Domenici officially becomes GOP U.S. Senate nominee to challenge Heinrich

Nella Domenici has officially been declared the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate seat in New Mexico, as confirmed by the state’s Secretary of State. Domenici, entering the general election race, emphasizes her commitment to the concerns of New Mexico voters and pledges to engage with and secure the support of constituents statewide.

“Our campaign is centered on the priorities of all New Mexico voters,” Domenici stated. “I am eager to connect with, listen to, and gain the trust of New Mexicans from every corner of the state.”

Domenici’s campaign has gained significant traction, evidenced by the substantial number of ballot petition signatures gathered—a number surpassing that of incumbent far-left Democrat Senator Martin Heinrich and all other candidates in the race. This achievement showcases widespread support across all 33 counties in New Mexico.

“The overwhelming support from families across the state, who are rallying behind our mission, underscores our shared commitment to collaboration over the prevailing dysfunction and partisanship in Washington,” Domenici remarked.

Positioning herself as a proactive representative for New Mexico in the Senate, Domenici aims to champion the state’s interests, foster solutions, and cater to the diverse needs of its residents.

“New Mexico’s rich heritage, its natural resources, and strategic institutions like national labs and military bases are invaluable assets. It’s imperative that we come together to harness these strengths for the betterment of our state and country,” she added.

Domenici concluded with a call for unity and a positive outlook on the upcoming electoral challenge: “I am deeply invested in the future of our nation and am confident in our prospects for success in New Mexico. Together, we are stronger.”


25 thoughts on “Domenici officially becomes GOP U.S. Senate nominee to challenge Heinrich”

  1. I hope she does a better job than Pete. He was, in the end, a big disappointment. Talked ‘conservative’ and was a RINO. HOWEVER: She would be a better pick than the current jerk.

      1. I’m sorry, Grannie, but Ben Luna is not running for Senate this year. I just texted him to verify that.
        However, he has plans to run in 2026.

      2. It is who can beat Heinrich. Sad it has to come down to that but such is our situation. I would much rather have someone like Gary Johnson as Senator but that is never going to happen.

  2. I hope that she is a shaker and a mover and can stand up to the evil ice queen MLG and her comrades. And in the Senate, go against the Rhino Republicans who are worthless.

  3. I am mid 80’s and sick of seeing our state elect Democrats that vote for issues that hurt New Mexico. Raised in a Democrat family but saw the light and voted for Goldwater. Have not seen any reason to change back. I worked in my local polling place and plan to do so again this November. I support Nella and encourage my peers for volunteer for all running in our party.

  4. Worked for Pete in all of his campaigns including his run for governor. Will support his daughter and hope that she will turn out our current senator that we never hear about until the next election.

  5. Someone’s pet dog would be a better representative than Herr Heinrich so she has my support. The question now remains, is she a patriot or a rino? I need to see where she stands on issues that matter.

  6. I would be curious to know what happened that she is now the nominee. What happened to having a primary? Did someone “encourage” Manny to drop out? Once again our state GOP seems to be orchestrating behind the scenes to put forth an establishment candidate. It is no wonder we loose elections. I am tired of voting for the GOP candidate knowing the likelihood of their winning is slim to none.

  7. I met the father. I wasn’t impressed. Matter of fact he ****** me off as an empowered angry short man *****. Name recognition is good though, IMHO of course…


    as much as I can find fault with her father on a personal level in our political party…

    No NM DNC member should be reelected or even elected to represent us in the US Congress.

    From what I read, it was a nice entry level, non partsian political correct lead in…

    What I don’t see is:

    Water rights, Gun rights, Senior health care and rights, employment rights, Lawful Abortion at Birth rights, Ranching & grazing rights & permits, Hunting rights, Mining rights, Oil and Gas leases and rights, Taxes, CYFD corrective issues, Veterans rights, Interstate Commerce and mandated fuel corrective taxes, Police and Law Enforcement help, Immigration and the security and safety of the border, Voting issues rights and wrongs… huh…

    I don’t see anything in this statement other than my dad was, I am running for Congress, and running against.

    What I do see so far is: I am a moderate and if I tell you you might not vote for me… which…might just work.

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