Ronchetti concedes hard-fought governor’s race: Read his statement

On Thursday, Republican former candidate for governor Mark Ronchetti released a formal concession letter via social media after Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham was projected to be the winner of the heated gubernatorial contest: 

Unfortunately, things did not turn out the way we hoped on Tuesday night. After a long year on the campaign trail, the voters of New Mexico chose a different path than the vision our campaign laid out.

I got into this race last year for the same reason I ran for US Senate two years ago – I love this state & would do anything to try to make this a better place to live for New Mexican families. Safe streets, better schools, and more support for working families to make it to the end of the month should be the expectation, and for far too long our leaders have failed to set us on the path to attain that.

I truly hope that Governor Lujan Grisham finds success on those fronts, because that means the people of this beautiful state will be better off.

I also hope the Governor takes note of the results & prioritizes listening to those in our rural communities, and realizes that for far too long rural New Mexico has felt forgotten.

Most importantly, my family and I want to thank the thousands of you who supported my campaign with your time, resources and prayers. This campaign was a grassroots movement of people desperate for change, and it was an honor to represent you on the campaign trail and on the ballot.

I could never have made it to Election Day without the support from all of you. Every last one of you who I came into contact with shaped my perspective and vision.

This state has given so much to my family and I, and for that I will always be grateful.

God Bless,

Mark Ronchetti

According to unofficial results from the New Mexico Secretary of State, Ronchetti had 324,376 votes (46 percent) to Lujan Grisham’s 369,518 (52 percent). Libertarian Karen Bedonie garnered two percent with 17,361 votes.


42 thoughts on “Ronchetti concedes hard-fought governor’s race: Read his statement”

  1. Hmmm. So no election fraud and of course the intentional redistricting had nothing to do with anything. I don’t ever want to hear again that my vote matters because in this hell hole state, it doesn’t.

    1. What we can look forward to:.
      More abortion clinics that we will be paying for. Stringent restrictions on our utilities and way of life due to climate change hoax, continued indoctrination of our kids in school. Higher crime rates and taxes. Grisham getting richer while we get poorer. Sound about right? Welcome to 4 more years in commie New Mexico. God help us is right.

    2. It looks like lots of rural New Mexicans agreed with you on Tuesday because they stayed home. Even with all of those problems and corruption and ballot harvesting and gerrymandering, Herrell would have won if just 50% of Otero County would have turned out to vote – just 7% more. Ronchetti could have won if we’d gotten just 50% turnout in all of the Southeast counties. I don’t think Eddy County even broke 40%. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy when people don’t think their votes counts…and don’t show up to the polls to vote.

      1. Your Absolutely right!!!
        Yet citizens always complaining about issues they disagree with, bickering
        All the time but fail to show up at the polls to make a difference for change!
        Truly sad!!!

      2. Do NOT blame the voters!!! Blame hacked machines!!! That’s why 0nce corrupted Elite Commie Politicians get in power is almost impossible to turn it around…They have NO Fear of God NOR men. They DON’T care what “The Peopole think”We need to PRAY for a Miracle and/or LEAVEthe State…

    3. So true, I’m with you. It’s pretty sad, the only reason I vote is to make them have one more vote to steal… Thats about all its good for out here, unfortunately we have our own “squad” out here, the likes of AOC, MLG, MTO

  2. Really, a weatherman from the #3 station in a 3 station market was the “fairly” elected representative of the party to run against a criminal in a state of historic criminals and you expected something different? Dorothy wake up!

    1. Kind of like Fetterman winning or Brandon, these dudes wouldn’t get the job at McDonalds. You mean to tell me people like this have overwhelming public support? No way in hell, not even marginally believable

    1. EXACTLY!!! His early conceding is almost as suspicious as the results. Hope and PRAY Yvette fights it Legally, there is NO WAY she lost against “Antifa fan, defund the Police” Gabe, who did Zero campaign, but was hidden in the basement while CRIME in NM is the Highest it ever been and New mexicans from ALL parties are suffering it!!!

    1. I agree, Kathleen! Just my opinion of her, but she had no chance of winning, knew that, yet selfishly stayed in the race. Why? I think I know…..

  3. Thank you, Louis, for posting the Gatewaypundit link. I have been following the NM fraudulent election findings Jim has been reporting since the Primary Election. Everyone should see this!
    Did you see his reporting of the NM Sec of State web site showing that NM had 17 million registered voters? Unbelievable!

