EXCLUSIVE: One-on-one with New Mexico GOP Chairman Steve Pearce

John Block, editor of the Piñon Post, had a discussion with former Congressman and current Chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico, Steve Pearce.

The exclusive interview touches on what Pearce has done during his tenure as chairman, how he has utilized his political connections to build up New Mexico, and the victories the Party saw in the last election. The Chairman also revealed what his vision is for his next term in the chairmanship if re-elected.

Republican Party chair elections are held on Monday, December 7, 2020, where the State Central Committee members will vote. Learn more about the New Mexico GOP by visiting their website, NewMexico.GOP.

Interview will premier at 9:00 a.m. local time.


3 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: One-on-one with New Mexico GOP Chairman Steve Pearce”

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  2. It is up to the people to rise up! If 10% of the population would resist the unlawful mandates it would be impossible to enforce. It is our government, they answer to us! Open your business, do not pay the fines. Refuse to comply. Hold the Line and take back your state.

    Do not depend on politicians to do it for you, they have failed time and time again. Live your life and make the state enforce their ridiculous rules.

  3. It was a great interview you have with OAN.
    I don’t understand that Ronchetti is more than obviously knowledgable than Lujan during the debate. I guess his father’s influence in NM is too great to beat.
    My son had left NM since he left for college. After more than 15 years, his name is still on the ballad sheet. No matter how many time we inform the county. My husband and I always asked to check the sheet when we went vote. Though who knows after vote was closed, if anyone use his name for absentee vote or not.

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