Criminal who fatally shot Alamogordo Officer Ferguson formally charged

On Tuesday, the New Mexico State Police formally charged Dominic De La O in the fatal shooting of Alamogordo Police Department Officer Anthony Ferguson last Saturday. 

Officer Ferguson via the Alamogordo Police Department.

The State Police wrote, “Twelfth Judicial District Attorney Scot D. Key, announced today that an Otero County Grand Jury returned true bills of indictment on 10 counts against Dominic De La O, in connection with the incident on July 15, 2023, which resulted in the death of Officer Anthony Ferguson of the Alamogordo Police Department.”

“True bills included one count of First-Degree Murder (Willful & Deliberate) a capital felony; Tampering with evidence, a third-degree felony; Aggravated Fleeing a Law Enforcement Officer, a fourth-degree felony; two counts of Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, fourth-degree felonies; two counts of Resisting, Evading or Obstructing an Officer, both misdemeanors; two counts of Criminal Trespass, both misdemeanors; and Improper Equipment — Driving a Vehicle at night without Lighted Lamps.” 

Mugshot of Dominic De La O via New Mexico State Police.

The Department added, “Although De La O has been held in custody on a separate case, following this indictment, District Attorney Key filed an Expedited Motion for Pretrial Detention. Similar to a motion filed by the State in October 2022, DA Key is requesting that De La O be held in custody pending trial. In the Expedited Motion, Key cited De La O’s criminal history, argued that he continues to be a danger to the community, and petitioned the court to make a finding that no conditions of release will adequately protect the community.”

De La O was previously arrested in January after brandishing a gun on a police officer but was allowed pretrial release under the state’s failed laws that have removed cash bail — allowing violent offenders back on the streets.

He violated his pretrial release Wednesday by attending a party where a warrant was issued for his arrest. The perpetrator was stopped on Saturday during a routine traffic stop where he pulled the gun, which was obtained illegally, on Officer Ferguson, causing the fatal injury to the esteemed law enforcement officer. Officer Ferguson was transported to Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center and later flown to the Univeristy Medical Center of El Paso, where he passed away.

According to New Mexico State Police, “New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau agents are working to independently determine the series of events leading to the shooting, including collecting evidence and conducting interviews. Throughout the process, investigative findings will be shared with the district attorney for their review and consideration.”

Officer Ferguson is the first Alamogordo Police Department officer killed in the line of duty since Clint Corvinus in 2016. Officer Ferguson was nominated for Officer of the Year in 2019 and has honorably served Alamogordo throughout the years.


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  1. The NO MORALS lawyers and NO CAJONES~ judge that let him out last time need held accountable!!! A well placed injection of lead in the frontal lobe at a high velocity will prevent this thug from terrorizing anyone else!

  2. They were already idiots for letting him out to kill. There should be consequences for the lawmakers that allow this.

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