Suspect accused of murdering 11-year-old released pending trial

One of the suspects implicated in the tragic killing of 11-year-old Froylan Villegas is being released from custody prior to the trial. Daniel Gomez, alongside his co-defendants, faces charges of murder and various other offenses related to the shooting that claimed Froylan’s life and left his cousin, Tatiana Villegas, injured outside Isotopes Park last month.

The prosecution initially sought to keep Gomez detained until the trial. However, they withdrew this motion, asserting that Gomez played a smaller role in the shooting than initially believed. Despite his co-defendants remaining in jail awaiting trial, Gomez awaited the judge’s decision on the conditions of his release. On Wednesday, Judge Emeterio Rudolfo expressed some reservations.

“It’s still an open count of murder that hasn’t been dismissed or reduced in any way,” noted Rudolfo.

As part of his release conditions, Gomez will be required to wear a GPS monitor, observe house arrest, and can only leave for employment purposes.

“The court cannot obviously retain you when there’s no motion before the court,” Rudolfo stated. “I would like something more in line with a house arrest on the GPS and just out to work and nothing else.”

Judge Rudolfo underscored the gravity of the murder charge and emphasized Gomez’s fortune in light of the altered stance by prosecutors regarding pretrial detention.

“The nature of the charge, you’re pretty fortunate that the state withdrew their motion for preventative detention,” Rudolfo pointed out. “In order to remain at liberty, however, you need to comply with all these conditions. Otherwise, you’ll be back in jail awaiting resolution of your case.”

Gomez assured the court that he understood and intended to adhere to all specified conditions. “Yes, your honor. I understand every condition, and I plan on abiding by those rules at all costs,” Gomez affirmed.

The shooting of the 11-year-old was the justification Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham used to sign an unconstitutional executive order banning all open or concealed carry in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County — a move that a federal Joe Biden-appointed judge quickly struck down.


14 thoughts on “Suspect accused of murdering 11-year-old released pending trial”

  1. My first thought — If a person with a conceal carry had been present this tragedy may not have happened because the legal gun owner could stop it. All backwards–

  2. This is an example of the failing judicial system in New Mexico. It is pretty common letting criminals and felons walk on the streets. New Mexico is one of those states where you can commit a crime and not have any repercussions. This person is just as guilty. The other day MLG said something about keeping criminals behind bars. Which is not true. This is one of her reasons for gun laws. I think this is slap on her face. She shouldn’t allow these criminals on the streets even though they are tracked. This person gets to eat good food, watch tv, and sleep in his own bed.

  3. This state is so backwards that it will never get straight. People just keep voting these illiberal idiots into office.

  4. Tell me you’re not serious about controlling violent crime without telling me you’re not serious about controlling violent crime…

  5. The (alleged) criminal walks free after participating in murder… meanwhile law abiding citizens are found guilty and of the crime and punished by a tyrant dictator hiding behind a “public health” claim.
    If the queen gets away with this, what will the next “public health” crises be? Speaking out against socialist insanity?
    This is a precedent that cannot be allowed.

  6. Wow what a shock… Our justice system is such a joke. Like that idiot’s word means anything. I’m sure he was there encouraging the shooting and just as guilty as the killer. He just gets to move on like it never happened, while a family grieves every day for their child. Our prosecutors just want low level convictions with plea deals and calling it a victory.

  7. Time to Protest!!

    We need to start protesting against these immoral, judicial politicians… they have blood on their hands, too.

  8. The 11 year old is dead. The young lady is paralyzed and all he gets is an ankle bracelet? Wow!!!and judge Urias backs MLG on the emergency Oder so law abiding citizens who can legally carry a firearm will be prosecuted. The buck stops here , if we law abiding citizens don’t act on this injustice and vote them out then we deserve the irony. The innocent boy is dead the young lady is paralyzed the family is mourning and he goes home with an ankle bracelet. He was part of the gang of deadbeats. Show me your friends and I will size you up in a second. Please don’t call MLG queen, she loves the roll. Scum bag is more like it.

  9. I do not know the entire story, but you are considered innocent until proven guilty. I got if he did do the murder and he is loose to roam around it is pretty crazy, but he is still innocent until proven guilty. As long as he is wearing his ankle bracelet and he is home if he is not at work, then what is the issue, he could be innocent. I do believe we let folks off way too easy, but once the jury convicts him (if that is what they do) leave him in jail until he goes to prison. If you are upset, vote in harder type judges and procicuters (sp?). Right now, New Mexicans as a whole vote democratic. (yes the big cities). until they realize they are conservatives our state will be jacked up for a long time to come.

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