ABQ Journal endorses Ronchetti, snubbing MLG and her ‘sketchy’ record

On Sunday, The Albuquerque Journal, a left-leaning paper, refused to endorse Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for re-election, instead endorsing Republican nominee Mark Ronchetti.

The news comes as a major snub to Lujan Grisham, who is the only top Democrat on the ticket not to earn the Journal’s endorsement. Democrats, including Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, Second Congressional District candidate Gabe Vasquez, Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez of the Third District, and Rep. Melanie Stansbury of the First District, among others, all have the stamp of approval from the paper. The Journal has the largest circulation of any other print paper in the state.

The paper wrote in its editorial, “Violent crime is harming, traumatizing and quite literally killing too many New Mexicans. Property crime, paired with the national economic downturn and pandemic closures, continues to hurt residents and business owners financially. Not enough of the record billion-dollar revenues from oil and gas has been invested in lasting infrastructure that will improve lives for decades to come. And four years into her administration, our governor’s promised ‘education moonshot’ has yet to launch as our children, especially our minority and low-income children, fall further and further behind. We simply cannot afford four more years of the same.”

The paper chided Lujan Grisham for her failure on education, public safety, the Children, Youth & Families Department, emergency powers, the border, divisiveness, checks and balances, and more.

“Lujan Grisham has contributed to the toxicity of our politics by name-calling those who have disagreed with her policies. In four State of the State speeches, she has never mentioned the contributions of the oil and gas industry or acknowledged its 42,000 direct and 134,000 indirect workers in New Mexico,” wrote the editorial board.

The paper called Lujan Grisham’s education plans “sketchy” while blasting her for going through multiple education secretaries, which has led to uncertainty in the Public Education Department, not to mention lower educational scores for children. 

“Ronchetti is a meteorologist and television weatherman who, unlike Lujan Grisham, has not served on a county commission, in a state Cabinet post, in Congress or governed from the fourth floor of the state Capitol. But we have to look at what all her experience has actually delivered. First on too many of the bad lists. Last on too many of the good ones,” The Journal added. 

Lujan Grisham has gotten the support of far-left papers that have almost exclusively endorsed Democrats, such as the Santa Fe New Mexican and the Santa Fe Reporter.


56 thoughts on “ABQ Journal endorses Ronchetti, snubbing MLG and her ‘sketchy’ record”

    1. Exactly…! Albq. Journal needs recognition for endorsing Ronchetti for NM State Governor… WE THE PEOPLE are tired of MLG’s crap, lies, and B.S.ing the people for 4 years….! I am tired of others bashing Ronchetti on TV ads saying he can’t be trusted, that’s BULL…! He’s fighting Abortion Laws because Abortion is Murder no matter how you look at it..! MLG outlawed Contraceptives a woman’s right to control birth of a child…. yet puts Abortion on the top of the list in her eyes because of Planned Parenthood Organizations who sell infant body parts for profit..! =)

  1. Praying for liberal morons. They need it.

    Wow, if fake news can figure this out. Maybe there is hope for liberal morons. One can only hope. Not holding my breath.

      1. Your the one who needs head examined! Not is a first class Biden Ass Kisser. She had her wedding in DC and has followed Biden at every turn! My family has been in NM since before a state and we haven’t seen such despicable actions such as Richardson and his one time flunky MLG. New Mexicans have suffered by going bankrupt when she shut down NM during covid saying we were the worst state affected. Bull one of the worst states affected was NY CITY. Please people look what she has done to the Medical field!!! The doctors and all staffing were told if they did not receive the shot they were fired! FIRED. New Mexico’s medical staff is down 30 or more percent because of it and the elderly are the ones who have suffered the most. Please lets put in someone else and if the aren’t up to it lets find someone else to do the job. Lets get New Mexicans BACK to work.

    1. They’ve been hemorrhaging subscribers for a very long time. The Abq. Urinal hasn’t a clue regarding most anything, but for once, they got this right.

  2. The journal already lost subscribers when they endorsed all the liberals running for other seats. (Husband included who subscribed for the sports) Maybe, just maybe they realize some people who subscribe to the journal are tired of all the evil games the Marxists play. Wake up New Mexico. There is more to life than freebies and marijuana.

  3. And yes, Yvette Herrell is amazing, They should endorse her. Gabe is an obvious disgrace who would bring even more chaos to this state.

