Dem bill would create $6.1M enviro-Marxist ‘climate resiliency’ health fund

Democrat state Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Bernalillo) just dropped a bill she will be carrying in the 2023 Legislative Session, H.B. 42, to create a new “public health and climate resiliency fund” to “assist local communities in preparing for and responding to public health emergencies related to climate change and extreme weather.”

The bill would enact a myriad of enviro-Marxist responsibilities of the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH), such as to “facilitate meaningful community engagement within communities most harmed, or determined by climate science as most likely to be harmed, by extreme weather events.”

It would also give the department the ability to give “grants” of up to $250,000 to “a political subdivision of the state or an Indian nation, tribe or pueblo for the purposes of preparing for and responding to public health emergencies related to extreme weather and other climate impacts.”

The grants would emphasize seizing as much private land as possible to make it government-owned, which mimics Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s “30 by 30” program to force at least 30 percent of public land into public “conservation” by the year 2030.

The bill reads that the priority will be “emphasize planning, projects and activities that are also eligible for grant funds from federal programs or help New Mexico become eligible for federal funds,” along with “climate adaptation plans,” among other requirements.

The appropriation attached to the bill would be $1.1 million from the General Fund to NMDOH throughout 2024 and $5 million throughout 2028. It would cost taxpayers a grand total of at least $6.1 million to enact this enviro-Marxist program that likely has nothing to do with health care nor would do anything to stop so-called “extreme weather.”

Another bill, H.B. 45, by state Rep. Matthew McQueen (D-Santa Fe) would create a fund to pay for the “acquisitions of land, conservation and agricultural easements and other interests in land and by funding land restoration to protect the land and water available for forests and watersheds, natural areas, wildlife and wildlife habitat, agricultural production on working farms and ranches, outdoor recreation and trails and land and habitat restoration and management.”

The 2023 Legislative Session starts at noon on January 17, 2023.


14 thoughts on “Dem bill would create $6.1M enviro-Marxist ‘climate resiliency’ health fund”

  1. I thought I saw the word ‘science’, well if was science they could not spend the money. Global warming does not exist. The polar bears are safe, it is a plan for the new world order to rule the world allowing the super rich to live in style and for the people to have Les (no home ownership, lower wages, no meat diet, and living in socialist communities.

    1. Sorry, twitter is one giant trap. When individuals dropped off then they developed “groups” for everything. Beware all rich people they are after your life, liberty and your pursuit of your happiness, not theirs. They already think they will never be touched. Try Atlas Shrugged, then 1984, them animal farm all cautionary tales no longer taught in school.

  2. While all eyes on are the Mockingbird News and following the Circuses in Washington D.C. The DEMONS in our state are robbing us blind and our taxes will go up….Pieces of Crap. She doesn’t look like she’s going to go hungry anytime soon! You’re tax dollars down the toilet!

  3. The enviro scam has been in effect for quite some time destroying rural communities and forcing people into cities to find work. Farming, Ranching and logging are all sustainable resources but did not meet approval of the communists, since small communities would become self sustaining and could not be controlled by the commissar’s in Santa Fe or Washington. A perfect example is the ridiculous farce of the spotted owl that was used to effectively shut down logging in most forests where the species never existed. The same scam is running today under the commie control lie of “ climate change” . It’s all about people control as stated by previous posts.

  4. Do dems take any classes besides women’s studies and poetry classes?? We’re almost to the point of having two different languages! Science doesn’t get voted on; it is either accurate or it’s wrong. Even many “climate” scientists don’t believe this garbage. She needs to take a 9th grade level physics class and forced to pay attention.

  5. This lady thinks we are going to be swimming in money and she is probably a person that voted to legalize MJ. They think we get rid of oil and gas and, then we depend on all the MJ being sold along with those windmills and solar panels to bring down the climate so now we have billions and billions coming in. What a bunch of idiots we have in the legislature. We have two years to get the Republican party to find and run that can take care of us. Right now it’s nothing but RINOS with Steve Pearce leading the way

  6. Going Green – Agenda 2030 – Build back better – WOKE – BLM – LGBT – Antifa its all other or new names from what most have rejected Feudalism Communism Socialism . Which have failed & Killed Millions throughout history and currently achieving the same.

    More have been killed by jab last year then killed in Vietnam War!

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