Two anti-gun bills to be heard in committee Monday

In the latest onslaught by Democrats against gun rights, a series of public hearings on proposed gun control legislation is set to take place, drawing attention from both proponents and opponents of the measures. The House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to convene on Monday, January 29, at 1:30 p.m. in Room 309 to deliberate on four controversial bills that some critics are labeling as among the most stringent gun control initiatives in the United States.

The proposed legislation includes House Bill 27, introduced by Rep. Joy Garratt (D-Albuquerque), which seeks to broaden the scope of the existing Red Flag Law. This bill would permit law enforcement officials to request red flag orders without needing concrete information from informants about a person’s potential threat of causing imminent harm. It also proposes expanding the list of individuals who can report such concerns, mandates the immediate forfeiture of firearms upon the issuance of a red flag order, and allows for search warrants to confiscate guns from those subject to such orders.

Another proposal, House Bill 129 by Rep. Andrea Romero (D-Santa Fe), introduces a 14-business day waiting period for all firearm purchases, potentially establishing the longest waiting period for firearm acquisition in the nation.

State Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) and Rep. John Block (R-Alamogordo) have urged constituents and gun rights advocates to either attend the hearing in person or participate virtually to express their opposition to these bills. Additionally, House Bill 114 by Rep. Christine Chandler is anticipated to be considered by the full New Mexico House of Representatives soon. This bill would allow legal actions against firearms industry members for alleged violations of the proposed Firearms Industry Accountability Act, significantly increasing their liability for advertising and business practices.

As these legislative efforts gain momentum, they ignite a robust debate on gun control and Second Amendment rights within New Mexico, reflecting a broader national conversation on the balance between public safety and individual freedoms.

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8 thoughts on “Two anti-gun bills to be heard in committee Monday”

  1. Hmm.. we face wars on multiple fronts
    (thank you DEMONCRATS/RHINOS)
    this year (China, Russia-Ukrane, Middle East, etc)
    and all these idiots running NM can do with thier self absorbed horse blinders vision
    is to TAKE AWAY our right to defend.
    They only expect to be reelected since they own the voting machines and run the ballot harvesting.
    So WHEN we are over run in this state by whatever invaders/sleepers
    these SF scum will have who to protect them?

  2. Please notice the more governmental gun controls in cities and states the more people die. If everyone can carry there will be less death. In stead of focusing on legally gun carrying citizens, focus on the folks that do not follow the rules. Also please read the NM and US constitution. The Government has no rights to limit the citizens in their protections. Because a person is 19 does not mean they cannot protect their family. Yes a 18 or 19 yr old person can have a spouse and a kid, but NM wants to leave them to hang out and die.

    1. Michael J Sindelar

      You honestly think that these Santa Fe despots care one whit about either the US or NM Constitutions? Have you attended any of the Committee hearings on these bills or participated by Zoom? If you did you would see that they are absolutely arrogant about their flagrant disregard for our rights. Be at the Rally on the 3rd of next month in Santa Fe and show them we the people have had enough!

  3. EVERY TIME the idiots gather for “session” our rights are threatened or outright stolen! It’s time to arrest and drag Loserjan and her cronies out of the roundhouse! A state DOES not have the authority to overrule a GOD GIVEN right nor rewrite the constitution!

  4. There are thousands of dangerous illegal aliens, drugs and enslaved minors in this state and the Democrats want to disarm us!? What is their end game?

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