Dems ‘bleeding support’ from Hispanics, may have huge impact on NM elections

From Joe Biden at the national level to U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez at the congressional level, far-left Democrats are losing Hispanic support, according to a new Axios report.

“It’s clear from consistent trends across multiple polls that Biden is bleeding support among Hispanic voters and Black voters — especially younger ones, and especially in swing states,” wrote the outlet. 

“What’s happening: Hispanic ranchers, Mexican American oil workers and non-college-educated Latino voters are shifting measurably from Democrats, with potentially devastating electoral repercussions, reports Axios’ Russell Contreras, who has studied the Latino vote back to JFK’s victory in 1960.”

The report adds, “Among Black voters, stress from inflation and interest rates — and especially the cost of cars and housing — is hurting Biden.”

This major shift in support by Hispanics away from Democrats poses a problem for far-leftists like Vasquez. The socialist congressman represents a district that is 60% Hispanic.

“Democrats have embraced an inflationary agenda and they continue to chase an extreme agenda at the expense of voters’ livelihoods. Extreme Democrats like Gabe Vasquez have every right to be very worried,” said National Republican Congressional Committee spokeswoman Delanie Bomar. 

Vasquez now faces former Congresswoman Yvette Herrell, a Republican, in 2024. She is polling ahead of the radical leftist, according to the most recent polling from the Democrat-dominated southern border district. 

In the November 7, 2023 local elections, it remains to be seen if Democrats will be able to hold key seats or if the momentum is swinging toward the Republicans’ favor as Hispanics shift away from the Democrat Party.


10 thoughts on “Dems ‘bleeding support’ from Hispanics, may have huge impact on NM elections”

  1. We just voted here in ABQ land. Not a bad wait. Voted NO on all bond issues. Biden is not on the ballot today. The proof will be in tonight’s election results. I still do not believe we have fair and clean elections here in Demo Land.

    1. Agreed on the whole fair and clean thing. However, we also do have that many liberal minded fools who actually vote for democrat leaders. That is scarier than a cheat!!!

  2. I wish that I could believe that the Republicans are going to take over NM, but I truly have no faith in that after all these years. Democrats are winning one way or another. It’s so disappointing.

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