Stansbury votes against human rights, sides with bloodthirsty communist Cuban regime

On Thursday, far-left Rep. Melanie Stansbury (D-NM-01) voted against a bipartisan resolution standing in solidarity with the Cuban people who are fighting for their freedom against their communist dictatorship. 

Human Rights Watch found that the communist Cuban regime “systematically engaged in arbitrary detention, ill-treatment of detainees, and abuse-ridden criminal prosecutions in response to overwhelmingly peaceful anti-government protests in July 2021.”

The House passed the resolution in a 382-40 vote, “with all 40 votes against it coming from Democrats,” according to The Hill.

The resolution said it was focused on “expressing solidarity with Cuban citizens demonstrating peacefully for fundamental freedoms, condemning the Cuban regime’s acts of repression, and calling for the immediate release of arbitrarily detained Cuban citizens.”

But for Stansbury, a far-left extremist, who votes along the same vein as “Squad” members Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN), the commonsense resolution of solidarity opposing a bloodthirsty communist failed state’s treatment of citizens, was not something she could support.

Stansbury has been known for racist statements toward minorities, specifically Dinè people. She told displaced Navajo energy workers to go “sell your art or your wool” instead of having good-paying energy jobs. 

Stansbury already has one Republican 2022 challenger, Michelle Garcia Holmes, and more candidates may emerge following Stansbury’s extreme votes. During the special election which put Stansbury in Congress, her statements in support of anti-police groups like “Black Lives Matter” were front-and-center.

4 thoughts on “Stansbury votes against human rights, sides with bloodthirsty communist Cuban regime”

  1. Someone needs to get in writing from her that she abides by her oath of office and supports our state and National Constitution(s) and then we she votes or supports communist agendas, the People can remind her of her oath of office because her affirmation is now on public record. It is way past time to Stand!

  2. And yet the useful idiots aka brainwashed morons continue voting for these people while wondering why crime is off the charts and the nation is being destroyed. It is hard to believe how utterly stupid people are.

  3. Get out of NM Commi-bury

    Commi-bury sounds like a typical insane feminist. Hard to believe she is from New Mexico, She sounds like one of the crazy California people that have taken over New Mexico. If she wants to support the Cuban regime she should move her racist butt to Cuba. New Mexico does not need or want her. Tired of leftist psycho’s running New Mexico. Yet New Mexicans are dumb enough to vote this evil witch into office again and again. No brains in NM.

  4. It is embarrassing that she is from our state and I totally agree that if she and others find communism so charming then by all means please move to Cuba, I may even donate a few dollars to make it so!!
    Sadly, I think many people don’t think local voting makes a difference. It was apparent in Santa Fe when we got stuck with Allan Webber again. It’s a shame that real New Mexican’s are leaving our own state because we cannot afford to live here and the majority don’t agree with the doctrines being shoved down our throats. it seems like an uphill battle but we do need to get word out to vote and use our New Mexico Constitution to get rid of the infiltrators to our Democratic Republic!

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