Border Patrol agent in NM shot multiple times by trafficker

On Thursday, a U.S. Border Patrol agent was shot multiple times by a human smuggler in a vehicle at approximately 11:30 a.m. on State Road 146.

Fox News reported, “The agent, assigned to Lordsburg, New Mexico, was wearing body armor at the time and survived, officials said…. After being shot, the unidentified agent returned fire as the vehicle sped away. That vehicle was involved in an accident a few miles down the road and rolled over.”

Six people inside the vehicle were reportedly taken into custody, while two were flown to a trauma center in El Paso, Texas. 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), New Mexico State Police, and other law enforcement agencies are investigating the shooting.

Following the news, state Rep.-elect Jenifer Jones (R-Deming), who represents a border district, wrote in a statement, “The shooting of our New Mexico border patrol agent yesterday highlights the escalating crisis we face here on our southern border. I am beyond grateful that miraculously our agent escaped serious injury and death. At the same time, I am deeply concerned about the safety of our citizens, our law enforcement and all who will suffer if our unsecured border continues to spiral out of control.”

“Our government, both federal and state, must acknowledge and take ownership of this crisis. We must take a strong stance against crime and the criminals who are threatening our lives and livelihood. We must move quickly with decisive action toward securing our southern border.” 

Joe Biden is expected to visit the border on Sunday in El Paso, which marks the first time he has focused on the sweeping immigration issue that has plagued the country under his tenure. Since his installation, there have been over 5.3 million illegal border crossings and over 900,000 “got-aways” escaping into the country, according to the Republican National Committee. 


14 thoughts on “Border Patrol agent in NM shot multiple times by trafficker”

    1. Paul, I agree with you 100% but we both know Biden will completely ignore this brave, injured Border Patrol agent. Thank God his body armor protected him.

    2. No way, what an insult to the agent. Just give Biden some Creamland ice cream and send him away, that is unless he brought his weapons from the hood with him. Then send him out on patrol!

  1. Our constitution is being ignored by our president and his laughing hyena. They should both be impeached. they took the oath of office when sworn in and both are ignoring it. God help the USA as our leaders are not.

  2. Impeach Gruesome, Biden, Harris and the rest of the commies. They hate our country with a passion. It is time America stands up for freedom. I try to educate the dumbbells that vote for these lying socialists, but more citizens need to not be afraid and speak up for the TRUTH. Our state and country are wasting away because of a powerful group of people who want to destroy us. We are waking up to chaos in our streets, total disregard for human life, inflation and robbing of the American people, and total apathy for the poor. The Demoncraps claim they want to help the poor, but what they really want is more power for themselves by creating more poverty and chaos. Power and money are their idols. God bless America and the poor nations that we are now becoming. Their Power is frightening only if we let them have it. What they might not realize is that God is in charge and will judge in the end, and I would not want to be them. I have enough to answer for. Pray for our nation and our world.

  3. Thank God for the body armor that protected this agent. Prayers for his continued safety. Put MLG down here on the border and make her fa
    ce reality….

  4. I work as a merchandiser and I frequently do the Santa Fe Walmart. I’d say about 80% employees and shoppers are only fluent in Spanish. I think it’s super annoying especially when all their kids only talk Spanish. People wonder why are education stinks. It’s because you can’t communicate to mostly all these people from Mexico and South America. They should mandate children and parents go to schooling for English. If I went to Mexico would they talk to me in English. I’m not racist and in fact my girlfriend of many years is Mexican and her family made it a point to make her learn English. I am Hispanic and I know some Spanish. If children were bilingual it would benefit them not only in life but in the workplace. A lot of times it seems like these illegal immigrants get a free ride. Working labor jobs for good pay and not even documented. Just look at all the non-English speakers building your house or doing landscape. It’s at the point where some of the stores i merchandise the employees don’t even speak English.

    1. Easy tonto, official, recognized language here is Spanish & English. What’s really sad is our STATE OF NEW MEXICO is a fraudulent entity ie CORPARTION pretending to be a government of the people for the people. But its really a extension of A Foreign Natation State called WASHINGTON DC. 10 square miles of foreign owned CABAL of Treasonous Fraud directed at we the people of the republic.
      Look it up . Its not part of America and are republic.

  5. Boarder patrol they R trained well & know what there doing. Im glade to hear they had the right gear on. The real question is why isn’t Army & Nat Guard , coast guard on the boarder defending it as they R suppose to do when an invasion is on!

    Were in trouble but is from with in. The Agenda 2030 tab a jab wear mask do as I say COMMIES are having there way! These All Upper Case entities FED USA INC/ WHITEHOUSE INC / FBI BLM CIA ATF STATE OF NEW MEXICO, HLS, POLICE DEPT, SHERIFFS DEPT, UNI Party are all in on it wake up !

    Its up to us we the people on the land. For our land, for the bill of rights ( Orig. Constitution ) You know the deplorables , tea partyers , God fearing Jesus loving patriots. No one can fix this except Me & you standing and saying no, nada, F Off, no compliance, you are fraudsters which has no term limits. Fraud viasates fraud. That’s our leaders & entities we call Government.

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