Dem bill forcing public bodies to facilitate abortions, ‘gender-affirming care’ passes

On Friday, the New Mexico House of Representatives concurred with changes the state Senate made to the extreme H.B. 7 sponsored by Rep. Linda Serrato (D-Santa Fe). 

The bill, if signed, will ​​force public bodies to facilitate abortions and “gender-affirming care” (transgender treatments and surgeries) or face lawsuits.

The bill also explicitly bans municipalities and counties from passing local laws to protect children in the womb from being aborted, meaning places like Roosevelt County would be banned from enforcing their ordinances.

The bill would “prohibit public bodies from discriminating against persons based on their use or non-use of reproductive or gender-affirming care,” meaning it could push teachers and any other public workers to support body mutilation for all ages, including children, as well as abortion, according to the bill’s fiscal impact report. 

So-called “gender-affirming care” means “psychological, behavioral, surgical, medication, and other medical services to support a person’s gender identity,” while “public bodies” are defined as “state and local governments, commissions, or boards established by the state and any branches of state government, such as school districts and universities, that receive state funding.” It would also open up conscientious objectors to civil suits.

According to New Mexico Alliance for Life (NMAFL), “Analysis provided by the ACLJ, reveals the legalized infanticide portion of HB 7 in section 3C mirrors language of radical California and Maryland bills that shocked the nation. In an effort to deceive the public, the abortion lobby behind HB 7 tried to sneak in the operative term, “perinatal” as a part of “reproductive health ” into another section, 2C. **Perinatal as defined in legal terms, encompasses up to 28 days after birth.”

The bill passed the House on concurrence 39-29, with Democrat Reps. Harry Garcia of Grants, D. Wonda Johnson of Church Rock, Patricia Lundstrom of Gallup, and Joseph Sanchez of Alcalde voting with all Republicans against the bill.

Now, the legislation heads to Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s desk, where she has signaled she will sign it. 

During the Senate debate on a similar bill, leftists attacked pro-life state Sen. Crystal Diamond (R-Deming) for opposing the anti-life legislation.

A left-wing Twitter account reportedly wrote, “The only thing that this going to top off the misogyny right now is for #senatebarbie @CrystalRDiamond to make some stupid comment that only applies to wealthy white conservative women.”

State Sen. Mark Moores (D-Bernalillo) said in response on the Senate floor, “I hope this body steps up and defends this senator, who is a hell of a senator,” adding, “You guys want to talk about misogyny. Let’s see if people in this chamber call out that kind of talk on Twitter. It’s inappropriate. I’m going to defend her. That was crap, Mr. President.” 


17 thoughts on “Dem bill forcing public bodies to facilitate abortions, ‘gender-affirming care’ passes”

  1. This will not age well. Expensive lawsuits, health providers closing, doctors leaving the state rather than be exposed to liability and litigation, while other doctors leave because they refuse to be forced to provide these operations…
    more confused adolescents entering “adulthood”, more breasts, genitals, and dead baby parts in dumpsters…

    1. Already the well-known clinic I go to for treatment for skin cancer is short-handed and doctors from surrounding states come here to help out. Just the beginning.

  2. Apologies to native New Mexicans who love their state as much as I love Texas, my home state – but this place is bottom of the list for anything good and at the top for everything bad. I am here because my daughter, grandson, and son-in-law are here as are their jobs. This ‘governor’ is unbelievably terrible. Her association with the Temple of Satan is on record. Deaths/cases from the fake ‘virus’ continue to be reported every day. Masks are still worn by the brainwashed idiots alone in their cars and in public. I have never seen such corruption and evil. Leaving is near-impossible for me economically as well as for my family. What anyone sees in this place is beyond me. The stupidity is unfathomable.

  3. Now people will say “Sodom and Gomorrah and New Mexico.” Why do the idiots keep trying to turn us into Mexifornia? I have never heard of anything so depraved in my life! Now will you all try a LOT harder to get the voter rolls cleaned up so the dead people will stop voting for these scumbags?

    Does anyone really wonder why we’re losing doctors?

  4. Pure mutilation of immature children. Full body / brain development doesn’t occur until our 20’s. However scientists say… “People don’t become fully “adult” until they’re in their 30s, according to brain scientists.” — so tell me how on earth a CHILD can make decisions to be mutilated if they have NOT reached maturity. AND shame on totalitarian governments pushing this to happen, and often behind a parent’s back. Well… guess it’s one way to help sterilize an over populated earth.

  5. These freaks in the roundhouse are nothing but the devil’s minions. God help us. If the doctors speak up and refuse in numbers to comply like they should have done during the mandates this won’t happen.

  6. A millstone is now around the neck of the cretins who voted for this bill! They mock at God. “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7 “…God is angry with the wicked every day.” Psalm 7:11

    These wicked legislators shall receive their reward!!!!

  7. This is against the NM constitution. Municipalities and counties can make local laws unfettered by the State. Also the way it’s (poorly) written (as usual) individuals ,private sector will be sued. Does not allow for conscientious objection which is against civil rights. WOW,you radical leftist Democrats Trifecta for bulldozing conservative rights. You ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY do NOT represent the MAJORITY of New Mexico!!!!

  8. Wow! A bill to kill babies and run more doctors out of the state and take away our rights. What’s wrong with politicians in our state??!!

  9. Wow we have Satan’s wife herself leading NM and all her demons (Democrat’s) follow and allow this!! What happen to what’s right and wrong? Yall are just gonna ignore LOGICAL COMMON SENSE!! AND MAKE THIS CRAP UP AND OK!!?? GOOD! I HOPE ALL DRS LEAVE AND DONT BE FORCED TO DO THIS SHYYT.!! I Pray Jesus Christ comes and wipes all of you sick ppl put soon!

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