ABQ Police Dept. issues traffic warning ahead of Joe Biden’s visit

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Joe Biden will be visiting New Mexico to talk about climate change and fundraise for his 2024 campaign. This is Biden’s latest trip to the Land of Enchantment, previously visiting the state to stump for Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham in her successful 2022 reelection bid. 

According to the Albuquerque Police Department, “Drivers are advised to avoid I-25 south of I-40 & I-40 west of the Big I on Tuesday afternoon & Wednesday morning. Side streets may also be impacted.”

“Please be patient during this time. There will be no parking allowed along the route for the motorcade. Parked cars will be towed,” the Department continued.

A report from ABQ Raw noted that advice from the Department included, “APD will have a strong presence to manage and control traffic effectively. Officers will be stationed strategically to ensure minimal disruptions.”

“While every effort will be made to maintain traffic flow, the public is urged to exercise patience and understanding, considering potential delays in the specified areas.”

Biden previously visited New Mexico in 2022 to stump for far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham in her narrow yet successful reelection bid.

A fundraiser by failed former congressional candidate Randi McGinn will feature Biden and the governor, according to invites sent out to supporters:

Lujan Grisham was one of the first public officials to formally endorse Biden’s announcement that he will seek another term in the White House.


22 thoughts on “ABQ Police Dept. issues traffic warning ahead of Joe Biden’s visit”

    1. When the devil is in town, chaos is expected to be elevated. Especially when that devil was invited in…
      Lock your doors folks!

        1. Quite a bit actually. She does not spend enough time in the northwestern part of the district. She has not connected and gets very little done in Washington to help the entire district of the entirety of the State. I think most of the “candidates” that the RPNM present for election are not interested in the areas of the state in which they do not live. Huge issue!

          1. You may be right on most of your comments. Most vote for Herrell because there is no one else, she still lost to that Gabe POS.

  1. Keep you children inside for the next 48 hours… The sniff monster is in town! The queen of abortions has invited him into our state, again…

  2. Scottie, beam Biden back to the swamp in DC. He’s part of the climate trash that’s in Santa Fe. We are in for a long ugly until voters wise up.

  3. They are closing roads to stop protesters. The First Amendment gives people the right to assemble and express views. The police are just saying this to play it off like traffic issues. If you want to protest park somewhere and just walk. I can’t believe someone would vote for a guy that will be 81 yo and when finished 86 yo.

  4. Ha Ha climate change! Look up history. These temps repeat it was this hot in the 70s and more years before this. Give me a break. Do your research.

    Pray that we can live as God gave us this life and protect our children.

    1. Amen to that. Climate change is nothing more than the normal cyclical climate that has happened since the beginning of time. Climate change alarmists count on us. not remembering hotter years.

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