    1. and showed the ballot drop they put in , Fake Election, Fake News – I am moving home to Ohio can not live in a state that kills babies They ruined this beautiful state.

  4. Newly-re-elected Governor Grisham is off – already!!! – to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt to save the earth by jetting to Cairo and from there…maybe driving in a specially armed SUV; or maybe plane-hopping in a Cessna, to this Red Sea resort to assure the poorer nations of the world that New Mexico supports them in their eco-repatriation demands. I hope that money transfer from the US to them doesn’t include pledges by the Governor of New Mexico’s Reserve Fund!!! The Governor will undoubtedly be enjoying the hors-oeuvres on the sea with her friends Speaker Pelosi, John Podesta, President Biden & Eco-Czar John Kerry; and will undoubtedly be reminding them she’d be available for any DC Agency appointment.
    Best & Enjoy your weekend here in the gorgeous Land of Enchantment…PJS

  5. So Rhonchetti just throws up his hands and concedes??? His true character has just shown itself. He would not have been a strong leader if he can just throw up his hands and give in. We should have had Jay Block as governor of NM. We missed an opportunity to have true leadership in control. Maybe Jay Block will make a comeback.

    1. Yes you are right this is the second time he just conceded. All the people that did not get out and vote. Do not complain you have given your right up when you set at home.

  6. Grisham is going over there to meet her partner in crime, Nancy Pelosi. They are all flying to these meetings in different Countries this week and than preach to us about the urgency of the Green New Deal all the while their big airplanes are polluting like crazy flying around.

  7. Everyone knows that there is no way that Grisham won. Where’s the fight?! Other states are fighting against the cheating. Dominion machine’s still being used in NM that was used in 2020 is obvious what happened.

  8. There was a lot of fraud like 2020. This time military monitored all states. MLG did not win. It took several drop and rolls to get her numbers up! I was so disappointed that Mark conceded the evening of the election. No fight. So wrong candidate….

  9. Realize this is socialism and much harder times are ahead of us. The evil ones have an agenda. It will certainly get worse before getting better. This is truly Satan vs God . God help us. Maybe now our voices will get louder. Stand up and fight for freedom people. Just remember there is really only One King of the Universe. God will win in the end and the evil ones will be judged. Pray for our state and country .

  10. I’m trying to recover from Tuesday debacle elections. The picture in Wednesday Journal of MLG almost made me puke. I’m hoping that some of the Democrats in Santa Fe will see that abortion clinics will only bring more evil to our State. We have a beautiful New Mexico. We have representatives in Santa Fe who believe in killing babies will bring more revenue. God is taking note. The pagans in Santa Fe are using His babies that He gave life to as sacrifices for their power and greed.

  11. Did he even wait for votes to be counted before he conceded! What a joke this state and its government is. If its true and 1/2 of all registered voters even bothered to show up on Tuesday, or vote at all, shame on the people! Our votes are our voice, no matter if there is cheating and fraud. There are many people who have been fighting for our voices and trying to make our elections better for years now. If nothing else they deserved the loyalty and respect of those who sit at home and complain about how bad things are.

  12. Hard fought?! He played the part the conceded THIRTY FOUR MINUTES after the polls closed. He knew he wasn’t going to win, he is part of the machine. When will republican learn and wake up. Pushing the lesser of two evils won’t work.

  13. We need to stop letting the RNC from picking our candidates as I don’t trust them either. Yes, MR was a rhino. But once he was picked as the candidate there was no other option. So wrong.

  14. The ONLY positive part on this article is the comments. It’s clear that Most of US agree. Common sense…After fishy primaries, Conservatives in NM desperate to change inflation, illegals, homeless, exponentially growing CRIME, our children going to public schools to be brainwashed with CRT and poisoned with deadly Fentanyl, we had NO other option than voting for MR, and pray that Bedonie would drop out…Then MR concedes early like Dominion machines and 17 million registered voters in a State with only 2 are nothing to legally fight, at least for respect to those he himself says he’s SO thankful for their support???!!! While the Queen of Cannabis and abortion, in the name of women rights, ignoring the rights of the female babies being killed in the womb and right after…(with the exception of illegal babies, of course) dares to limit the Gas New Mexicans can use, the meat and eggs we can eat and the water we peasants are allowed to consume, she lavishly flights in private Jet to the other side of the planet and plans future Mandates for NM… May JESUS SAVES US.

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