Dems continue to gamble state funds on unreliable, expensive EVs

Traversing New Mexico’s remote landscapes could soon spawn electric vehicle (EV) charging stations emerging in the least expected rural areas. This initiative, sparked by the state Transportation Department in 2022, aims to cover the state with charging infrastructure, from bustling cities to the quietest corners, in anticipation of an EV mandate from Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s attempt to ram EVs down New Mexicans’ throats. 

The endeavor seeks to mitigate one of the primary hesitations potential EV buyers have: the fear of running out of charge far from a power source, coupled with the undeniable fact that EVs generally command a significantly higher purchase price than their gasoline counterparts.

The state’s extreme plan, fueled by a mix of state and federal funds, targets the establishment of a comprehensive network of charging stations by 2026, aligning with a new state mandate pushing for an increase in EV deliveries to New Mexico. Jerry Valdez, a special projects manager with the state Transportation Department, emphasizes the necessity of developing this infrastructure to foster EV adoption, suggesting that “a big question is what comes first: the cars or the infrastructure” and highlighting the intent to “increase the market penetration of zero-emissions vehicles.”

Despite the good intentions, the rollout of charging stations, particularly in rural locales, has not been without its critics. The Advanced Clean Cars and Trucks rule, which mandates a significant uptick in EV sales, has been met with skepticism from car dealers concerned about the lack of charging facilities. This rule demands that by 2026, 43% of new cars and light-duty trucks delivered to the state be electric, escalating to 82% by 2032, with similar targets set for heavier-duty commercial vehicles.

The state’s response has been to invest heavily in charging infrastructure, with plans for 86 stations across 40 locations, leveraging $10 million from the American Rescue Plan. Yet, despite these efforts, the presence of charging stations in remote areas like Tierra Amarilla raises questions about their practicality and utilization, given their sparse populations and the current low adoption rate of EVs in the state.

Critics argue that the push for EVs and the associated infrastructure is a costly endeavor that may not yield the desired results. Larry Behrens from Power the Future voices a common sentiment, questioning the wisdom of investing taxpayer dollars in a technology that, according to him, lacks consumer demand in New Mexico. 

He points out that EVs constitute less than one percent of the state’s vehicle ownership, suggesting a lack of enthusiasm for the transition to electric mobility. Furthermore, a poll by his group indicates a majority opposition to the governor’s EV policies, casting doubt on the effectiveness of building charging stations as a means to stimulate EV adoption.

On the other hand, advocates for EVs argue that the demand for electric vehicles outstrips supply and that the state’s efforts are aimed at addressing this imbalance. They contend that the establishment of a reliable charging network is essential for encouraging more EV sales and facilitating the transition to cleaner transportation.

More eco-left legislation continues to permeate throughout the Roundhouse during the 2024 Legislative Session, which will raise gas prices for everyday New Mexicans and businesses, thereby killing New Mexico’s economy.


17 thoughts on “Dems continue to gamble state funds on unreliable, expensive EVs”

  1. I will not buy an EV, they are too expensive and a used one would cost me even more as the older ones have bad batteries which are $15-40,000, depending on which you have. EVs do not do the job, I use my truck all the time, the only EV truck cost more than my first house. EVs also do not allow me to drive any distance without almost doubling the travel time. One more issue for the greenies, the amount of pollution it takes to build an EV. To get the resources out of the earth along with the processes to build an EV produces about the same pollution as my truck produces after driving it for 200,000 miles. How is an EV more green? Like most NMs I am for saving our planet, but the climate crisis is a ruse, do your own research and not on a greenie web site. Please also remember, your tax dollars go to the rich folks to help them buy an electric vehicle.

  2. It would be interesting to know how many if any of the law makers own an EV. Since they are making these rules and decisions they need to validate their decisions. It would also be interesting to know how many children have been killed by guns in this state versus how many have been killed by abortions.

    1. I agree, 1 child killed by a gang shooting, is horrible as is a child getting fatally killed by a motor vehicle. Grisham uses an emergency health order on law abiding citizens to restrain their 2 amendment rights when the 11 year old boy was fatally shot is a reach… But if a child gets hit by a car, it’s no big deal, why? Because she can not ban cars.

      1. NM has much ‘back country”. It’s an agricultural state with many ranches that are going to be very far from any charging stations when they need to be charged. It takes five minutes to fill a tank of gas and hours to recharge a ev car. Where is the sense in that? Everyday people can not only afford not to buy an ev they have no use for them. they are totally useless in rural states like NM. So the government will raise gas prices so we can’t afford to drive gas cars/trucks which is just their way of getting even for us not going electric. The government is out of control!

  3. Some corrupt politician in Washington takes bribes from manufacturers and every brain dead dembocrap wants to follow their leader so the consumers and TAXPAYERS get burdened with the costs.. How stupid can people be? the thought of “zero emissions”– where do you think that electricity comes from? Fun fact for you brain dead dembocraps— it’s a little more complicated than just plugging it in to the wall plug! And the piglet squatting in the roundhouse wants to rid the state of oil producing jobs. She is a detriment to New Mexico!

  4. all the batteries are coming from China and China has high pollution.
    I would rather ride a donkey thank drive a stupid electric car. They are expensive and why not utilize the oil that we have here in NM?
    MLG wants to break the backs of New Mexicans and increase her bank accounts. Until we get rid of her and her comrades in the round house, you will be watching them destroy NM….

  5. MLG is not pushing this EV busy for any noble purpose like saving the planet. It’s all part of her agenda to build a resume that will get her on the democratic ticket in 2028. She’ll be out of office here in 2026 but watch and see if her rhetoric for all far left policies doesn’t increase.

  6. The zero emissions is a joke. We can never get to zero because everything we do create emission/carbon. To call an EV a zero emission vehicle is a flat out lie!! To create the EV creates emissions, to power it create emissions. So this equations does not =0000
    The honest terminology should be “reduce emissions”. But?? Reduced how much compared to what???

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