      1. Have never thought the Journal was left leaning. How interesting the Journal did not mention the “elephant in the room” abortion. Canceling our subscription..

  4. Brave move by the “Journal” in today’s dangerous environment. Sure hope their building isn’t vandalized or torched by leftist extremists.

      1. They did not storm the White House and you know they did and then you know who it was it was the liberals and that thing in the White House

    1. Jean-Anne "Taru" Fisher

      Nah…This old “leftist extremist” and feminist will merely unsubscribe. I wouldn’t waste my valuable time on such stupidity, unlike those fools on January 6th.

  5. Teh ‘Urinal’ finally got something right. I guess going broke made them UnWoke. I still think they are ‘fake and biased’.

  6. Of course the Santa Fe , New Mexican and Santa Fe Reporter support her. The town is full of far-left white people that left there failing states of California and Texas. These rich people drove up the price of real estate where people like me who are born and raised residents can’t even afford a house without being in debt. I see more out of state plates then New Mexico plates. Look at all the millionaires living here and how many million dollar homes are in this area. This place is flooded with dumbocrats. Half shouldn’t even be able to vote.

  7. WOW, I agree with all of the above comments. I get sick of hearing the ignorant things we hear from these sheeple Marxists. If you quiz them on what they claim to believe, they can’t even provide a definition of Marxism, much less understand the real consequences. They would hate Agenda 30 as much as we do.

  8. The comments by the Journal in picking Ronchetti are right on the money. I couldn’t improve the reasoning in anyway. However, Mr Ronchetti may not be a politician but he isn’t without skills. He is a meterioligist not just a weatherman. He has a degree and as I understand it he had classes in Political science as well. He has posted his ideas on improving the State of New Mexico. I am encouraged that my vote may make a difference this year.

  9. The Albuquerque Journal betrayed New Mexicans with the endorsement of Ronchetti! How strange that this ex weatherman doesn’t even believe the science and obvious evidence of the Global Climate Crisis. Republicans would rather rape our state for oil and contribute to the crisis which will eventually cause major damage and create extreme long term droughts. They want guns in the streets and support the Jan 6th insurrection as well as the lying evil Trump. They want to take rights away from women and vote for anything that that helps the natural environment!!! Republicans have gotten too comfortable with dishonesty. Shame on the Journal, such a disappointment!

    1. Thank you for your words. People need to start taking care of Mother Earth rather then getting rich off her.. what good is $$$ when you’re dead along with nature?? Come on people quit blaming Lujan for the lack of education, it starts in the home with much support to students for their success (accountability needs to be placed on parents/guardians lack off as well). Same with violent crimes, criminals should be held accountable for their own doings!!!

      1. Marie, nobody stormed the White House. On January 6, police waved a bunch of people into the Capitol. Building.
        Remember all the leftists looting, rioting and burning in Portland and Kenosha?

    2. Viola: you are obviously very misinformed. Pull your head out of the MSNBC fog, and get some help. Who rioted, burned, destroyed businesses and lives in summer of 2020? DEMOCRATS!
      No one really gives a crap about your abortion issue. High prices, gas shortages, horrible crime, border security, voter cheating, and losing our God given freedoms…that’s what REAL people worry about. Crawl back in your hole. You piss everyone off!

      1. And crooked government. Nobody really knows what our government does and who they’re in bed with. I don’t trust anyone in politics. They say one thing and do the opposite and to hell with the rest of us poor slobs.

    3. Virginia E. Garcia

      Totally agree with Viola. The state has county and city elected leader leaders that have an obligation to their constituents, what are they doing to address the homeless issues, the rise in house prices, and crime.
      CYFD has an appointed board. Education Districts have elected board members and a Superintendent.
      Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is qualified, and experienced. Ronchetti is not. Fact!

    4. MLG has vacant eyes, like a deer in the headlights. She kind of just sits there adjusting her jewelry, trying to balance her head. This is our governor? sheesh

    5. Not all Republicans want Trump to run again.
      Some of us would like to see another candidate on the ballot. Anyone but Trump.

  10. Vote red, white, and blue. Vote for a person and don’t bow down to some unknown party leader. Don’t vote for big business over people. Parties and newspapers bow down and answer to big business. We don’t have to join the religion of politics.

