NM Supreme Court temporarily blocks pro-life sanctuary city ordinances

On Friday, the state Supreme Court ordered a stay to temporarily block sanctuary city ordinances protecting children in the womb. These ordinances were passed in the cities of Hobbs and Clovis in 2022.

In an order signed by Chief Justice C. Shannan Bacon, Democrat Attorney General Raúl Torrez’s request to block it was granted.

The Court also ruled that it will decide the fate of the newly passed H.B. 7, which forces New Mexico public bodies to facilitate abortions and gender-affirming care. 

In the order, it reads that both parties’ briefs to the Court are due by April 20, 2023, with the stipulation “that the briefs shall address the following issue: What effect, if any, does House Bill 7, the Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Health Care Freedom Act, which was signed into law on March 16, 2023, have on this matter.”

This court case now would decide not only the fate of the pro-life ordinances but also the legislation pushed by far-left Democrats to embed radical abortion and transgender policies into state law.

Mike Seibel of the pro-life legal group Abortion On Trial (AOT) is the New Mexico attorney representing Hobbs and Clovis.

“This announcement by the Supreme Court is no surprise. We are fully prepared to argue this case to the court of last resort. We are optimistic that the 18 U.S.C. sec. 1461-62 will pre-empt over any state statute and allow these individual cities to enforce their statues,” wrote AOT executive director Jamie Jeffries following the state Supreme Court ruling.


8 thoughts on “NM Supreme Court temporarily blocks pro-life sanctuary city ordinances”

    1. Felina Trujillo

      amen they are all going to have to answer for everything they do toward children, including our demon led govenor.

  1. They are not for the children. Much less they are not for the people of NM. Hum. How much are they getting paid?

  2. HB 7 is an absolute 1st Amendment violation disallowing teachers or anyone receiving a government paycheck from letting parents know their child is getting an abortion or gender-altering drugs. If HB 7 stands, fascism in New Mexico will have taken a major step forward.

  3. I blame laziness of New Mexicans. Many work hard and are brain washed that they are not free thinking and are democrats. Most NMs do not believe in killing babies even though they elected POS dems to help kill babies. The people of NM do want to know that the state will cut of sexual organs of their children with out their permission to push democratic socialist agendas. God is still alive, NMs if you believe you will vote for anything except for the socialist dressed and dems. If you do not, your family units will be torn aport in the name of Socialist. If you vote democrat you are evil, a non believer, and you will rot in hell. Yes I can say this as I have conservative beliefs and am not a christian, but I believe in christian values, your thoughts run the state except when you blindly vote democrat with out reading the details. Give up your children’s sexual organs if you want. But it would be easier for you to just read what the dems support.

  4. I am a devout Catholic my Girlfriend and I have gone to Church for years. We go to St.Anne’s and the Father is known as the abortion Priest because he detest it so much. He can preach about it and find solace in Supreme Court rulings. But MLG and all her cronies throughout the states wants to change the system to benefit them. Typical democrats. I’m not the perfect Catholic but I’m sure better then a lot that support the killing of infants at all stages of life. If you do this it is murder and they should be treated like all the other murders. The court may not seek justice. But there day will come when they face the court of Jesus he will give them due justice if they don’t repent and become a devout Catholic and anti-abortionist.

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