Democrats hell-bent on raiding the rainy day fund to spend on socialism

Radical Democrats in the Legislature are hell-bent on spending as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time as they cling onto power in the House, Senate, and Governor’s Mansion as the 2022 elections are just right around the corner. 

According to a report from the Albuquerque Journal, Democrats are furious that New Mexicas would dare save money in the rainy day fund instead of spending it on socialism, such as the socialist“free” (taxpayer-funded) daycare slush fund passed by the Legislature, which will be appearing on the ballot in 2022 via a constitutional amendment.

“That fund is getting pretty big, and I think we need to take a look as a Legislature at how it’s structured,” Far-left House Majority Leader Javier Martínez, (D-Bernalillo), said during a legislative committee hearing last week. Martínez took over after former Majority Leader Sheryl Williams Stapleton resigned in disgrace following a decades-long corruption investigation. 

Extremist partisan Democrat Rep. Moe Maestas (D-Bernalillo) claimed, “Money sitting in an account is actually counterproductive to the future of our state.” But in a financial crisis, the state’s rainy day fund could save New Mexico from economic catastrophe. Democrats do not care. 

The Journal reports that scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham “has not announced her administration’s final plan for using $1.7 billion in federal relief funds, although some of that money has been earmarked for restoring New Mexico’s largely depleted unemployment fund and temporarily boosting wage levels for chile field workers.” 

On the Governor’s and the Democrat Legislature’s watch, New Mexicans have been plunged into poverty, over 40% of small businesses that once existed in our state are now closed, and alarmist pandemic health orders have been reimplemented, further crippling the state’s already frail economy.

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1 thought on “Democrats hell-bent on raiding the rainy day fund to spend on socialism”

  1. These far left socialist Democrats need to be voted out of office. If MLG and her comrades get voted in again come November, you can just say goodbye to New Mexico, you think its bad now, if they get voted in, they will totally destroy this state. I just cannot understand why they keep getting voting in office. Keller is a horrible mayor. Crime is so high in Albuquerque you do not want to be out after dark in many neighborhoods. Such a shame.

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