  11. I think that this governor has failed to combat crime and substance abuse. Many homeless are vying to get housing through the voucher system, but are unable to because rentals and housing prices have shot up to the roof. Why hasn’t our governor helped these people when we have so much oil and gas revenues? Yes.. I would say that this governor has quietly suppressed our economy. That is why my vote goes to Mark Rhoncetti.

  12. Regarding Global Climate Crisis (Ronchetti not following the science), please google the Steamboat Springs Energy Summit and watch the debates regarding the Climate Crisis and then draw your own conclusion. Does the Science really support the Climate Change Alarmist Theory? Watch the debates and judge for yourself.

  13. critical to think

    “We could not do this if Ronchetti agreed with or even waffled over whether
    the 2020 election was stolen….” ABQ JOURNAL

  14. To me this all comes down to the age old question; “Do you want change or the status quo?” Until we answer that in our heart we will be a blind citizen. The ABQ Journal can see the handwriting on the wall.

  15. I have not heard MLG mention the border, drugs, or human trafficking one time. I was born and raised here and have never seen Albuquerque such a mess. The homelessness in this city is unbelievable. I’ve seen enough of the Democrats in charge and the damage they have caused. As an lndependant, l’m not happy with the Republicans either. But they are definitely the lesser of the two evils at this time. I voted the first day of early voting and voted straight Republican. All l can say is they better not betray our trust the way the Democrats have. Take a drive around Albuquerque in the middle of the night. You’ll be surprised, or maybe not, what you see. It’s time for change New Mexico.

    1. If you were born and raised here, you know the issues that are going on now have been going on since the late sixties beginning in the 1970s , a ongoing constant battle ; the covid-19 worsened the situation. Since the pandemic fell into our current governor’s lap that means she was handed the s***** side of the stick.

      1. No Allen, MLG has been giving New Mexicans the s*** end of the stick for her entire term. You cannot compare the 60s and early 70s Albuquerque to the Albuquerque of today. Albuquerque was a tiny city back then. MLG should be embarrassed about the open border, crime, homelessness, education failure, and letting Biden take our states main revenue away. She’s a career politician and needs to be put out to pasteur. If all she can say about Ronchetti is that “he has no experience,” so be it. She’s the one who looked flustered during the debates and had no solutions, not

  16. Good job ABQ Journal! Let’s get rid of the closed minded power hungry Governor. This state has become a banana republic and we need Ronchetti to move it forward. Get rid of the old and bring in the new.

  17. I’m a native Hispanic New Mexican. Born and raised here back when Albuquerque and NM was a decent place to live. I retired fairly recently. ABQ is now trashed by thousands of drug addicts and drunks. Schools are a disaster with threats of violence and shootings a regular thing. Crime, drug overdoses, and ignorance are rampant. Parks and recreational areas are an eyesore with trash and drug paraphernalia everywhere. We’ve seen enough of the liberal, leftist, Democrat way of life. Hasta la Vista baby, Were headed to greener (redder) pastures.

  18. I’m a native Hispanic New Mexican. Born and raised here back when Albuquerque and NM was a decent place to live. I retired fairly recently. ABQ is now trashed by thousands of drug addicts and drunks. Schools are a disaster with threats of violence and shootings a regular thing. Crime, drug overdoses, and ignorance are rampant. Parks and recreational areas are an eyesore with trash and drug paraphernalia everywhere. We’ve seen enough of the liberal, leftist, Democrat way of life. Hasta la Vista baby, Were headed to greener (redder) pastures.

  19. We have all failed to understand our responsibility in the matters concerning humankind. The definition of parties is leaving us in this blame game. Getting us nowhere, but a continual fight of who’s right and who’s wrong. Our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and blame kept us from seeing our part in the problems that surround us.

  20. So the left-leaning FAKE news rag endorses the FAKE Republican. Can this get any more ridiculous?

    He’s the same thing as we have.

    This is laughable and anyone who thinks voting for the weatherman…..who has worked for mainstream media for decades….is the answer should watch this excellent video compilation. Link below.

    Voting for a RINO is not the answer. It’s the very definition of insanity…doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    God help NM.

    More of the Same

    1. People are so indoctrinated by the mainstream media “news” they don’t know how to use critical thinking at all! Or maybe they never did.

      Yes….. GOD HELP NM.

      Excellent video, thanks for sharing.

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