In dramatic vote, NM House narrowly kills extreme anti-business bill

The far-left Democrats’ Paid Family and Medical Leave Act (S.B. 3) finally died on the House floor. The legislation, which proposed to provide New Mexico workers with paid leave for critical life events, faced its decisive moment on the House floor with a 34-36 defeat.

The bill’s advocates claimed it was to address a gap in worker benefits by ensuring paid time off for New Mexico’s workforce, irrespective of their current employment benefits. The proposed measure was comprehensive, offering up to 12 weeks of paid leave for employees to bond with a new child or mourn the loss of a child. Additionally, it included provisions for up to nine weeks of leave for employees or their family members facing serious health conditions. 

The legislation also recognized the supposed need of individuals recovering from domestic violence, categorizing this under “safe leave” by having their employer cover it. 

To support this ambitious program, the bill outlined a funding mechanism that involved contributions from both employees and employers with more than five workers. Specifically, the funding model proposed a contribution of $5 from workers and $4 from employers for every $1,000 earned in wages. This approach aimed to create a state fund dedicated to compensating workers during their leave periods via the dollars of hard-working taxpayers. 

Despite the bill’s intentions claiming to support workers during pivotal moments in their lives, opposition emerged, highlighting concerns from the business community. Critics argued that the provision for 12 weeks of leave was extreme and would pose significant operational challenges for many businesses. Furthermore, they contended that the bill’s criteria for qualifying circumstances were excessively expansive, potentially complicating its implementation.

The defeat of Senate Bill 3 on the House floor marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing debate over worker benefits in New Mexico. Proponents of the bill viewed it as a crucial step toward supporting workers and their families during times of need, while opponents raised concerns about its feasibility, impact on businesses, and the sky-high costs of goods and services that would undoubtedly result from its enactment.


10 thoughts on “In dramatic vote, NM House narrowly kills extreme anti-business bill”

  1. Glad this was shot down. Every time a Government made up of self serving politicians “help” the worse the problem becomes!!

  2. Knowledge is crucial and critical as we approach the election in November. Less government and more power to the People. Government is no longer The People’s advocate. Look at the boarders, our education system on all levels, two tiered justice and judges etc. The platform for the Democrats is Women’s Reproductive rights, they have no other agenda than to scare us of their propaganda on reproductive rights, just say it!!! The killing of the unborn. God help us.

  3. Glad that was done, and yes the socialists and communists, disguised as Democrats will not stop and continue to destroy our state. And what about the anti gun bill? Was that in this bill? If not then the headline was very misleading. Now let’s get rid of the evil ice queen and her comrades. Impeach MLG and vote out her comrades in November.
    Praying for Gods mercy.

    1. whoops, I misread the headlines… And guess the anti gun bill will be on the evil ones (MLG) desk for signing. That in itself should disqualify her for Governor for violating our US Constitution. She so needs to be impeached.

  4. If one thing that needs to be addressed in the Judiciary right now… in the 6th Judicial District as a minimum… To rid the State of New Mexico from its current Communistic dictatorship…

    is to rid the questioner that demands you surrender your political party affilationship to the courts when selecting a jury pool of jurists for all trials conducted by the courts.

    Right now, today, in Silver City, Lordsburg, and Deming, the selection of a current jury pool by the COURT is dictated by political party affilationship.

    Whoever permitted that question to be added that demanded a potential jurists disclose they are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or other, tells anyone with common sense, the COURTS are now RIGGED by POLITICAL PERSECUTION.

    Some Beach. Some Where… an independent non biased jury pool exists…Just not in Southern New Mexico.

    1. Feel free to use that in the upcoming election. Anyone? Huh…Not going to even try? How about the Democrat party? Anyone there want to answer that?

      Somebody should be jailed for permitting that on the courts docket.

      The critical component of a fair trial is… impartiality. That IMHO… cannot be done when the COURTS PERMITS this type of political persecution questioning.

      Of course the Judiciary of New Mexico right now is run by…The Democratic Political Party, as well as the Executive and Legislative branches.

      NM is not run by independent counsels or a judiciary bound by impartiality… IT IS DICTATED BY A POLITICAL PARTY…the DNC.

      That..IMHO…is not an American Value or Standard. That is…what the DNC wants it to be… ABSOLUTE POLITICAL PARTY CONTROL…AKA COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP.

      Prove me wrong… I’ll wait for an answer…

      1. Clare you made some very eye-opening revelations regarding our judicial system in NM, especially southwest NM. No one selected for a jury pool should be expected to reveal their political affiliation.

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