NM GOP victorious in legal battle to correct absentee voting drop box violations

On Thursday, the Republican Party of New Mexico (RPNM) announced that they were victorious in their lawsuit regarding absentee voting drop box violations in Taos and Guadalupe Counties. The counties “had failed to provide mandated security measures at their absentee ballot drop box locations,” says the Party.

The New Mexico Secretary of State agreed to reissue guidelines to all counties regarding drop box supervision and procedures. “The Secretary has made assurances that she will inform all counties that drop boxes must be supervised at all times and under surveillance to protect against any kind of fraud or other problems,” said RPNM’s press release.  

“We are pleased that Taos and Guadalupe Counties have corrected the drop box violations,” said Steve Pearce, Chairman of the Republican Party. “Our legal action was to simply ensure that there’s election integrity everywhere and that all counties follow the law. It’s gratifying to know that the state is also taking action to tell county officials that they must enforce this critical part of our election law. We all want fair and honest elections.”

“While this problem has been resolved, the lawsuit filed by RPNM, GOP leaders and four County Clerks against the Secretary of State over the certification of absentee ballots is still being pursued. That case involved poll challengers being denied access to the certification process. Although the New Mexico Supreme Court declined to hear that case, RPNM has discussed the issue with the Department of Justice. The violations in that lawsuit are too egregious to ignore,” the announcement continued.

On Wednesday, the New Mexico Supreme Court refused to hear a case filed by RPNM regarding poll watchers being allowed to watch the counting of absentee ballots. It is unclear at this time if the Party will try to have the case heard in a higher Federal court.

This is a developing story. 


2 thoughts on “NM GOP victorious in legal battle to correct absentee voting drop box violations”

  1. The NM Supreme court seems to be in the pocket of Gov MLG……so much for their oath of office.
    From the governor to the court dereliction of duty.

  2. NM has the most liberal SC judges in the nation. MLG uses the supreme court to flip lower court decisions when she disagrees with the rulings.

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