Alamogordo officer succumbs to his injuries after Saturday shooting

Late Sunday, it was revealed that Alamogordo Police Department Officer Anthony Ferguson, 41, an eleven-year veteran of the force, had succumbed to his injuries after being shot by a wanted criminal who shot him in the face with a sawed-off shotgun.

The Alamogordo Police Department wrote, “Officer Ferguson was serving in the Patrol Division as a Field Training Officer. He is survived by his mother, father, four brothers, his daughter, and son. He was loved and admired by the citizens of Alamogordo and Officers alike. We would ask for the family’s privacy to be respected at this time.”

The perpetrator, Dominic De La O, is being held at the Otero County Detention Center and charged with attempt to commit first-degree murder, aggravated battery on a police officer with a deadly weapon, tampering with evidence, aggravated fleeing, resisting and evading, criminal trespass, lights required on a vehicle, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, and reckless driving.

De La O was previously arrested in January after brandishing a gun on a police officer but was allowed pretrial release under the state’s failed laws that have removed cash bail — allowing violent offenders back on the streets.

He violated his pretrial release Wednesday by attending a party where a warrant was issued for his arrest. The perpetrator was stopped on Saturday during a routine traffic stop where he pulled the gun, which was obtained illegally, on Officer Ferguson, causing the fatal injury to the esteemed law enforcement officer. Officer Ferguson was transported to Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center and later flown to the Univeristy Medical Center of El Paso, where he passed away.

According to New Mexico State Police, “New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau agents are working to independently determine the series of events leading to the shooting, including collecting evidence and conducting interviews. Throughout the process, investigative findings will be shared with the district attorney for their review and consideration.”

Officer Ferguson is the first Alamogordo Police Department officer killed in the line of duty since Clint Corvinus in 2016. Officer Ferguson was nominated for Officer of the Year in 2019 and has honorably served Alamogordo throughout the years. 


21 thoughts on “Alamogordo officer succumbs to his injuries after Saturday shooting”

  1. The left will probably attempt to blame the sawed-off shotgun.

    “If we could only get rid of sawed-off shotguns, things like this would never happen.”

    It isn’t the weapon. It is the criminal. We have to get rid of the criminals. Pre-trial release encourages criminals to keep on committing crimes. Pre-trial detention would have prevented the loss of this officer’s life.

    The left has blood on their hands.

  2. The Marxist censors didn’t like my comment yesterday about how they are working to federalized the police , so it wasn’t published. By having their stooges ,( judges and politicians) go light on criminals and creating the crisis in lawlessness we now have, they will offer a fix that entails forfeiting the constitution which is their desire all along. Sadly the bravest and most worthy pay the price like officer De La O while scumbags like his murderer are set free to roam the streets and terrorize society. All of the bleeding heart liberal dupes and their Marxist handlers have blood on their hands.

  3. The state of New Mexico needs to get rid of CATCH and RELEASE law Thanks to the ignorant lawmakers, and dumb governor.

    1. She should have seen jail after Fort Bayard. I’m sick and tired of the catch and release BS in this state. Meanwhile, all the liberals are crying, “GeT RiD oF tHe GUNS!!” Criminals don’t care about their gun laws. They will continue to get guns the same ways they always have.

      May Officer Ferguson rest in peace. It angers me that that young man had his entire life ahead of him and was snuffed out by someone who should be behind bars forever or executed quickly. We need to get tougher on criminals (including criminal legislators that keep coddling them) and give these officers the tools and authority to do their jobs safely. That criminals have more rights than the brave people that choose the thankless job of law enforcement is what’s wrong with this state.

  4. How many Officers and innocent civilians have to suffer or die before the liberal left Demonrats realize that catch and release never works. If all voting citizens would put pressure on their elected officials to start getting tough on crime, give our legal system back the tools needed to catch, bring back cash bail, incarcerate immediately violent offenders and instill punishments deserved of the crime, all honest citizens would benefit as would society as a whole.

  5. So sick of catch and release, how many others have to get killed because of little A Holes like this. He should have been in jail. God Bless the officer and his family may he rest in peace. The cops should have shot the little A Hole and left him for dead because Buzzards and worms got to eat too.

  6. We are saddened by the death of any 1st Responder or other individual who every moment of their working hours places their lives ‘on the line’ for the betterment of their communities. These losses are even greater when they are close to home. May we hold in our hearts this brave officers and pray for his family, friends, and colleagues.
    Had the voters of New Mexico not voted in the affirmative for the amendment to the New Mexico Constitution that effectively eliminated almost every instance of cash bail and went even further by instituting pre-trial release, there is a very good possibility that Officer Anthony Ferguson would be alive today; we can place the blame on our governor and on those legislators who crafted the language of the amendment, but never let us forget it was the voters of New Mexico who had the final say on the implementation of these policy changes. So I say, shame on them as well.
    Hopefully the Office of the United States Attorney for New Mexico will also step in and charge this individual with capital murder in violation of Federal Statute; the punishment for that conviction being death!! In the interim I would encourage anyone reading this to contact their state representative and senator expressing outrage over this incident and ask (or perhaps demand) that in the next legislative session they personally introduce legislation that would: 1.) Repeal the 2016 Constitutional Amendment, and 2.) Either through statute or amendment make the intention taking of the life of ANY 1st Responder or others in service to their respective communities a CAPITAL CRIME, and upon conviction MANDATE that the punishment be death by appropriate means at the very earliest moment.
    We should accept no less!!

    1. Most democrats have no idea what they are voting for anymore. They are stupid, ill informed and brainwashed.

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  7. I’m thinking the NO MORALS lawyers and NO CAJONES~ judge that let this thug walk the last time need to be held accountable for the murder of a police officer!

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