MAGA republicans!! You are copying Hank Johnson, the dumbest human on Earth!!!! Enjoy your Biden economy and its baseless climate change nonsense. Its geoengineering/ weather modification/ weather warfare all part of the depopulation agenda of which you as am I expendable. Agenda 2030 now agenda 2025 is full steam ahead. If Himmler becomes governor NM will become New California by the Newsom wannabe Martin Heinrich Himmler. Wake up Anna!!!

  1. Gabe is a POS socialist aiming to send NM further down the toilet. If he was on fore I would not piss on him. NMs need to pull there heads out of their butts and vote for a conservative.

    1. I sent a letter to Gabe Vasquez & asked why he had no comment on the governor’s violation of our constitutional rights with her gun ban in Bernalillo County. He never responded so I sent him a second letter which he failed to respond to. He is worthless & needs to be voted out.

  2. I lit him up.
    Why am I receiving this? Who said you could e-mail me? And who said you could use my first name? I am either Mr. or Major.
    Yes, my family and I are constituents of the gerrymandered district which allowed your election. You are anti-everything I stand for, so again just like when Torres Small was representing. A few years ago there was a Democrat who represented our district when Pearce ran for Senate that I supported, because he was a Conservative Democrat.
    The Title of whatever you sent is “Are your Bills to high” Get out of the Sewer of DC where corruption is rampant especially from the likes of the Democrats.
    My list could go on and on as to why I would not support you.
    You do not recognize our border and sovereign territory of the United States of America support this administration destruction of our country with ILLEGAL aliens coming across our border. You support the drug and human smuggling cartels with support of the Biden (must corrupt elected official ever) policy. Which has incidentally raised medical as well as everything elses prices.
    Also, you support the con of green energy which has raised the cost of everything, while at the same time giving financial (as well as everything else) to the Chinese Communist party who provides precursors to the Cartels to poison idiotic drug abusing Americans.
    You support pro-abortion policies, which if you were a Christian, you would be against (so you are not a Christian).
    You are caught on tape being anti law enforcement (though you were trying to hide your face).
    I’m a veteran who you voted against veteran bills.
    I support law enforcement, which you are on tape being anti-LEA during the “protests of 2020” basically an insurrection way beyond 6 Jan 2021.
    I took an oath to the Constitution and defended our Country for nearly as long as you have been alive (26 years).
    Again, why would you e-mail me? I will vote for anyone who has similar values as I, but you Gabe do not.

    1. Excellent! I agree with you. He is a Socialist who could only get into office by redistricting. He cares nothing about this country or this state or it’s citizens. I pray Yvette runs again and wins. She is someone who understands us and cares about this district, this state, and this country. She has common sense. Something Gabe does not have. He is just a chronie of the liberal left….a puppet who let’s the woke left pulls his strings.

  3. I submitted about 10 questions and attached them to his message. I received no answers.

    I am a constituent, I live in the new Southwest- Albuquerque-led-democratic-controlled State 2nd Congressional district.

    One specific question was: “Does GV support late term moment of birth abortion for tourism dollars?” I pointed out the Current Governor owns that vile term… “Late Term Abortion for Enhancing State Tourism Dollars”.

    Doesn’t upset you John Block?

    Les see if you’ll permit this to post without being censored again…

  4. Gabe,
    You have your head where the sun don’t shine. You have your position. Thanks to our gerrymandering Governor who also has her head where the sun dose not shine.

  5. Gabe Vasquez is a scared POS that wouldn’t dare set foot in southeast New Mexico, which he is supposed to represent. Just like our little nazi governor, neither care about our portion of the state until it comes to the money we bring to the worthless Dems up north. They have proven time and time again that they don’t care about our state only themselves. I hope the people that voted for him are feeling it as bad or worse than the rest of us proud New Mexicans.

  6. What is your priority? Higher prices created by you democrats? Or what people need to survive this fubar situation. I’m available to fix everything in new mexico. Call me. Or not. Eric

  7. Gas prices are now headed from bad to worse. Biden spent all of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve last year trying to maintain his death grip on the House and Senate. Even so, they lost the House. It makes no sense now to whine about high prices. Biden and friends both drove up our debt and simultaneously spawned a huge wave of inflation. So our dollars are now worth 19% less than before. Gosh, that’s about the same percentage that they drove up the national debt. Imagine that. Could there possibly be a correlation?

  8. Frederick Armayor

    Gabe Vasquez is one of a number of curses on the State New Mexico. The citizens who numbly continue to support and vote for him deserve all the pain that uncontrolled drugs and human trafficking coming across that southern border brings to their family. Gabe does not care as he is like a wooden puppet or a marionette that dances to the whims of his master.

    1. Perfect description of what’s happening. And… At an it’s happening at an accelerated pace… Wish folks would do their ‘homework’ instead of buying into the progressive lies.

  9. I’m sure Gabe’s big donor G.Soros is happy with this propaganda Email, knowing half of New Mexicans are ignorant of the facts…my neighbor just drove by in his Suburu with BIDEN 24 sticker. Thanks to our fakenews ‘mainstream media’ for keeping DemocRats uninformed, misinformed and ignorant of what the DemocRat Socialist Party is doing to America and poor New Mexico.

  10. I got an email from him and immediately unsubscribed myself. Don’t want to get anything, hear anything or see anything from this idiot. He sucked at city council and sucks as a representative.

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