As border crisis rages, NM hits tragic metric in drug deaths due to fentanyl

A recently published report sheds light on a concerning trend of increasing death rates among people under 40 in the United States, with some of the highest numbers observed in parts of the Mountain West.

New Mexico, in particular, is facing an alarming situation, as it reported the highest death rate in the nation for this age group in 2022, with approximately 188 deaths per 100,000 individuals, according to data analyzed by the nonprofit news service Stateline, drawing from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This growing crisis is not unique to New Mexico; other states grappling with significantly high death rates among those under 40 include West Virginia (170 per 100,000), Louisiana and Mississippi (164), and Alaska (163). Across the Mountain West, several states also recorded triple-digit death rates, such as Wyoming (120), Colorado (116), and Nevada (115), with somewhat lower figures in Idaho (92) and Utah (80).

Jonathan Gonzalez, Unsplash.

The primary cause of death in much of the Mountain West, as well as the nation as a whole, is accidental drug overdoses. However, Idaho and Utah stand out, where the leading cause of death among the under-40 population is suicide.

One significant contributor to the rising death toll among younger adults is the synthetic opioid fentanyl. Dahlia Heller, the vice president of drug use initiatives at Vital Strategies, a public health advocacy group, explains that fentanyl’s potency, which is 50 times stronger than heroin, has led to a surge in overdoses. Of particular concern is the fact that fentanyl is increasingly being mixed with other recreational drugs, putting users at risk of overdose, often without their knowledge.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on mental health, leading to increased drug use among people under 40. The combination of the mental health crisis and the availability of potent drugs like fentanyl has created a deadly cocktail, resulting in a concerning increase in deaths.

While New Mexico and the Mountain West are not alone in facing this crisis, addressing the issue will require a multifaceted approach that combines addiction treatment, mental health support, and efforts to reduce the availability of dangerous substances.

Additionally, the failures of some Democrat politicians to take effective action on border security have exacerbated the problem of illegal fentanyl seeping through the southern border with Mexico, further fueling the drug crisis in the region. Democrats have attacked conservative states like Texas, which are working to stop the flow of illegal immigration and fentanyl trafficking. Those fiercest on the attack include far-left New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and socialist Democrat U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez, who represents New Mexico’s entire southern border with Mexico.

As communities grapple with the devastating consequences of this crisis, it becomes increasingly urgent for policymakers and public health organizations to find comprehensive solutions to combat the rising death toll among younger adults.


20 thoughts on “As border crisis rages, NM hits tragic metric in drug deaths due to fentanyl”

  1. Her goal is to disarm you and take away your rights and freedom. It would go against her ideology to do something beneficial for the serfs in NM.

  2. Just how can a socialist democrat take an oath to uphold the Constitution ? Either they don’t sign they agree to the laws of the land or they violate the laws. If they violate the laws, they should be arrested for treason. I don’t get it. Are we owned by the cartel like Arizona? This is a serious violation of our laws.

    1. She has always been ass hole buddy’s with the local cartels you don’t have to take my word for it there where pictures taken of her partying and dancing with a cartel members during her first campaign….

    2. Of course our country no longer belongs to us(us citizens). The elites, cartels, other countries, own our country. We’re only allowed to live here, if we obey their power and controlling ways and beliefs.
      Look what their doing to trump( someone that truly cares about our country and citizens).

      1. Wake up and pay attention. We are descending into a third world state and it’s because of people like you who refuse to see it! This trash governor has done NOTHING but destroy any chance of prosperity for NMexicans. But go ahead….keep holding on to Jan 6th, it’s all you have!!

  3. IMO it almost seems MLG & Vasquez are working against the people of NM. Looking the other way while the Cartels do their thing

  4. The same people who gave us an open border allowing the fentanyl flood also legalized cannabis “just to get you started.”

    1. Hahaha. Yep cannabis the gateway drug🤣
      Go drink your booze then and get black out drunk😳
      Just legalize drugs and use the money to treat the disease addiction. Anyone that wants to use drugs already does so why not make money off of them to use for treatment.
      Start with homelessness.
      Also leave cannabis alone. Many, including myself, have been able to get off many drugs that big pharma is selling. And yes I’ve been sober for 27 years.

  5. The country has had an election stolen, took a dive in Afghanistan, ran up the credit cards beyond what can ever be repaid, and set up the nation’s collapse by leaving the southern border wide open.

    Who can save us besides ourselves?

  6. Too bad there isn’t enough legislative outrage to call a special session and deal with the problem. So sad to see the people who are impacted by the flood of drugs on our streets and the rampant crime associated with it. Not to mention the loss of life and families torn apart by it. Truly disgusted with our State’s “leadership”!

  7. The transition of America from a republic to a communist dictatorship requires that the (s)elected officials first destroy what is left of the old order in its entirety. That includes disarming the public and shredding our constitutional rights in incremental doses ie illegal Governor edict’s about guns. The open border is just another tool along with the flooding of fentanyl and all the other planned calamities to dissolve the republic.

  8. I moved to this state 8 years ago. At the time, other than being a Democratic run state, it was everything I thought I needed to during my time of grieving.
    In this short time I have seen an almost communistic run state become the place people of good sense run away from. I thought this would be the last move in my life. It isn’t!
    I’ve seen homelessness grow outrageously, taxes go up, some of the worst healthcare of anywhere I’ve ever lived and now a “Little Bonaparte” try to relieve us of our 2nd Amendment rights. Let’s not bother mentioning her lack of border control. Sadly if it weren’t for a legal settlement that is also slowed down by Worker’s Compensation rights I would have already left myself by now.
    It appears everything a Democrat runs is turned into garbage except for their small groups. They never achieve anything positive for the “people” they represent.

  9. Thanks for the very informative article. I am going to print it and hang it on the wall to remind me during the 2024 election. New Mexico rise up and throw off the leeches.

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