First and likely only anti-gun bill of 2024 Session heads to MLG’s desk

An anti-gun bill creating a mandatory seven-day waiting period for firearm transactions in New Mexico is now awaiting the governor’s approval following its passage in the state legislature after extensive discussions on Monday evening.

The bill underwent some revisions from its original form before securing approval with a narrow 36-32 vote, where it faced opposition primarily from Republican legislators, although some Democrats voted against the anti-gun bill. This marks the second occasion the House has deliberated on the bill due to amendments introduced by the Senate earlier in the session.

Key modifications to the bill pertain to exemptions from the seven-day waiting period. The exemptions apply to individuals with a federal firearm license, holders of a concealed carry license, law enforcement officers engaging in firearm transactions among themselves, and family members transferring firearms to one another.

However, some lawmakers believe the bill should include additional exemptions. State Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) expressed particular concern over the lack of an exemption for survivors of domestic violence, stating, “But the biggest thing for me on top of everything else, Mr. Speaker and gentle lady, was the fact that they didn’t allow the exemption for survivors of domestic violence. I think if you come in and have a restraining order, you are scared for your life, you are not living with this person, you are afraid they are going to kill you, you don’t have the opportunity to bypass that.”

Further adjustments by the Senate stipulate that if the mandatory federal background check is not completed within 20 days, the firearm sale may proceed. The initial version of the bill required buyers who did not pass the background check within the waiting period to fund a subsequent check. Additionally, the bill now exempts firearm mufflers and silencers from the waiting period.

This bill is among several firearm-related measures proposed by the governor at the start of the legislative session. Other pending proposals on the House floor include the bill to attack firearms manufacturers and sellers, stringent updates to the red flag law, a prohibition on semi-automatic firearms, and an increase in the minimum age for purchasing firearms to 21, stripping 18-20-year-olds of their constitutional rights, and a bill to ban “high capacity” magazines on firearms. With these bills currently at the midpoint of the legislative process, it is unlikely any other anti-gun bills may pass.


16 thoughts on “First and likely only anti-gun bill of 2024 Session heads to MLG’s desk”

    1. How about people stop obeying Unconstitutional edicts. Instead everyone is acting on a criminal bluff, so much that we’ve lost businesses and livelihoods to tyrannical attacks from a criminal organization in Santa Fe. So when do people stop listening?

      1. My thinking exactly. Sheriffs and police should not enforce or even sue the Governor. Jury nullification also would work. The left uses the system for its own gain; we need to destroy it so it will not work for them.

      2. Excellent point JT , your statement about a “criminal bluff” is right on Point. Laws repugnant to the constitution have already been heard and adjudicated by the Supreme Court and found null and void.

  1. They can push whatever piece of paper they want to push, it has no AUTHORITY when it breaks the Law of the Land.

    They could even vote to cancel the Constitution for all we care, that doesn’t mean it’s legally legitimate. This is an illegitimate legislation. It has no legal authority.

    1. John Block will list that info. Email him, I’m sure he will be willing to share!
      The big question is how to hold them accountable in this state with the vast majority of officials being far left democrat. MLG should be impeached and jailed, yet there is no accountability for her breaking her oath and even stating her oath is not absolute. It’s mind boggling.

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  2. Once again the liberals in Santa Fe have spat upon our 2nd Amendment protected rights. Shall not be infringed is not open to interpretation. This is an un-Constitutional infringement and no one should comply.

  3. Good points stated above. If enacted, one will have to endure court proceedings even though one does not have to follow an illegal (do called) law. But worth it! She does need to be impeached. She needs to be firmly reminded she, and the others work for us regardless of their nonfact based whims, and in particular belief an oath is not actual oath!!

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