NM’s congressional reps. cozy up to socialist ‘Squad’ leader AOC

On Saturday, following the U.S. House floor vote leading to the election of Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as speaker, two members of New Mexico’s congressional delegation were spotted hanging out with none other than socialist “Squad” leader Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), the sponsor of the Green New Deal.

In a photo posted on Saturday, Democrat New Mexico Rep. Melanie Stansbury of the First District posted a photo of her, House Progressive Caucus Chair Rep. Pamila Jayapal (D-WA), Democrat Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez of New Mexico’s Third District, and none other than Ocasio-Cortez. 

She wrote in the caption, “A little bleary eyed around 2am this morning—celebrating being sworn with these amazing ladies. 118th Congress, Let’s do this!”

New Mexicans responded to the socialist quartet of lawmakers, with one New Mexican writing, “Will you do anything other than take selfies and pay yourselves on the back this year?”

Another wrote, “Not company you should be proud of keeping. Do you represent NM or far left, divisive, bigots like the two clowns in the middle of the pic. Shame on you Ms. Stansbury, shame on you.”

“Oh sorry you were inconvenienced by elected officials actually fighting for their constituents,” one person wrote regarding the 15 ballots it took to have McCarthy meet the demands of representatives whose constituents had concerns about his election as speaker.

All three of New Mexico’s U.S. representatives are Democrats after leftists in the state legislature gerrymandered the congressional map to heavily shift the Second District toward Democrats, leading to the election of far-left Rep. Gave Vasquez, another supporter of enviro-Marxist politicies despite the oil and gas-rich district.


17 thoughts on “NM’s congressional reps. cozy up to socialist ‘Squad’ leader AOC”

  1. It’s all about money. They love money and they are fools for the spirit of wealth in DC.
    They will continue to serve money and themselves as long as they can get away with it. Sadly that’s all it boils down to in Washington DC – a bunch of money whores.

    1. “There is an evil I have seen under the sun, like an error which proceeds from the ruler—folly is set in many exalted places and in great dignity while the rich sit in humble places.I have seen slaves riding on horses and princes walking like slaves on the ground.” – Ecclesiastes 10:5-7

  2. Every time these communist’s get free publicity and a photograph… they get free votes to get elected the next time.

    Its sad that people don’t read anymore…they look at photographs…they vote for the name they recognize. That’s it. That’s how its done.

    I have a suggestion. Stop giving free publicity to them and stop publishing photographs of them money ****** together smiling and hugging.

    In stead… show a photographs of a nuclear explosion… or the destructive path of a hurricane or tornado and then mention them in the headline and the narrative as the destructive individuals they are.

    Hit something closer to home…”Show a abandoned oil well rig rusting away over in Hobbs” …and headline it as “Shut down by your 2nd Judicial Congressperson” … “Shut down by your elected Governor”, “You can choose to shut your heating oil off this year…are you waiting until summer to get warm or are you gonna vote for the same struggles?”

    Show a photo of a child, dressed with light clothing living in the backseat of a car in Albuquerque with their unwed/divorced/widowed mother… and then put a headline of “This is why MLG wants abortion up to birth”.

    There is a way to beat them… but you have to change tactics just a smidge… and tell the truth without giving them another free publicity photo shot with all smiles.

    1. Part of the problem is the biased media. There were a lot of great candidates out there, campaigning hard for a seat. Audrey Trujillo, Ant Thornton, Gregg Cunningham…so many others. They were out on the road, meeting people, making themselves known. Our media here cancelled any positive news about them and either smeared or ignored them (Facebook, KQRE, KOB, Santa Fe New Mexican and ABQ Journal….I’m talking to you!). How is one supposed to get name recognition when the vehicles that are supposed to promote you or report on who you are in a factual, non-biased way, don’t?

      Another thing that should not have happened, in Audrey Trujillo’s case, is Maggie Screwloose being allowed to decline a debate. If she was forced to debate Audrey, the entire state would have seen what an incompetent she (Mags) is. You want to keep your seat? You should have to defend the right to it.

      And I have long been angry at Steve Pierce and the RPNM not supporting good candidates. For Stansbury, they put up Mark Moores…a nobody…and they didn’t promote him. Audrey Trujillo was snubbed by the party and given zero funding or support — of course Maggie Screwloose Oliver sat on her @ss. She knew she didn’t have to campaign because she was getting money from out of state political lobbyists and dirty sources like one of the young woke Rockerfellers.

      This state won’t get better until people demand the party does its job. And finally, vote correctly! There was a lot of sketchiness this voting cycle…but Republicans helped that along! Every single Republican in this state (and Indies, too) needed to get out and vote to bypass the cheating. Then again…I’m still seeing people wearing masks outdoors. The complacency keeps the bullsh*t going. I don’t know how much more “evidence” one needs of that.

  3. Stop evil female democraps of NM

    Can hardly wait until God wipes their evil smiles off all their faces. All these women are disgusting demons. Doubt they know they are women or could describe what one is. More democrap b.s. God knows what they are doing and they will fail. Keep praying, American patriots.

  4. I may not be able to afford a Subscription.. But I do my best to SHARE your articles with those I know who have Global Influence.. I hope this is enough..

  5. Why do not run are own people under are own government of the people by the people. When the country was pre revolutionary the people formed a safety committee new government by the people in there communities areas. Stop contracting with these CORPARATIONS calling them selfs GOVEREMENT. Clearly they are fraudsters cheaters committing RICO ACTS with there partners MSM FBI ( a french company )never chartered by congress! CIA – FDA – FED and on and on …..

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