Legislators bring back Convention of States resolution

In the New Mexico House of Representatives, House Joint Resolution 12 has been put forward by Reps. Randall Pettigrew (R-Lovington), John Block (R-Alamogordo), and Jimmy Mason (R-Artesia). This resolution aims to convene a states’ convention under Article V of the U.S. Constitution, a measure that seeks to address and potentially recalibrate the balance of federal authority.

The primary objectives outlined in the resolution include imposing fiscal restraints on federal spending, curbing the scope of federal power, and instituting term limits for Congress members and other federal officials. With the endorsement of this resolution, New Mexico is poised to join a growing list of states advocating for a constitutional convention, marking it as the 20th state in pursuit of the 34-state threshold required to initiate the process.

The convention, as envisaged, would serve as a platform for all states to deliberate on proposed amendments, which would then need the ratification of at least three-quarters, or 38, of the states to be adopted into the Constitution.

The resolution’s sponsors have voiced concerns over what they perceive as the federal government’s expansive reach and fiscal irresponsibility, which they argue adversely affects New Mexico’s families, businesses, and local governance. They emphasize the constitutional provision that allows states to convene under Article V to address issues that the federal legislature has neglected, particularly highlighting the necessity for federal budgetary discipline akin to New Mexico’s constitutional requirement for a balanced state budget.

Myles Culbertson, the State Director for the Convention of States in New Mexico, highlighted the urgency of the situation by pointing to the national debt, which has soared beyond $34 trillion, according to the U.S. Debt Clock. He warned of the dire economic implications for the American populace if the debt continues to grow unchecked, potentially reaching double the size of the nation’s Gross National Product by 2030. Culbertson stressed that the state legislatures possess a potent remedy to this burgeoning crisis, underscoring the need to act swiftly.

For more detailed information on the resolution and the broader movement it represents, interested parties are directed to the Convention of States website.

This legislative initiative marks a critical juncture in the ongoing debate over federalism and the distribution of power between state and federal governments, reflecting a concerted effort by state legislators to assert their constitutional prerogatives in shaping the nation’s governance framework.


20 thoughts on “Legislators bring back Convention of States resolution”

    1. COS is slow, but what other process will work? We have tried to vote folks out but NM is full of uninformed citizens that either want big debt, more government overreach, strict gun control, schools pushing to cut off our children’s sex organs to name a few or they refuse to track the issues and the action of their elected officials. Wake up NM, please WAKE UP.

      1. It is too slow and no guarantee. Public resistance through monetary and non-compliance at the County level is the way to go. It takes courage and many of the GOP have none. I signed on to support it 12 years ago (yes. that is how long this has been going on) And only half the States needed are on board. I also told the people it was a waste of time. We have a better chance if the Eastern part of NM voted to go back to the Texas Republic. I would do that in a heartbeat.

      2. I believe the election was rigged. I have never seen a turn out of this many voters ever!! No one wanted the COMMUNIST back as Governor.!! MICHELLE OBAMA OFFICIATED HER WEDDING IN THEIR MANSION AT MARTHA’S VINEYARD. I FIND THAT WHITE INTERESTING.

  1. The Democrats have been dragging their feet on this for decades until they have control of more cities and states. These Republicans don’t have a prayer in New Mexico.

  2. COS empowers the states, it empowers the people. If our elected officials vote no, they are part of the problem. It means they have plans of heading to DC to be part of the corruption. Even if it is a republican they need to be voted out. If you have not written your elected officials on COS, now is the time a phone call is even better.

  3. This is the beginning of curbing the government. Good step. Government is people who are to represent us, the people of America. Except, they often abuse the power we gave them, and run their own selfish agenda. The problem with New Mexico is that people are too occupied with their own addictions, to pay attention to who is running the state and county.
    Land of Manana will soon be the Land of Suffering if they don’t act.
    Wake Up, New Mexcans!

  4. All I will say is this should be approached with caution…A Constitutional Convention opens the ENTIRE Constitution to amendment/reinterpretation, INCLUDING the Bill of Rights…Be careful what you wish for!

    1. 💯!! That’s what people don’t understand. It’s not just to curb spending and term limits. I opens it up for potentially total chaos or nothing to be done.

    2. It isn’t a “constitutional convention.” That is a myth spun up by the leftists who are scared an amendments convention.

    1. I’ve studied it for more than 10 years. There is no scenario that can support what the detractors are saying. Why would the Framers be so brilliant when they drafted the Constitution and then so stupid to put something in it as these detractors describe? Again, there is no scenario.

  5. Naysayers should remember that any Amendment to the constitution requires 38 votes for adoption. How many states would approve of tampering with the Bill of Rights? New Mexico is working on that now, without COS.

  6. This should be national news,we have 3 legislators from SE New Mexico trying to save our country,the rest of the legislators who dont support these brave Americans are not worth a darn!!

  7. We need to note the detractors and the endorses of this. Then it needs to be published so people can vote for those that support the Convention of the States.

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