Otero County Commission unanimously passes resolution against MLG’s unconstitutional edicts

On Thursday night, the Otero County Commission passed a resolution offered by Commissioner Couy Griffin to denounce the “unconstitutional” health orders signed by scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and her New Mexico Department of Health. The resolution also declared “that those officials who enforce or abide by these unconstitutional health orders violate their oaths of office and their duty to the people of NewMexico.” 

The special meeting took place at the Flickinger Center in downtown Alamogordo to accommodate the large number of individuals who made their voices heard on the resolution.

Many citizens spoke in support of the proposal, including medical professionals, veterinarians, retired Military personnel, mothers, fathers, and children. One provocateur spoke against the proposal and attempted unsuccessfully to question the Commission. All other commenters supported the resolution, which has some of the most powerful language of any other local resolution in Otero County. 

The Alamogordo Public School Board passed a benign agenda item supporting parents’ choice in schools, while the Alamogordo City Commission passed a resolution affirming its support for citizens’ rights against an overreaching government.

In a previous Alamogordo School Board meeting, the Board only allowed 15 people in the meeting due to “social distancing” and required masks for all attendees, regardless of medical exemptions or vaccination status.

The Commission through the resolution affirmed that “Otero County is authorized to make and publish resolutions necessary and proper to provide for the safety, preserve the health, promote the prosperity, and improve the morals, order, comfort and convenience of its inhabitants.”

Also, the commission affirmed that “every person, including the Board of County Commissioners, elected or appointed to any office has taken and subscribed to an oath or affirmation that he or she will support the constitution of the United States and the constitution and laws of the State of New Mexico and that he or she will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of his or her office to the best of his or her ability.” 

After public comment and a question and answer session with Otero County Sheriff David Black, the Commission unanimously passed the resolution, with Commissioners Couy Griffin, Vickie Marquardt, and Gerald Matherly all supporting the resolution. 

Watch the video of the meeting here:


11 thoughts on “Otero County Commission unanimously passes resolution against MLG’s unconstitutional edicts”

  1. Thank you all for standing up!’ There are more of us than there are them!! We must stand against this evil plan.! There’s not ever even been any kind of PROOF OF THIS BS COVID 19, it’s never been contained and tested. it’s all about NWO.. Follow the money. The 3 jab isn’t going to work either so then they will create another and now talking about having to take 2 pills a day plus more jabs.. 😈 population control. Gods created us to be FREE and he’s already won the battle but we have to do our part !! They are more afraid of us than we are them!!

  2. So happy for Otero County and their commissioners. Thank goodness they are clear-minded and courageous to stand up for the Truth. May every county in New Mexico do the same. This victory should be widely shared.

  3. Way to go Otero County!!! God bless! I pray every county has the courage to stand up and do the same thing. Cowards don’t get into heaven.

  4. I just love to see the heart and soul of New Mexico on fully display standing for truth and righteousness! The people of New Mexico need to hold the line and tyranny will flee! May our numbers grow and our fortitude strengthened this is the battle of our lifetime. Stand up and be counted!

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